Freedom Fellowship Church of The Villages, FL is an exciting new ministry that began holding worship services on January 8th, 2017. We are a ministry that believes in God and Country, thus you see a combination of the CROSS and the AMERICAN FLAG in our logo. We want to send you a warm invitation to experience worship with us. We are non-denominational and practice three guiding principles, FAITH……FAMILY…..and FREEDOM! We believe that Jesus is the ONLY hope for our Nation, the Church, our Families, and our Lives! It is our desire to build a progressive ministry that holds on to conservative values and seeks to be BIBLICALLY CORRECT rather than POLITICALLY CORRECT. If you are searching for something dynamic and a little different, come see us. We are the perfect church for people who aren’t.
Pastor Melvin and Lili Whittington


Mailing Address:
P.O Box 130
Wildwood, FL 34785

In God We STILL Trust Join us for a star-spangled celebration of the USA and ALL this great nation represents. This unique program contains inspirational patriotic sights, sounds, illustrations, and stories to make your heart swell with American pride. Discover why and how our national motto came to be "In God We Trust" and the significance of that simple statement. The red, white, and blue will come alive like never before as we observe the freedom and liberty instituted by our founding fathers. “In God We STILL Trust” is more than a traditional American celebration, it is a call to return to our founding principles, belief, and reliance on the Almighty who raised this nation to its greatness. America, the greatest nation in the world, was made great due to its foundation on the principles of God’s Word. The United States founding fathers were men of faith in God and His Word. “In God We Trust” was not the motto of this nation, it was the lifestyle of the people of this nation. Now, more than ever, we need to return to our founding principles, belief, and reliance on the Almighty.

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