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12 Reasons Why It Is Impossible For Any Rational Person To
Be Optimistic About The U.S. Economy At This Point



















































What is happening to America – Americans – World





What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News





What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News






What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News




What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News






What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News






What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News





What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News





California to start vaccinating 12-year-old children without parental consent

Investigation Launched After ‘Mystery’ Surge in Deaths of Newborn Babies

6-Year-Old Suffered Myocarditis and Serious Injuries After Pfizer Injection

Vaccines Put Breastfed Infants at Risk, Amid Baby Formula Shortage

1 Million COVID Deaths: Here’s The Real Reason Why More People Died From COVID In The United States Than Every Other Country


Remdesivir ‘Disastrous’ as Covid Treatment, But Government Pays Hospitals To Use It

Network health expert warns AGAINST COVID boosters

17,000 doctors call for end to COVID-19 emergency

Previously healthy gorilla dies of multiple organ failure following covid vaccination

How taxpayers paid $70 million to let Congress work from home

People Who Pushed Idea of Universal Vaccination Are ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’: Former Pfizer VP

EXCLUSIVE: Key NIH Research Executive Received 70 Secret Royalty Payments; Colleague Got 7

Pfizer appears to have committed fraud, and if it can be proven in court then the company will be liable for ALL injuries and deaths caused by its covid vaccines

Top 7 “Complications” linked to Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J COVID gene mutation injections

Emails reveal top US scientist warned Chinese colleagues that Republicans wanted to investigate Wuhan lab for COVID-19 origins

White House told a lie about vaccines that was so outrageous that even CNN and WaPo called them out: ‘Delete this’


Your Government quietly confirmed the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome while they had you worried about Russia-Ukraine & the Cost of Living

A Simple Survey Provides Convincing Evidence That the Covid Injections Have Killed Over 500,000 Americans 

Meet the Doctors Who Were Punished or Threatened for Questioning the COVID Vaccines

Suddenly Bill Gates confirms what we’ve been saying all along: Covid is “kind of like the flu” with a “low fatality rate”

CDC: No Documents Supporting Claim Vaccines Don’t Cause Variants

Kim orders lockdown after North Korea reports first COVID-19 case

Triple vaccinated individuals account for majority of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Canada this year


–OTHER (Hunter Biden section below)

 In An Amazing Coincidence, The Leaders Of The World’s Three Most Powerful Nations Are Battling Serious Health Issues

Situation Update, May 16, 2022 – The signs of collapsing western society: Shootings, hunger, desperation and insanity

More emails surface proving that Hillary Clinton was singularly responsible for the Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Fox News proves it was also in on stealing Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection

Fact check: Dr. Oz is connected to the World Economic Forum, the group behind the ‘Great Reset’

Now Dr. Oz Wants His Senate Race Opponent, Kathy Barnette, Barred From the Race for Thought crime

Lott: Guess How Many Violent Crimes Actually Involve Guns?

UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Why Are Members of Congress Conducting Foreign Affairs In Ukraine?

Three Wisconsin Middle School Boys Hit with Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint for Calling Non-Binary Classmate by Wrong Pronouns


Virginia county’s schools may suspend students for using ‘transgender’ classmates’ actual names, pronouns

Morgan J. Freeman says he would not have any issues ‘with a government that confiscates guns,’ and that ‘Being ‘anti-racist’ starts by admitting ‘whiteness’ is a disease’

Surprise! America’s ‘leading cause of death’ identified

Biden White House now embracing PIRACY, signs off on plan to sell seized Russian assets, give proceeds to Ukraine

Russia’s Vladimir Putin ‘very ill’ with blood cancer: Secret recording

Economists at Federal Reserve bank debunk popular Dem narrative about record-high gas prices

Do You Need More Proof That They Are Trying to Starve Us on Purpose?

1] “Subway is running out of sandwich meat due to bird flu.”…35 million birds slain in US

2]   France production could be cut in half

3] ‘The more they control the messages…the more they control your brain.’

4] ‘Manufacturers paid to do government bidding.’


Biden Administration Laughs At Starving American Babies To Death

WaPo Fact Checker: Anger over baby formula sent to illegal immigrants when America’s store shelves are bare is ‘ridiculous faux outrage’

The Biden administration knew a baby formula shortage was coming as early as last February

Destroying the food supply is the plan: Australia trashes fresh avocados while infant formula shipped to US border as America’s own babies go hungry

» It Turns Out the Biden Regime’s “Safe Smoking Kits” Include Free Crack Pipes

Johns Hopkins center dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse hires prof who said adult sexual attraction to minors is OK as long as it’s not acted upon

Woke Arizona high school counselor, who helped organize drag show for students, arrested and accused of having sex with 15-year-old girl

Mixed ruling in Texas allows trans youth parent investigations

As Parents Resisted Transgender Push, Teacher Suggested Sending in Child Services

‘View’ panel explodes as Whoopi Goldberg insists each woman should be able to decide when unborn children begin to have rights

Shocking report reveals US workers are producing less but costing more, as Biden’s economy implodes

Children in D.C. elementary school informed they are white racists

» Whistleblowers Reveal FBI Investigated Parents as Domestic Terrorists

The truth is out there: Congress will hold the first open hearing about UFOs in over 50 years, Pentagon officials set to testify

BLM’s Patrisse Cullors admits using the organization’s $6 million L.A. mansion for personal use

» Trans Child Molester Sprung by Soros-backed D.A — Booked for Murder in CA!

CA Transgender Inmates Claim Officials Aren’t Transferring Them to Preferred Sex Prisons

Mouthy leftist Bette Midler actually claims Planned Parenthood ‘isn’t killing children,’ chalks up their deaths to the NRA — and gets bashed for it

Fact-deprived Americans hear TRUTH about Roe v. Wade, and something beautiful happens

Democratic Michigan Election Chief Says ‘2000 Mules’ Ballot Trafficking Allegations ‘Explained by Standard Election Practices’

Expert: China Is Harvesting Organs from up to 50,000 Concentration Camp Victims Annually

Parents SUE over their children being abducted by CPS due to investigator’s “hurt feelings”

National Council of Jewish Women creates outlet for Jews to donate to abortion funds


Victory for Ted Cruz as Supreme Court Rebuffs Biden Administration, Strikes Down Campaign Spending Rule

Southwest Flight Attendant Fired Over Pro-Life Views to Have Her Day in Federal Court, Judge Rules

15-year-old went missing after going to the bathroom at a Dallas Mavericks game. Her parents found her through sex trafficking ads on the internet.


Voter Regret, New Poll Finds Biden has Lost 70% of 2016 Trump Voters Who Supported Him in 2020

Family sues TikTok after 10-year-old dies from ‘Blackout Challenge’

Backlash after Calvin Klein features pregnant transgender man as underwear model

California Judge Strikes Down Law Forcing Companies To Appoint Women To Corporate Boards

Nebraska’s Republican governor says he will call a special legislative session to pass a total abortion ban if Roe v. Wade gets overturned

Your tax dollars at hard work: Report says House will give staffers free Peloton memberships

GOP pressures AG Garland to ‘enforce the law’ for Supreme Court Justice protesters

Democrats spent 6 months of research developing ‘ultra-MAGA’ barb, but it may backfire as Trump and Republicans embrace the supposed insult

D’Souza’s ‘2000 Mules’ Grosses Over $1 Million on Rumble in First 12 Hours

Guilty Verdict in First Illegal Alien Trespass Trial in Texas

Florida school board green-lights yearbook page featuring student walkout protest over Parental Rights in Education law

Elon Musk fires out meme scathing the media for publishing ‘inaccurate’ articles and spewing Nazi accusations

Kash Patel: Newly Released FBI Notes Expose Their Own Lies and Conspiracy Against Trump | Kash’s Corner


James O’Keefe Exposes ‘Constitutional Crisis’ at the FBI




The Beginning of the End: Why Volodymyr Zelensky’s Upcoming Virtual Appearance at Davos Is a Bigger Deal Than Most Realize

Christian denied driver’s license, state cites U.S. federal law ‘666’

The left thinks that ‘men can get pregnant’ and it was prophesied by Jeremiah

Bold and historic conference in Saudi Arabia brings together leaders of several faiths for first time in the kingdom

Biden’s solution for Arab violence in Jerusalem: Give Temple Mount to JordanDeputy Mayor calls for Jerusalem to secede from Israel

Abraham Accords Creator And Chrislam Financier Mohamed Bin Zayed Becomes President Of The United Arab Emirates In Stunning End Times Power Play 

Mother Miriam: ‘Someone needs to tell’ Biden, pro-abortion ‘Catholics’ they’re going to hell

Christian Leftists Support Of Abortion Draws Biblical Backlash

Volcanic Alert Level Raised by USGS; Cleveland Could Erupt

Sea of Galilee produces mysteriously massive waves

Surprisingly rapid upward movement of earth’s crust on the island of Taiwan

Staggering declines in bird populations taking place around the world 

LISTEN: ‘Cosmic horror.’ NASA pinpoints terrifying ‘sounds’ echoing from distant black hole (hell?)

As We Expected, Emmanuel Macron Is The First Stop On The Schedule For Crown Prince And Newly Appointed UAE President Mohamed Bin Zayed

Meet Russia’s New Weapon: The “Satan-2” Hypersonic Nuclear Missile

  1. Korea murdering Christians who secretly worship Jesus



Pope canonizes ten new saints, including Carmelite priest martyred by Nazis

A Mind-Blowing Lie by the World’s Most Influential Muslim

HS girl goes to pro-life rally with Christian boyfriend behind leftist mom’s back; so mom complains to advice columnist — who suggests extreme measures

Bishops silent as Catholic land worth $208 million earmarked for abortions in Ireland  

‘Shocking’ New Poll: Only 37 Percent of U.S. Pastors Hold a Biblical Worldview

Police Block Christians from Prayer Vigil in Forest Park in St. Louis (VIDEO)

Hero pastor attacks church gunman with chair to thwart shooting



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

            Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

                Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

                (progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

Fact check: Dr. Oz is connected to the World Economic Forum, the group behind the ‘Great Reset’ (also posted above in Are You Serious / Other)

“Genetically-Edited” Food – The Next Stage Of The Great Reset?

Survivor of the Cambodian Genocide Nal Oum: A Heartfelt Warning to the West






Zelensky Signs Law Banning Opposition Parties and Confiscating Their Property

Canada blasted by Israeli organization for training neo-Nazi troops in Ukraine’s army

‘Squad’ members and progressive Democrats all vote for $40 billion war package for Ukraine despite condemning military spending in the past

At Least 300 Azov Fighters Surrender To Russians At Azovstal Plant, Ending Lengthy Siege

» UN: There Is ‘Credible’ Information Ukrainian Forces Are Torturing Russian POWs

Russia CUTS OFF Finland: Putin to stop electricity supply at midnight in NATO revenge

» Ukraine Says Russia Has Unleashed Hypersonic Missiles On Odessa 

Berlin agrees to send “tanks” to Ukraine but they’re not going to be much help






Fauci says there would have been fewer COVID-19 deaths if more people had gotten vaccinated

Fauci Reveals What He Would Do If Trump Is Reelected

Bill Gates – who caught COVID despite 4 shots – says people over age 50 need vaccine boosters every 6 months, calls popular conspiracy theory about him ‘tragic’


Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Protection Against Omicron Fades After a Few Weeks: Study

A Bizarre Skin Disease Is Mysteriously Spreading In The UK (MonkeyPox – Death Rate is 10%)


–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

Athlete discovers tiny dots on her skin are sign of deadly cancer

Rheumatologist: 40% of my 3,000 vaxxed patients reported injury

JAMA study reveals something disturbing about Pfizer COVID shot

Stephen Colbert has COVID for 2nd time in 3 weeks just after he thanked vaccine efficacy




USA is massively exporting food and fuel while America faces starvation and scarcity

Baby Formula Maker Says Shipping Millions of Cans From Another Country

Wait, What? HALF of Infants in the U.S. Are on WIC?!

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck amid inflation crisis

Italy’s Salvini Warns Food Shortages Could Cause 20 Million African Migrants To Enter Europe

Worst drought in 40 years affecting Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia

Here it comes: All signs point to Housing Bubble 2.0 amid widening price, income gap

Powell Says He Can’t Promise a ‘Soft Landing’ and Avoid Recession as Fed Fights Inflation

Dieslgeddon — America’s diesel supply on verge of catastrophic collapse, leading to halting of food, fertilizer, coal and energy

Food inflation in the U.S. breaks 42-year record… and there’s no end in sight

India, the world’s second-largest wheat producer, bans all wheat exports after record-breaking heatwave


Electricity Shortage Warnings Grow Across U.S.

European Natural Gas Prices To Triple In “Perfect Storm” 

Western economic suicide: G7 bans imports of Russia oil, including to U.S., as punishment for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Ford Dumped 7 Million More Rivian Shares On Friday

At Least 20 European Gas Buyers Open ‘Rubles-For-Gas’ Account With Gazprombank

Ukraine cites “force majeure,” cuts off one-third of Russian gas bound for Europe

EMP attack could wipe out two-thirds of the US population within a year


Rumors suggest Chinese President Xi Jinping to step down amid public discontent

The New Rift Between WHO And China

4,000 Join New York City Parade Marking 30 Years Since Introduction of Falun Gong

Russian Lawmaker Says Poland Next In Line For ‘De-Nazification’

Finland clears out bomb shelters in preparation for nuclear war with Russia


Rob Reiner says that ‘Republicans don’t respect women’ — Mia Farrow responds by claiming, ‘They’d be happy to impose Sharia laws’

US military revamping to fight Russia – and maybe China – in the Arctic


LGBT indoctrination of children causing HALF of teen patients to tell psychologists they’re “trans”

WARNING: Elementary School Teachers Are Using The ‘Gender Unicorn’ To Groom And Recruit Your Young Child Into The LGBTQIA Lifestyle

Pro-abortion protestors pledge ‘summer of rage’ during nationwide Saturday protests

Fox News anchor abruptly shuts down Dem senator who claims Florida law was designed to ‘target gay kids in schools’

Video: Fed-up man climbs over pew, stops red-robed pro-abortion demonstrators in their tracks, cutting short their disruption of Catholic mass

Ohio witnessing lawmakers demand post-Roe abortions

PURE EVIL: Colorado Governor Confirms State Will Allow Late Term Abortions – Defends Third-Trimester Abortions


Biden’s handlers remove five groups from foreign terrorism blacklist, including two jihad groups

Expecting legal trouble? Biden hires top-rated lawyer ahead of possible 2022 red waveKamala Harris facing lawsuit for colluding with Planned Parenthood

Something isn’t working with Kamala Harris: She repeats same phrase 4 times in 30 seconds

Elon Musk Says Biden Wrong to Think He Was ‘Elected to Transform the Country’

Jeff Bezos Criticizes Biden Administration on Inflation, ‘Misdirection’

BIZARRE: Biden gets heated over poor conditions for Americans…that HIS administration created

Biden administration cancels sale of oil and gas leases as gas prices hit staggering record high

BREAKING: IRS Destroyed 30 Million Documents!


Democrats laying out the devil’s footprints

Liz Cheney betrays again…

Audio: Lindsey Graham calls Biden the ‘best person to have’ as president following Jan. 6 Capitol riot

‘Excuse me, what?’: Top Democrat bemoans GOP’s criticism of Biden because US is ‘in a time of war’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren flunks math, U.S. history


Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson says FBI considered planting shocking evidence on her husband’s laptop

Notable Dem donor Ed Buck, who donated to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, sentenced to 30 years for OD deaths of two black men

DOJ assures minorities that ‘environmental crimes’ a priority now

Intelligence Agencies Slowly Producing Classified Materials


Nunes: Durham uncovering documents ‘clearly hid from Congress,’ suggests criminal elusion

Kash Patel: Peter Strzok May Face Prosecution Soon

INFOGRAPHIC: Today the Trial of Michael Sussmann Begins—See All the Details

Collusion: Slate writer sent hit piece “Russiagate” article on Trump to Fusion GPS for editing

» John Durham Says FBI, Intelligence Agencies Slowly Producing Classified Materials



Here’s why I regret paying off my student loans

Biden’s Claim About Children: I Wish It Were a Gaffe


Did Fauci Just Convince Swing-Voters To Pull For Trump?


Delusions of Grandeur: Failing New York City Mayor Thinks He Should Already Be President

Pelosi Gets Religion, Uses It in Naked Attempt to Manipulate Conservatives

ANCA Calls for Justice Department Investigation into Dr. Oz’s Turkey Ties~Raises Potential Violation of U.S. Foreign Agent Registration Act

RINO Senator Lindsey Graham Condemns Questioning Mehmet (Mohammed) Oz’s Turkish Citizenship

Dr. Oz ON THE ATTACK: claims Kathy Barnette supported BLM, wanted to build a statue of Obama; CLAIMS SHE WAS UNABLE TO SUPPLY PROOF OF RESERVE OFFICERS CANDIDACY SCHOOL

American Thinker | 12 reasons why Trump endorsed Dr. Oz…

Democrat volunteer found guilty after trafficking three ballots in Minneapolis

Ballot Mules Funded by Obama-Linked NGOs Who Poured Billions Into ‘Local Insurgencies’: Analyst

» BREAKING: Yuma County Sheriff Releases Report On ‘Yuma County Voting Fraud’

» Alaska’s Special Election Is a Template for How the Left Wants to Rig the Vote

» WI Speaker Robin Vos Gets Called Out — Constituents Nail Him at Campaign Stop



Russian ruble is year’s best-performing currency



Why would U.S. give a war guarantee – to Finland?

Iran could already have nuclear weapons, warns congressional advisory report

» FBI Docs: More Direct Links Confirmed Between Saudi Arabia & 9/11 Hijackers

“De-Arched”: McDonald’s Plans To Sell Russian Stores  

UK Government Does Not Deny Chemtrails Exist 



» Group of 150 Illegal Aliens Swim Across Rio Grande Into Eagle Pass, Texas (VIDEO)

DHS Memo: Biden Admin Aware Its Policies Facilitate Border Crisis, Cartel Activity


New York governor uses Buffalo mass killing to push for new control on speech: ‘You don’t protect hate speech’

The CNN+ train wreck somehow managed to get even more humiliating

Biden Disinformation Czar Demands More Power Over You

Biden’s new “disinformation” czar has a history of perpetuating left-wing propaganda in U.S., Europe

Bill Maher blasts Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth,’ warns Democrats that the Disinformation Governance Board would have had a field day with Obama’s big lie

Revealed: Whistleblower document shows how corrupt FBI has been ‘monitoring’ certain news media

Biden’s new ‘disinformation’ chief claimed that criticizing women of color like Kamala Harris and Ilhan Omar is a ‘national security threat’ (90%!?)

Twitter Deal Still Happening? Musk Says ‘Not Out Of The Question’ But At Lower Price

Katy Perry says moving to Kentucky has been an ‘amazing experience’ because it ‘reminds you that Hollywood is not America’

Netflix shares blunt message to woke employees offended by its content: ‘Netflix may not be the best place for you’

‘Failure to comply’ – are you next to be banned?

 ‘Morning Joe’ shouts down Obama-era advisor after he says ‘most economists’ would agree Biden’s stimulus tossed gasoline on the fire of inflation


Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Warns Americans to Prepare for Economic Recession



Defense attorneys for Jan. 6 protestors eyeing 80 ‘suspicious actors’ and ‘material witnesses’

Big Tech companies appeal to Supreme Court to strike down Texas law banning political censorship

Supreme Court Rules Against Illegal Alien Who Falsely Claimed Citizenship



PenguinSix Confirms: President Trump Not Listed As “Former President” At White House Visitor Center!

Actress Andie MacDowell fell to her knees after suffering a Trump-induced panic attack on set when she saw a ‘sea of men’


‘Absolutely pathetic’: Military’s wokeness ‘is going to get people killed,’ senator says

With too many white males, race-crazed CVS preaches ‘privilege’

Court rules on forcing teacher to hide student’s ‘transition’ from parents

‘Woke, Inc.’ author Vivek Ramaswamy co-founds asset management firm that will push companies to stay away from promoting social and political agendas

Sen. Cynthia Lummis booed, heckled at University of Wyoming graduation for stating that there are ‘two sexes’


Warning! ‘Summer Of Rage’ Is Coming!! Are You Prepared?

Scientists successfully grow plants in soil from the moon

NASA Rover spots a ‘doorway’ on Mars… Check the photo…

Did the Science Change? NOAA Study Finds Cleaner Air Leads to More Atlantic Hurricanes

“I can’t feed my son” Baby formula shortage reaches critical stage in US as desperate parents search for rationed supplies

Spain Mulls Three Days Of ‘Menstrual Leave’ For Women Per Month

7-months-pregnant store owner chases shoplifting thug. He throws bottle he took at her — just missing her belly — and runs off, calling her ‘Chinese b***h.’

‘Drinking cow’s milk is like driving a gas guzzler’: PETA chides Elon Musk for saying that he likes chocolate milk





What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News




White House warns of 100 million COVID infections this fall

Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million In Secret Payments To Fauci, Collins, Others At NIH

UNKNOWN hepatitis strain found in 169 vaccinated children from 11 countries

UK Government Data Shows Nobody Should Be Injected with Covid “Vaccines” – They Should Be Halted Immediately 

Prudential Financial, America’s largest insurer, officially ends covid jab requirement… what do they know that they aren’t saying?

Official U.S. Government data suggests Fully Vaccinated Americans are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome 

Scientific Study confirms Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine alters Human DNA

Health freedom attorney Thomas Renz reveals how vaccine deaths are far higher than what people realize

Pfizer documents: Over 1,200 people died during Pfizer vaccine trials 


Latest CDC data shows 106 children died, 48,033 suffered adverse reactions following COVID-19 vaccination

Newborn Baby Deaths hit critical levels for 2nd time in 7 Months; is Pfizer’s Covid Jab to blame? 

Cardiac arrests among the young increase by over 25% in Israel after COVID vaccine rollout: study

New York Times admits that SNAKE VENOM is used to formulate Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs

Scientist warns: mRNA vaccines will continue killing people, and those who survive will be NWO puppets

Government audit: CDC, FDA, NIH caved to political interference, manipulated data, suppressed findings, altered guidance

Watch: Autonomous Chinese Drone Swarm Flies Through Forest While Hunting For Humans 

» FDA Drastically Reduces Use of This CVD Vaxx Over Blood Clots

Study shows mRNA in covid-19 vaccines enter liver cells and alter human DNA

MEP Christine Anderson warns: WHO trying to “seize governmental power” through pandemic treaty

FBI punishing employees who attended Jan 6 rally by revoking security clearances

FDA Investigating Reports Of COVID Relapses Following Use Of Pfizer’s Pill

CDC spent taxpayer dollars to buy cellphone location data to track Americans during COVID pandemic

Dr Yeadon, former CEO in Pfitzer talks with Dr Jane Ruby

Whistleblower Exposes 3 Big Issues in Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Clinical Trials

CDC Tracked Phones of Navajo Nation To Monitor Compliance To Covid Lockdowns

Bill Gates Creating His Own 3,000 Person Ministry of Truth About Vaccines

Dems Ditch COVID Funds To Rush $40 Billion To Ukraine


–OTHER (Hunter Biden section below)

Is Chief Justice John Roberts the SCOTUS leaker?

New DOJ Notes Reveal FBI Panic After Trump Tweeted He Knew He Was Being Spied On

(WATCH) MSNBC Guest Says She Wants to Make ‘Sweet Love’ to SCOTUS Leaker and Will ‘Joyfully Abort’ Fetus

2000 Mules—Georgia Ballot Traffickers Reportedly Used Stacey Abrams Office As Stop Point!


WHO Pandemic Treaty and the Banality of Evil

Watch: Whoopi Goldberg goes full retard after Supreme Court leak — Says unborn children should be asked if they want to be aborted: ‘It’s their decision’


Whoopi Goldberg: “We Got Tired Of Tripping Over Women Giving Themselves Abortions In Public Bathrooms!”

Fluoride Added To ‘Baby Water’ — Oops, They Forgot Babies Don’t Have Teeth!

Did Nancy Pelosi Just Threaten Supreme Court Justices?

What Biden Doesn’t Want You to Know About Karine Jean-Pierre

HUGE: New Poll Predicts Bloodbath for Dems as Americans Fret About Economy, Future

WATCH: Dinesh D’Souza Speaks At Save America Rally In PA: “In This Movie, We Show That There Are At Least 400,000 FRAUDULENT VOTES – TRUMP WON THE 2020 ELECTION”

Taco Bell putting on drag show tour at restaurants across America

The unfolding lawlessness moves america one step closer to genocide!

Iranian official urges little girls to raise new generation of terrorists

Latest intel: Biden using Ukraine theater of war to DISPOSE of America’s munitions arsenal~FEAR the “thermobaric” bomb

GREENWALD: “Disinformation” label is just camouflage for authoritarian censorship under a new name

Dem-backed bill would authorize Feds to purge U.S. military members, local police using “hate crimes” accusations


WTF: They B*RNED Babies?! Feminists SEETHE Over Roe v Wade

Witness the girl-maiming SCAR CULT being pushed by Biden and leftists who encourage young girls to have their breasts sliced off with medical scalpels

FULL GROOMER: Discovery TV welcomes “pink palace” where children as young as 13 are being groomed for TRANSEXUALISM

Watch: Explosive Project Veritas Report Accuses Biden of Resettling ‘Terrorism Watch List’ Afghans in American Communities


St. Louis hopes to boost its population by importing Afghan refugees

NY Teachers Fulfill Requirements for Learning to Indoctrinate Students

Harvard Commits to $100 Million in Reparations

» Joe Biden’s America: A New Record: 4.5 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs in March

» Jen Psaki Leaving White House in Just Days, Replaced by Lesbian Living With CNN Gal


Ethical concerns at the White House: Partner of Biden’s new press secretary is CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux – conflict-of-interest allegations emerge

Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes: We Will Defend Our Users from Tyranny

McCarthy Said 25th Amendment “Takes Too Long” in Newly Leaked Audio

Subpoenas Issued in Georgia Ballot Trafficking Investigation

FBI Trying to Fire Agents Who Attended Jan. 6 Rally: Whistleblowers

The rioting that we warned you about has now begun

Leftists are angry that “pregnancies” might now “turn into children” – they demand to KILL, KILL, KILL!

Chinese Style Social Credit System to Launch in Italy and Germany this Year

German politician warns World Health Organization trying to ‘seize governmental power’ 


TRUCK SESSIONS: Buddy Brown’s Latest, The Disinformation Board Theme Song!

Conservatives Take MASSIVE WIN in Tarrant County Texas School Board Elections – 10 of 11 Conservative Candidates Win

China: Victory for ‘democracy’ as handpicked man wins nearly 100% of Hong Kong vote

Pro-abortion mobs looking to storm churches just got a wake-up call from state attorney general

Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduces Her Protecting Free Speech Act

Black Republican torches Eric Swalwell for claiming GOP wants to ban interracial marriage: ‘You’ve never been black a day in your life’

Bill Maher calls Elizabeth Warren’s student loan forgiveness plan a ‘loser issue,’ top Democratic strategist reams out Dems for being experts in ‘pissing off the working class’

Watch: Student Calls Out Woke Professor for “Anti-White” Rhetoric

Tennessee passes law recognizing natural immunity to COVID-19


Tennessee gov. signs bills to restrict abortion drugs, ban males from women’s college sports

20 states threaten legal action over DHS disinformation board

Flop: Meghan McCain and Jill Biden Sell Less than 500 Books in First Week Combined

Pro-life law firm warns abortion activists: We will defend any church against your ‘heinous’ threats

Virginia Attorney General vows to protect Catholics against pro-abortion ‘mobs’

Clarence Thomas Delivers a Message to Roe v. Wade Leaker

Gov. DeSantis Signs Largest Tax Relief Package in Florida History

DeSantis Signs Legislation Establishing ‘Victims of Communism Day’ (WATCH)

Republican stumps Elizabeth Warren over single question about fairness of student loan cancelation: ‘Where do I sign up for reimbursement?’

» GOP Senators Want New TV Rating for Shows With LGBTQ Characters

US Army special operators take first place in international sniper competition

D’Souza Film Takes Proof of 2020 Election Fraud to Mass Audience


Arizona parents sue school district for compiling creepy dossier containing sensitive info on them as retaliation for CRT, COVID protests

Texas governor targets law that guarantees illegal aliens a right to American education

Rand Paul corners Mayorkas over ‘disinformation governance board’ — and buries CNN in the process

Kathy Barnette, GOP Senate candidate, reveals she was the byproduct of rape during fiery speech: ‘I was not just a lump of cells’

Boston school board votes to shut down grade school after a decade of claims of sexual abuse and bullying

OH pastor defends concerned parents, praises ‘Backpack Bill’

Hollywood actors humiliated as Brazilian president calls out their climate-change lectures

Plot to kill U.S. general foiled

Florida Mother sues school for helping daughter transition without parental consent




“Christ is Risen”: New trend: “Saint Zelensky” Votive candles turn Ukraine president into deity

Blinken says U.S. will rejoin anti-Israel UNESCO, reopen ‘Palestinian’ consulate in Jerusalem

Jordan’s decision on Temple Mount to determine if Israel goes to elections

Meet the BRANCH COVIDIANS: An apocalyptic medical-extremist group of tyrants whose avid followers participate in genocide by vaccination

Jonathan Cahn Returns: Warning Signs of America’s Destruction…

WARNING: A Coming Crisis of Faith: Are You Ready? [From Noah]

Emmanuel Macron Makes His Move Deeper Into The Muslim World Creating ‘Strategic Partnership’ With Abraham Accords Author Mohamed Bin Zayed 

Watch: Autonomous Chinese Drone Swarm Flies Through Forest While Hunting For Humans 

Universities hiding anti-Israel faculty behind ‘academic freedom’

Google: The Dictator with Unprecedented Powers to Manipulate

Utah’s drought conditions keep worsening

PA, Jordan in bid to prevent Hamas takeover of Temple Mount

I Live in Sodom and You Live in Gomorrah and Neither of Us Can Escape!

The Recipe for an Explosion on the Temple Mount: Israel and the Palestinians Live in Parallel Worlds


Why Quantum Theory Could Hint at Life After Death

A Physicist’s Explanation of Why the Soul May Exist

You Cannot Maintain Biblical Morality If You Have Subverted Biblical Authority

‘I’m killing the babies’: Pro-abortion activists rage outside New York cathedral as pro-lifers pray rosary

Tabernacle stolen from Texas church after pro-abortion group threatens to ‘burn the Eucharist’


After 800 years, major church finally apologizes to Jews

Martin Scorsese’s new ‘Catholic’ pro-LGBT film featuring Fr. James Martin is a propaganda masterpiece 

‘The Terminators’: Battle over birthing (and killing) kids has extra dimension


PayPal now SEIZING accounts owned by independent media outlets

Evangelist warns: ‘Progressive Christianity can send a person to hell’

» Satanic Temple asks city to fly its flag after Supremes OK Christian flag

Facebook Blocks Christian Children’s Book Publisher From Advertising



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

Bill Gates Institute for Population Control – Q. What was the original name of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? A. Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.

The Megadeath Intellectuals of the Great Reset

Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary: Kathy Barnette Calls Out Dr. Oz and David McCormick for World Economic Forum Ties (WATCH)

Dr. Oz Exposed Again: “Went To War With China”? You Worked For Them and We Have The Tape!

MIKE POMPEO ON DR. OZ: No, It’s Not Xenophobic to Question a Senate Candidate’s Dual Citizenship in an Enemy Islamist Nation

Globalists have been planning to starve the world with food scarcity since at least 2015


Russia is considering bringing back the GOLD STANDARD to maintain financial sovereignty amid economic sanctions




That Fateful Night Hunter Biden Dropped Off His Laptop

67 Percent Say If Hunter Biden Corruption Is True, President Should Be Impeached

Hollywood wheeler-dealer spent $2 million to pay off Hunter’s taxes

Hunter laptop repairman and General Flynn’s brother sue Adam Schiff, CNN


Russia’s Putin: We’re On A Mission To “De-Nazify” Ukraine!

U.S. imports from Russia increased in 1st month after Ukraine invasion

Camps Discovered in Russia House Thousands of Ukrainians Forcibly Removed From Homeland

Macron Admits Ukraine’s EU Bid Likely To Take “Several Decades”, Would “Lower Standards For Accession”

In the muddy woodlands of a Baltic island, Sweden’s soldiers are getting ready for Russian attack

EU trying to force Poland and Hungary to perform abortions for Ukrainian refugees

Russia says Pentagon spent 224 million on bioweapons programs in Ukraine

Reports claim NATO had around 100 trainers inside Ukrainian city besieged by Russian troops

US intelligence brags about helping Ukraine kill Russian generals

Russia has scalar technology weapons that can unleash massive destruction



Army Officer Convicted of Disobeying COVID-19 Rules, Judge Declines Punishment

Sweden Pandemic Deaths Among Lowest In Europe — All While Avoiding Strict Lockdowns

Jeffrey Tucker: How the US Adopted CCP-Inspired COVID-19 Control Policies, a Timeline

Hospital Workers Are Fleeing High Housing Costs: Where Are They Moving?


Moderna Developing Future mRNA ‘Medicines’: COVID + Flu, Cancer, HIV, Autoimmune Hepatitis & Others

Olivia Rodrigo: Abortion can’t be in ‘hands of politicians.’ But vaccines can

‘Non-Starter’ to Authorize COVID-19 Vaccine for Infants: Dr. Peter McCullough

Why more and more Americans are refusing to be vaccinated

Medicine Regulators believe attenuated viruses in AstraZeneca & Janssen COVID Vaccines are to blame for rise in deadly Hepatitis among Children 

CDC Investigating 109 Mysterious Hepatitis Cases In Children, Including 5 Deaths

10 More States Report Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreaks in Children

What Parents Need to Know About the Increase in Mysterious Hepatitis Cases in Children


Bill Gates admits COVID is ‘kind of like flu,’ vaccines are ‘imperfect in two very important ways,’ applauds Australia’s quarantine camps, and says Americans aren’t great at making sacrifices

Report: Fauci privately miffed that DC elite no longer obeying COVID demands


“Misinformation” is the Leading Cause of Death in America, According to FDA Chief

WHO Says ‘No Good Evidence’ a 4th COVID-19 Jab Dose is Beneficial

Second human case of bird flu, first in U.S. found in Colorado

FDA Investigating Reports Of COVID Relapses Following Use Of Pfizer’s Pill


–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

Mass COVID-19 vaccination is a deadly and unscientific policy that will cause surge in cancer rates, warns pathologist

Union College Student Booted for Rejecting Vaccine Booster After Having Serious Side Effects

Vaccine-Injured 22-year-old diagnosed with PoTS and FND 

Italy’s Institute of Health: The Fully Vaccinated now account for 7 in every 10 Covid 19 Deaths

Research Shows Pandemic of the Vaccinated in Denmark

Fully Vaxxed and Boosted New York Governor Kathy Hochul Tests Positive for COVID-19

United Kingdom: 13-Year-Old Footballer Dies After Suffering ‘Sudden Cardiac Arrest’ During Match

19-Year-Old Southern University and A&M College Cheerleader Passes Away

VAERS Report: 7-Year-Old Boy Dies 13 Days After Pfizer COVID-19 Jab, Suffered Cardiac Arrest. Are Some COVID VAX Lots Targeted at Children?

29-Year-Old EURO Footballer Jody Lukoki Suddenly Passes Away





Food Supply Shutdown: Deer, fish, pigs euthanized; crops not planted


Spain expected to produce the lowest volume of fruit in 40 years

US mortgage rates rise; 30-year at 5.27%, highest since 2009

World’s largest fertilizer manufacturer sounds alarm, says shortages will last throughout 2023

Who is torching our food supply?

Top Tractor-Maker Warns Ransomware Attack Has “Adversely Affected” Production

Local News Reporting “Empty Shelves” At Food Banks

Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage Hits “Shocking” Levels, Sparking Panic Among Parents 


Biden was warned of looming baby-formula crisis and ignored it, report says


Baby formula shortage reaches crisis level across America
as nobody seems to remember BREAST MILK exists for this purpose

FOOD SHORTAGES? ‘Perfect Storm’ Hitting US Crop Planting Amid Talk of Shortages

German Interior Minister: Citizens should start hoarding emergency supplies

Meat prices will continue to rise for the next two quarters, warns US meatpacker

Bird flu explodes in U.S.: Millions of chickens dead

Global hunger crisis ‘exploding’ exacerbating the 25% spike before Ukraine War

Janet Yellen: Biden’s Spending ‘Did Feed’ Inflation

Biden’s inflation forcing Americans to ‘unretire’ in droves

Wages are increasingly falling behind inflation

Germany’s Top Banking Chief Warns Of Bankruptcy Tsunami Amid Stagflation Threats  


WATCH: New ad claims Biden can cut gas prices by 30 cents ‘with the stroke of a pen’

Iran preparing for electric-grid blackout war with U.S.

The INTENDED consequences of climate policy: ‘Electricity shortage warnings grow across U.S.’

More ‘green’ insanity: Swiss firms told to brace for wave of power grid blackouts as government tells citizens to cut back on electricity

25% Of San Francisco’s EV Charging Stations Don’t Work 

Are Energy Blackouts The Next Manufactured Crisis? Grid Operators Predict Energy Shortages.

California energy officials warn of possible blackouts this summer for up to 4 million people 

Biden copies Trump’s oil reserves plan, but spending billions more, getting less


Chinese hackers stole trillions in intellectual property from multinational companies

Solomon Islands says threatened with ‘invasion’ by West over China security pact

Putin propagandist and State TV host threatens UK with ‘underwater nuclear strike’

Disturbing viral video shows elderly Shanghai man taken away in a body bag — while still alive

‘Criminal, Inhumane And Unethical’: EU Passes Resolution Condemning Chinese Regime’s Forced Organ Harvesting



‘Vortex of darkness’: Trans ‘woman’ forces daughter into child porn, now learns fate

 WATCH: Doctor Shares The Most Horrific Truth About Abortion You Will Ever Hear

They don’t need Planned Parenthood when they have the jab

Shop at Amazon, murder a child: Jeff Bezos’ empire will now pay expenses for employee abortions

In fight for abortion, the radical Left suddenly rediscovers the gender of women… but wants to exploit women to justify violence against infants

Pro-Abortion Protesters Hit Pastors Outside Supreme Court and Go Free

European abortionist reports ‘enormous’ surge in US demand for abortion pills after SCOTUS leak

Internal report suggests Elon Musk’s Tesla might be paying for staff to get out-of-state abortions

Georgia the latest state to crack down on ‘transgender’ males in girls’ sports

UN-Backed Sexualization of Kids in N.J. Schools Exposed, With Allison Royal


Labor Costs Jumps 11.6 % As Productivity Falls 7.5%, Biggest Decline Since 1947

Joe Biden Yells “Don’t Jump” While Honoring Paralympic Wheelchair Player (VIDEO)

DISGUSTING: Biden Says “Children of God Have The Right To Abortion

Biden Gets Handsy and Tells A False Story Once Again…

Biden’s new press secretary accused of “anti-Semitic hostility towards Israel”

Biden: ‘So Many Muslims Are Targeted With Violence’ and ‘Oppressed for Their Religious Beliefs’

Joe Biden Insults Latinos During WH Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Biden committing another impeachable offense by refusing to assert “operational control” over U.S.-Mexico border: Report

Homeland security’s “disinformation board” is even more pernicious than it seems

» The Biden Administration Sees Free Speech As a Public Menace


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer calls on Democrat politicians to pass pro-abortion laws before Supreme Court issues Roe v. Wade decision

Democrats Quietly Scrub Abortion Bill Language Saying Men Can Get Pregnant

Dem congresswoman appears to have NO CLUE how the Supreme Court works and even CNN is embarrassed for her

Nancy Pelosi announces taxpayer-funded raise for many congressional staffers


Man rapes pregnant woman after being released that same week for raping another woman at a homeless encampment, police say

80 ‘Suspicious Actors’ and ‘Material Witnesses’ Under Scrutiny by Jan. 6 Defense Attorneys

Police seize more than 1,100 pounds of cocaine found in coffee bags at Nespresso factory

Black man silences BLM protesters: ‘The black babies killed in abortion clinics matter, right?’


Durham wins legal battle to unveil Hillary Clinton-Fusion GPS documents previously kept secret under attorney-client privilege claims

Ex-FBI Intel Chief Says Durham Probe Is Revealing Clinton Campaign’s 2016 ‘Disinformation’


Did a Special Ed Teacher Choke a 7-Year-Old For Not Wearing a Mask? You Decide.

A book included in NYC schools blames racism on white people


Election Fixer Caught Red Handed: Video Evidence Proves Scanning Fraud In Pennsylvania

Michigan Police Seize Voting Machine During Investigation Into Possible Election Breaches

Voter integrity group’s investigation shows RICO crimes were committed during 2020 election

Marjorie Taylor Greene Won’t Be Barred From Holding Office, Georgia Official Rules

Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan on late-term abortion: ‘Leave it up to the woman’

Oz declares himself ‘pro-life’ at final GOP primary debate

Maricopa Officials Send Out Scornful Letter In Response To AZ Election Audit Report



Hedge Fund CIO: “We’re On Our Own Now, Without A Fed Safety Net. It’s A Sobering Reality”

These Cities And States Are Leading America’s Manufacturing Comeback

Used Car Prices Are Crashing At A Near Record Pace



Is An EU Army On The Horizon?

Australia Inks Deal With Moderna to Build mRNA Manufacturing Plant in Melbourne

German airline bars large group of U.S. Jews from boarding flight

Motion to give unanimous consent for abortion ‘rights’ flops in Canadian House of Commons

Alberta gov’t receives legal clearance to join challenge to Trudeau’s use of Emergencies Act

Taliban Orders All Afghan Women To Cover Faces In Public, Taking Country Back To Pre-2001

Prince William Praises TV Writers For Inserting Climate-Change “Programming” Into Shows


‘Nonsensical hoops’: Fight erupts over extraordinary rules for gun purchases

Trudeau gov’t set to bring back nationwide gun registry, source reveals



Supermodel produces new show glorifying teens in drag

Disinfo Board Chief ‘Shudders’ At Thought of ‘Free Speech Absolutists Taking Over More Platforms’

‘This isn’t journalism’: Newspaper gives up any pretense of neutrality

Left-wing groups tied to George Soros, the Clintons and Obamas are attacking Twitter advertisers to sabotage Elon Musk

As NBC calls Elon Musk a danger, their news director was busted trying to meet a child for sex

Where The Press Is The Most (And Least) Free

Musk Calls For “Epstein’s List” To Get EXPOSED

(WATCH) ‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Goes Full Racist On-Air, Says ‘Black Republicans are an Oxymoron’ and She Doesn’t ‘Understand Black and Latino Republicans’

Elon Musk reportedly told investors he will clean house at Twitter, then go on hiring spree, quintuple revenue, and launch a mystery product named ‘X’

Elon Musk being warned censorship cabal coming after him too

Musk, Twitter Sued by Florida Pension Fund Seeking to Delay $44 Billion Takeover

» WATCH: MSNBC Contributor Calls Founding Fathers ‘Racist, Misogynist Jerkfaces’

‘Birds Aren’t Real’ conspiracy theorist leaves ’60 Minutes’ reporter SPEECHLESS

Bill Maher SHOCKED to learn basic abortion facts, admits Dem talking points are ‘just factually inaccurate’



Twitter user suggests KILLING two conservative SCOTUS justices in now-deleted posts

‘The time for civility is over’: Angry pro-abortion activists stage protests outside homes of Supreme Court justices in ‘vigil’ for Roe v. Wade; more protests planned

Psaki’s Disturbing Response to Radical Leftists Revealing Supreme Court Justice’s Home Addresses

Constitutional Attorney Reveals Political Games Behind Roe V. Wade

Sen. Mike Lee schools Democrats with pro bono legal lesson after they claim SCOTUS justices were dishonest

Big Pharma to pay hundreds of millions in settlement with Native American tribes over opioid epidemic

Ghislaine Maxwell Sentence Reduced By Federal Judge

How a Michigan car owner got sued for an unlicensed mechanic accidentally killing a coworker during an oil change



Here’s What Trump Thinks About Transgender Athletes (VIDEO)

Trump receives standing ovation at Derby…

Iconic: Trump’s Rally Hits Fever Pitch As He Dances Off Stage to “Hold On, I’m Coming!”


Woke educators sued over surveillance dossier on parents concerned about mandates, CRT

Leftists are angry that “pregnancies” might now “turn into children” – they demand to KILL, KILL, KILL!

University of South Carolina holds ‘White Student Accountability’ meeting for social work students


Planned Long Time Ago…

The CIA’s Secret Experiments

US HHS Secret Keeper Xavier Becerra Admits To Genociding “People Of Color” & Other Slip Ups

$35 Goodwill statue turns out to be priceless Roman bust

Road-rage mom driving with her young kids reportedly follows car for 15 miles, fires gun at car, hitting teen girl in face — then goes to get her nails done

Mom tells 911 she found her boyfriend naked in bed with her 7-year-old daughter. After he runs off, mom gets in car, chases him, and hits him.

Naked man tackles 67-year-old woman off riding lawnmower. Victim’s husband intervenes, but man attacks him, too — so husband shoots him dead.

Man rapes pregnant woman after being released that same week for raping another woman at a homeless encampment, police say



What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News



April 29

Court observers believe Chief Justice Roberts just signaled that abortion rights could be overturned

May 2

Breaking: Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade according to leaked draft decision obtained by Politico

May 3

Planned Parenthood and Abortion Industry Announce $150 Million Funding on 2022 Midterms Hours Before SCOTUS Leak

May 3

Biden admits while condemning possible Roe v. Wade reversal that abortion involves death of a ‘child’

May 3

SCOTUS Leak Sparks Rise In Democrats’ Odds Of Controlling Senate/House After Midterms

May 2

Mark Levin says Supreme Court Roe v. Wade leak is ‘grave assault’ and warns US ‘institutions are going to collapse’



Red alert: National Sovereignty To Be Destroyed Under WHO Global Pandemic Treaty

Is Bird Flu the Next Pandemic? Patent Application for ‘New DNA’ Vaccine for Bird Flu


Here’s the smoking gun proof that covid and the plandemic are all about population control

United Nations to Take Over Management of CDC and US Pandemic Response Under Biden Plan

VAERS Database Hijacked: Vaccine Data Tracker Compromised, Adverse Events Deleted

Chinese doctor says covid was intentionally released from Wuhan lab

China Played a Major Role in Creating the Pfizer Vaccine

How China Locks Down Over 1 Billion People

Sri Lanka Prepares to Launch Its Digital Identity Scheme and Collect Biometric Data

Top Chinese Officials Offered to Brief US Officials on COVID-19 in Closed-Door Meeting, Emails Reveal

EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of CDC Employees Haven’t Received COVID-19 Vaccine

New Book Packed With Evidence on Hushed COVID-19 Treatments

Whistleblower says CDC, FDA both “altered” covid guidance and “suppressed” findings for political purposes; employees feared “retaliation” for speaking up

Reality check: Triple-injected 500 percent more likely to “catch” covid compared to the unvaccinated

Utah nurses try to hide case of fully vaccinated patient coughing up massive fibrous clot from one of his lungs

Former WH COVID-19 coordinator says officials never promised vaccines would prevent infection

‘What I’ve Seen in the Last Two Years Is Unprecedented’: Physician on COVID Vaccine Side Effects on Pregnant Women

Covid ‘Vaccine Fog’ and What to Do About It

AGAIN? –  Fauci Makes Declaration About the End of the Pandemic in US

» JUST IN: Masked, Shielded, and Quadruple-Vaxxed Maxine Waters, 83, Gets CVD

Pete Buttigieg offers bizarre response when Fox News host grills him over masking double standard

Michigan Investigated Hundreds of Doctors, Nurses Over COVID-related Complaints

Link found: Google funded a noted figure who denied COVID-19 leaked from Chinese lab

Lawsuit Filed Against New York Governor Kathy Hochul and State Department of Health for Quarantine Camp Regulation


–OTHER (Hunter Biden section below)

INVESTIGATION: Planned Parenthood staffers aid and abet child sexual abuse and trafficking of minors 

Baby Kidnapped by Authorities Over Missed Medical Appointment

SAY WHAT? Western perversion: British midwives now being taught how to deliver babies through “male genitalia”

A ‘terrifying’ nightmare that is very real: Babies going hungry in U.S.

DELAWARE FAMILY POLICY COUNCIL REVEALS NEW BILLS TO BE VOTED ON: HB 400: No Parental Notification for Minors to Receive Gender Transition and Abortion; HB 371: Recreational Marijuana; SB 232: High School Civic Requirement

Transgender HS science teacher tells US Education Dept. senior adviser: Students should be taught that ‘not all egg producers are women’

Oregon Will Soon Require All Schools to Place Period Products in All Bathrooms (Boys & Girls), Per the Menstrual Dignity Act

Report: Fed to launch fastest rate hikes in 3 decades in desperate attempt to stave off recession


The Fed is destroying the home mortgage industry as rate hikes due to ‘Bidenflation’ lead to 70 percent reduction in lending

Campuses experiment with making free Naloxone available to combat drug overdoses

Forged absentee ballots discovered in Harris County, Texas, from 2020 election, all for Democrats

Nearly unanimous: Stunning number of citizens want voters to provide ID

Biden Sues Alabama, Claims Ban on Transgender Child Abuse Violates 14th Amendment

Amish Farmer Faces $250K Fine, Jail Time and Losing His Sustainable Farm for Processing His Own Meat

Vladimir Putin will reportedly be ‘undergoing medical procedures,’ including cancer surgery

Speed-Limiters Will Be Equipped In All-New EU Cars Beginning Next Month

American Express wants to roll out new BLACK privilege structure that charges black customers LOWER rates than whites

Dems will crush the midterms if President Biden decriminalizes cannabis and nixes student debt, Pam Keith says: ‘Both are also EXCELLENT economic stimulus measures’

Almost 200 Cases of Mystery Hepatitis in Children Worldwide, Reaching Canada and Japan: Reports


COVID-19 Vaccine Can Trigger Acute Hepatitis: Case Report

Report: Iran plotting to assassinate former US Secretary of State

ORWELLIAN STATE WARNING: Meet Biden’s new ‘Ministry of Truth’

FBI Warrantless Searches of Americans’ Data Doubled From 2020 to 2021: ODNI

EXCLUSIVE: New Jan. 6 Bodycam Videos Show DC Police Officer Assaulting Unconscious Protester

First Jan. 6 Defendant Files Habeas Corpus Petition

Russia’s Gazprom halts gas flows to Poland and Germany; Europe in panic as rolling blackouts are inevitable unless Europe finds rubles

Horrifying Video Shows Full Remote Control Over Nervous System Via Brain Implant

Ford posts dramatic revenue losses over risky electric vehicle investment

City in Washington weighs fining and jailing homeless people who refuse help


Mother refused an abortion and now her daughter is the top student in her graduating class

» Oklahoma GOP Signs Nation’s First Law Toward Gender Normality


Eyeing state investigation, school district defends surveys of students

Kay Jewelers Attempts to Redefine Family

Mom suing school over 13-year-old daughter’s ‘protected’ secret gender transition issues stark warning to parents across the country

» Kansas Lawmaker Slams Transgender Women Using Women’s Restrooms

Newt Gingrich Predicts Republicans Could Pick Up Historic 70 House Seats in 2022

AOC rants about billionaires, then Elon Musk dismantles the congresswoman with her own words

Republicans vow to eradicate Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board. Boebert says it is at a ‘Stalin level,’ DeSantis warns: ‘You cannot have a ministry of truth in this country.’

Woke soccer star Megan Rapinoe adds to Subway’s failure, over 1,000 stores close amid backlash

» MORE Leaked Calls: Gaetz, Tucker BLAST RINO GOP Leader McCarthy


Tucker Carlson hammers house GOP leader Kevin McCarthy: ‘A puppet of the Democratic party’

Sage Steele sues ESPN and Disney for treatment following her comments on vaccine mandates, Obama

Teacher who’s a leftist political candidate tells all his classes that Elon Musk buying Twitter is bad; now public school district is investigating

Sen. John Kennedy grills AG Merrick Garland on how many police officers he thinks are ‘racist,’ ‘bad’ as DOJ responds to out-of-control crime with local police reform

» STAY AWAY: DeSantis Issues Warning About Dems Fleeing California “Dumpster Fire”

Kansas Senate Overrides Governor’s Veto on Transgender Sports Ban Bill

Florida sheriff doubles down, says if homeowners fatally shoot intruders, ‘the chances of them reoffending … are zero — and we like those odds’

Disney Communications Chief Steps Down After Florida Debacle

DeSantis Insists Disney Will Have to Pay Its Debts, Says ‘Additional Legislative Action’ in Works




Jesus Of Nazareth For The Past Two Thousand Years Has Been Building A City Called New Jerusalem That Will Be The Forever Home Of The Born Again Believer 

Elon Musk Assumes Biblical Role of ‘Kinsman Redeemer’, Protecting Rights of All Americans

The Easiest People to Manipulate Are People That Believe In Free Will

Harrison Smith: Mind control via remote control is coming soon 

The Biden Administration Tells Israel They Have No Right To The Temple Mount And Warns That Jews Praying There Is ‘Provocative’ And Must Stop

Bennett: No increased Jordanian control of Temple Mount

Palestinians Are Reportedly Destroying the Temple Mount Similar to What ISIS Did to the Arch de Triumph and Several Antiquities in Ancient Palmyra and Throughout the Region

WE INVESTIGATE: What’s Up With The Ukraine “Coat of Arms” Symbol?

New initiative links the world’s largest Muslim nation to Israel, reversing Balaam’s curse

Angry Diplomatic Row Escalates Between Israel & Russia

Hong Kong’s Coldest May Day In Over 100 Years; Argentina Freezes; + April In Antarctica Finishes -3C Below 1958-2021 Average

Large surface rupture identified after M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina, the largest in nearly 100 years 

‘The water is not there’: Drought forces Las Vegas to draw from deeper within Lake Mead


Finnish prosecutor appeals acquittal of MP, Lutheran bishop who defended Christian marriage 

Christian employers sue to stop Biden admin from forcing them to fund trans surgeries

Illinois school district hosts “Satan” club for elementary students after hours in response to “horrific” Christian “indoctrination”

Secrets of Sodom and Gomorrah unearthed, including pillar of salt

Why Christians are losing the war against LGBT agenda

Boston’s Refusal to Allow Christian Flag to Fly Is Unconstitutional, Unanimous Supreme Court Finds

Disney employees speak out: Woke mob has ‘hijacked’ the company — conservatives, Christians no longer welcome

Pilot Crashes, Sees Own Body Hanging in Trees: Near-Death Experience



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

WEF Now Suggest Seniors off Themselves “For the Children”

World Economic Forum believes people are “useless eaters,” and views their “brains and bodies” as product that can be hacked, controlled and discarded

FACT-CHECKED TRUE: Proof Zelensky Is “New World Order”

Amidst Questions Of Stolen Election, Macron Launches Digital Identity App

Klaus Schwab’s daughter encourages use of ‘Great Reset’ tactics to fight climate change

It’s not just Humanity facing depopulation; Animals and Plant Life are also in the firing line of the Globalist Cabal 


SWISS NATIONAL BANK OPPOSED TO HOLDING BITCOIN AS A RESERVE CURRENCY: “But from the current perspective we do not believe bitcoin meets the requirements of currency reserves, that’s why we have until now decided not to have bitcoin on our balance sheet”


WARREN BUFFETT SAYS HE WOULDN’T TAKE ALL THE BITCOIN IN THE WORLD FOR $25“Assets, to have value, they have to deliver something to somebody.”




REPORT: Joe Biden Used KGB Spy Alias When Emailing With Hunter

No Legal Consequences for Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship: William Barr

Joe Biden agreed to pay more than $800,000 of Hunter’s debts including legal fees stemming from business with a Chinese firm


Is Zelensky corrupt? He amassed an $850 million personal fortune in the years before the war with Russia

Ukraine’s foreign minister calls on China to mediate war with Russia

Independent journalist says reports about Russian troops digging “mass graves” near Ukrainian city are fake

DISINFO HUB: U.S. admits putting out phony information as part of “intel war” with Russia: Report

Pope Admits NATO Likely Provoked Putin’s Invasion: “Barking At The Gates Of Russia”

Lavrov’s insensitive comments drive a wedge between Israel and Russia

USA / NATO gearing up for counterattack against Russian forces in July or August, with high risk of escalated retaliatory strikes by Russia using EMP or nuclear weapons

Khrushchev relative: Ukraine more danger than Cuban Missile Crisis

» US Intel Helped Ukraine Shoot Down “Hundreds” Of Russian Paratroopers

» Pentagon: United States Military Training Ukrainian Soldiers in Germany

US sending billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine that could end up in Russia’s hands

Russian TV Warns Britain Can Be ‘Drowned In Radioactive Tsunami’ By Single Nuclear Sub Strike

RARE VIDEO Found: George Soros Brags About Setting Up His Foundation In Ukraine



Air Force master sergeant fights for right to refuse COVID jab, expose vaccine bait and switch

Walgreens, CVS, join list of companies cutting back sick leave benefits for unvaccinated workers who test positive for covid

NYC Raises COVID Alert Level From “Low” To “Medium”, South Africa Faces Another Outbreak

22 Countries Drop Mask Mandates as Experts Debate Consequences


Walgreens publishes data proving that COVID jabs don’t prevent COVID

Children’s Health Defense demands FDA withdraw its approval of Remdesivir for infants and children, citing 72% adverse events rate

Stunning video by Canadian doctors shows how Pfizer committed massive fraud during covid-19 vaccine trials

Medical journals now censoring all science that documents vaccine adverse reactions


Bill Gates warns of possible ‘more fatal’ COVID variant, calls for pandemic task force helmed by WHO that will cost $1 billion a year

Medical industry secret police rolled out network of SNITCHES to ensnare doctors who didn’t worship Fauci


Pfizer recalls blood pressure pills over cancer link

Study Links Increase in Emergency Heart Events With COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Increase in Reactivated Viruses Following COVID-19 Booster Shots: Dr. Richard Urso


–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

Human Infection of H3N8 Bird Flu Reported in China

Rheumatologist: Significant vaccine injuries now reported in 40% of patients, with a 12-fold mortality increase

COVID jabs increase stroke risk by 11,361 percent

Cardiologist Estimates 30 Percent of U.S. Pilots May Have COVID Jab-Induced Heart Conditions

Vermont legalizes remote prescription of assisted suicide drugs

Latest Draconian CVD Bill Is Here and It Is Bad

Clot shot “vaccines” create BOOM in blood clot removal industry

Cardiovascular emergencies in Israel increased by 25% after COVID-19 vaccine rollout 

Mississippi officially bans COVID-19 vaccine mandates and passports

Iceland Reports 80% Increase in Stillbirths and Neonatal Deaths in 2021




US egg factory roasts alive 5.3m chickens in avian flu cull before firing almost every worker

France culls record 16 million birds in one of the most severe bird flu outbreaks in years

Samantha Power says ‘catastrophic’ food shortages are an opportunity to implement left-wing policies

Animal feed halt is a Biden Regime attempt to wipe out ALL LIVESTOCK and usher in new era of disgusting test-tube meat 

“Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste” – Biden Official Says Fertilizer Shortage Will Spark Green Farming Transition

BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies

Xi’s Lockdowns Will Pull The Rug Out From Under US Truckers This Summer

Nancy Pelosi calls economic shrinkage an ‘aberration’ and dodges question about midterm elections

» WARNING: “We Are On The Precipice Of A Global Food Crisis”

‘Prepare for IMPACT:’ Glenn Beck warns Japan’s inflation DEATH SPIRAL could be America’s future

Ghost of stagflation haunts Biden economy as GDP decreases in Q1

Scientists in Iceland are using genetically modified barley to create lab-grown meat


Price of diesel reaches all-time high – what will become of food production and transport?

Biden claims oil production at ‘historic’ levels even as output plunges

» California To Hike Gas Tax Despite Record High Prices At Pump

NRL successfully transmits electrical energy using microwave technology





Purification rites

Man who regrets transitioning to a woman at age 15 wants to raise awareness about the harm caused by the transgender movement


Reckless associations: The ruling class creates new legal theory to stifle free speech

OOPS! Psaki accidentally confirms Biden’s new ‘disinformation’ czar is everything critics claim

Sales of Jill Biden biography are embarrassingly low, Twitter users react: ‘Her husband is the most popular president in American history’

White House admits Iran ‘few weeks or less’ from nuclear breakout; quickly blame Trump


» Pelosi and Schumer Attack “Trump Justices” for Overturning Roe in Leak of Draft

Disney Democrats Think Corporations Should Be Our Governments

Democrat challenges witness to prove claim that liberals ‘hate’ Clarence Thomas because he is a black conservative. Witness uses chairman’s own words.

Adam Kinzinger introduced a resolution authorizing the US military to engage Russia if Putin uses WMDs

Top Senate Dem says raising taxes, undoing Trump tax cuts is the ‘only way to get rid of inflation’

Republican senator exposes Biden judicial nominee’s anti-police lie: ‘No data to back it up’

Elon Musk Says Democratic Party Has Been ‘Hijacked by Extremists’


At Hearing, Secretary Mayorkas Can’t Name 1 Domestic Terror Case Referred to DOJ

Deutsche Bank Offices Raided Over Suspected Money Laundering

SHORT: Capitol Hill Cops Break Window And Urge Rioters Inside Capitol Building

‘Gut-wrenching’ viral video shows cruel mother slapping 1-year-old baby in the face: ‘I hate your ass!’

Federal Informant in Trump Investigation Found Dead

Intruder breaks into Texas home with mother and her three children inside. But mom has a gun — and ends threat with deadly shots.

‘Something you make HORROR movies about’: Parents face murder charges after disabled daughter’s gruesome death

» Black Lives Matter sued for refusing to reveal financial details


Durham Alerts Judge to Federal Ruling Against Hillary Clinton, DNC

» Durham Drops Bomb: Lying Adam Schiff Was Involved in Russia Collusion Sham

John Durham Hasn’t Ruled Out Charges Against ‘Tech Executive-1’: Prosecutor

» Russia Hoax: Durham Staffer Accidentally Reveals Emails Showing…

New Emails Released by Durham Detail Extensive Collusion Between Media and Clinton Campaign

Kash Patel: Strategy Backfires for Clinton Associates; Fusion GPS Emails Reveal Disinformation Play | Kash’s Corner

Kash Patel Explains Why Durham Is Taking So Long (And It’s Glorious!)

Not Surprising: Obama-Appointed Judge Sides With Hillary


Kirk Cameron says public schools have become ‘public enemy No. 1,’ calls for Americans to put their faith in a ‘homeschool awakening’ in new documentary

Teacher suspended after hosting drag show at high school without notifying parents

Staff on leave over after-school drag show for ‘gay sexuality alliance club’


Poll: Republicans stand to win big in the 2022 midterms, have massive lead in generic congressional ballot

Low Early Voter Turnout in Ohio Goes Against Predictions

Researcher Featured in ‘2000 Mules’ Documentary Explains How Local Election Fraud Was Grown to National Scale

RINOs and Dems Just Stole Future Elections in Deep Red Alaska

David Lara Explains The “Playbook” of Ballot Traffickers In AZ

Voters in this Wisconsin county are seeing ‘Red’ … big time



Warren Buffett slams Wall Street for becoming a ‘gambling parlor’



Motion to give unanimous consent for abortion ‘rights’ flops in Canadian House of Commons

The World Health Organization is Attempting a Power Grab

US Informs Taiwan Of Howitzer Delivery Delay Due To “Crowded” Production Line

China Holds Secret Bank Meetings To Plan For Protecting Assets From US Sanctions

China provides rhetorical cover for Russia and their ‘new model of international relations’

Chinese officials scramble to find ways to insulate China’s economy from Western sanctions as tensions with Taiwan grow

Kim Jong Un Warns Of ‘Preemptive Nuclear Strike’ If North Korea Threatened




New Zealand denies 12-year-old autistic girl residency due to its immigration policy

EXCLUSIVE: Sara Carter speaks to Border Agents ‘Stunned’ at Mayorkas Statements

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Supports Amnesty

GOP lawmakers rip into DHS boss who says border crisis is their fault

Jen Psaki dodges question on report Nancy Pelosi is upset about how Biden handled Title 42: ‘There are many strong feelings’

Biden unveils plan to deal with massive migrant surge


BANNED BY AIRBNB: Hello, Patriots! This is a Special Alert from Michelle Malkin for May 2, 2022.

Mayorkas Claims the Disinformation Board Is Only For Foreigners

Don Lemon accuser recants 2018 sexual misconduct claim, drops lawsuit, says ‘My recollection of the events’ ‘were not what I thought they were’

Journalist finds ‘rifle and ammunition’ at Walmart, picture shows it’s just a Red Ryder BB gun

Video Appears to Show Local NBC Anchor Get Busted in Underage-Sex Sting – Station Issues Statement

TikTok Facilitating Sexual Exploitation of Minors

NBC News asks rural black voters if the Democrats have done anything for them: ‘F*** no! No!’

Tucker Carlson Responds to 20,000-Word NY Times Story Calling Him ‘American Nationalist’

CNN Calls For More Internet And Thought Control


Joy Reid’s MSNBC show garners worst ratings ever, nearly half of audience has fled since its premiere

Elon Musk Weighs in on Twitter Blocking Hunter Biden Laptop Story During 2020 Election


California’s Medi-Cal Expands to All Adults 50+, Including Illegal Aliens


With 63 Potential Leakers, Calls Grow to ‘Figure Out Who Is Responsible’ for SCOTUS Leak

Leftists celebrate ‘hero’ who leaked Supreme Court opinion draft overturning abortion: ‘More of this please’

‘Fight like hell’: Democratic heads of biggest state, city in America use same ‘irresponsible’ phrase to rally leftists against possible Roe v. Wade overturn

Lee: SCOTUS should ‘immediately’ release final Dobbs v. Jackson opinion


Fake message impersonates Trump to try to trick MAGA voters into staying home for midterms


“Woke” investors are putting American national security at risk with their anti-fossil fuel gambits

Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada removed gender from name, now goes by ‘BGC’


Carbon dioxide “has almost nothing to do with climate,” says World Climate Declaration signatory

SHOCK as green energy insiders admit 90% of supply chain does not exist to build electric cars 

Couple returns from vacation to find all of their belongings gone and two people sleeping on their bed

‘Ultrasonic transducers’ on VR headsets allow metaverse users to receive facial sensation




What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News




FDA Approves First and Only Covid-19 Treatment for Pediatric Patients as Young as 28 Days Old

FDA Approves Remdesivir for Young Children

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine had a shocking DEATH rate of 3.7% during early trial – but the FDA approved it anyway

High number of Strokes caused by the Covid-19 Vaccines may explain why so many of the Vaccinated are also going Blind 

COVID vaccine complications will soon “collapse our health system,” warns renowned virologist

SICK: Justin Trudeau’s Message For 4-Year Olds…

Fauci claims CDC should be ABOVE THE LAW and not subject to any judicial review – full-blown pharma tyranny

» China Is in Charge of the CVD Coverup

Wuhan Lab Allowed to Destroy ‘Secret Files’ Under Its Partnership with US National Lab, Agreement Shows

Nancy Pelosi, the Wall Street queen, is heavily invested in China; this is why she won’t investigate covid origins

‘These are voluntary inoculations’: Zoo claims animals getting COVID shots of their own free will

DOMESTIC TERRORISM? The “illegal” questioning of mainstream medical narratives in America

Cardiologist Says 30 Percent of Vaccinated Pilots Would Fail Health Screenings Due to Vaccine Injuries

First Shanghai, now Beijing: China goes on another lockdown spree

21% of deaths reported to VAERS after COVID vaccine occurred within 48 hours

Shock: Pfizer tried to hide data showing its covid vax caused massive increase in miscarriages, stillborn babies

Male Pfizer trial participants were required to abstain from sex or use contraception

Pharma CEO admits: The immunocompromised were never supposed to get “vaccinated” for covid due to safety risks

You gave up two years of your life because Midazolam was used to prematurely end the lives of thousands who you were told had died of Covid-19; and we can prove it…

Shanghai reportedly installs high metal barriers around people’s homes to prevent them from leaving: ‘They might as well just burn us all inside our homes’

Democratic official threatens school closures, new mandates over COVID-19 booster numbers

Situation Update, April 25, 2022 – 5G activation of vaccine “chimeric” payload could unleash bio-apocalypse

COVID-19 Testing Company Reaches $20 Million+ Settlement Over Allegations of Fake Test Results

Louisiana House Passes Bill to Ban State, Local COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates


» White House: Legal Defense of Mask Mandate Necessary to…

Here’s what you need to know about chlorine dioxide (ClO2), the “universal antidote”

mRNA Vaccines Lead to Spike Protein Entering Nucleus, Rise in Vascular Events, 40 Percent Increase in ‘All Cause Deaths’: Dr. Urso

Synthetic Material Inside MRNA Vaccines Causes Spike Protein Production to Possibly Last for Months: Dr. Ryan Cole

Killing the young: Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z experience record 84 percent excess mortality in fall of 2021, after vaccine mandates were rolled out


Cardiovascular incidents among teens, young adults in Scotland SURGED following distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

NY Times forced to admit that COVID-19 immunity is better in red states that opened sooner


–OTHER (Hunter Biden section below)

Biden Covering Up U.S. Civilian Deaths In Kabul Airport Blast

Biden released oil from strategic reserve to curb record-high gas prices. Now, some of that oil is going to Europe.

Greenpeace Co-Founder: Global Warming ‘Is A Complete Hoax And Scam’

New Colorado Law To Allow Abortion Up To 28 Days AFTER Birth?

Court to Block Biden Administration From Ending Title 42 Border Order

Biden regime’s efforts to “seed” illegals into battleground states to steal elections for Democrats continues with “ghost flights” to Pennsylvania

‘Right to kill cannot exist’: Republicans blast Biden DOJ for prosecuting pro-life activists

Biden 11th-Circuit Nominee Abudu Works for Anti-white, Pro-communist SPLC


If you think the supply chain collapse is bad now, just wait until summer


Brighteon: Food Shortages Ahead as Globalist Great Reset Moves to Starve Out Humanity by blocking fertilizer shipments to farmers~ARSONISTS SET FIRE TO FOOD PROCESSING PLANTS

DHS answers Congressman’s questions about illegal immigration under Biden; answers are terrifying

The Dr. Hotze Report: Biotech company out to control people’s minds through neuromodulation – Brighteon.TV

How the CDC used schools to groom YOUR kids

“SECRET Gender Transition Closets,” Where Young Children Can “Trans” Without Their Parents’ Knowledge, Are Popping Up At Schools Across the Country

‘After School Satan Club’ Rejected from PA Elementary School, Threatens ‘Costly Litigation’

Psaki: Gender identity questions appropriate for KINDERGARTENERS

State to require 2nd graders to learn about gender identity

Leaked video, documents reveal LGBT indoctrination in PRIVATE SCHOOLS across America

Groomer alert: School district grants funds to middle school to pay for drag queen show

» McConnell’s Leadership PAC Announces a $7M Ad Buy to Back RINO

Situation Update, April 20, 2022 – America is running out of military munitions and can’t replace them for years

Breaking Down the Flurry of Legal Filings by Clinton Campaign Associates in Durham’s Prosecution of Michael Sussmann

MSNBC anchor says the ‘dehumanization’ of GOP parental rights bills is comparable to Russian soldiers raping children in Ukraine

» “Taiwan Is Part Of China”: Chinese Defense Minister Warns Pentagon Chief In 1st Call

Disney Has Lost $34 Billion in Value Since Embarking on Culture War With Florida


Book reveals what Mitch McConnell was REALLY up to after Jan. 6

Filmmaker: Documentary Proves Rampant Illegal Vote Trafficking in 2020

Ruling by Arizona Judge a Blow to Democrat Efforts to Disqualify House Republicans for ‘Insurrection’

Parents’ lawsuit against Ludlow MA schools system for “transitioning” their children is getting national attention!

Tennessee law defunds schools that allow ‘trans’ athletes in girls’ sports

Texas teacher who allegedly showed porn to entire classroom on projector is fired, faces a year in jail

Former NFL player threatens MSNBC host with lawsuit over ‘child abuse’ attack: ‘She needs to be held accountable’

» Dirtbag Chris Wray Lies About Jan. 6, Calls it…

Twitter employees go ‘absolutely insane’ in meltdown over Elon Musk’s purchase: ‘I feel like im going to throw up’


‘Elon Is the Singular Solution I Trust’: Jack Dorsey Throws Support Behind Musk After Twitter Takeover Approved


Conservatives celebrate Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter by gleefully posting censored truths


Elon Musk Reveals More Details of His Plans for Twitter After Buyout

Digital Services Act: “making the internet a safer space”… requires social media platforms to more aggressively police their platforms…to be implemented in Europe…soon USA?

Florida sheriff says homeowners are ‘more than welcome to shoot at’ crooks who break into their homes: ‘We prefer that you do, actually’

Louisiana House of Representatives passes bill that bans state and local governments from imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates

» Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: We Are at a Tipping Point

Mike Lindell: Trump Won Ohio With 3,400,000 Votes! First Lawsuit Filed Yesterday!

Exxon Takes Red Pill? Bans BLM and Pride Flags From Being Flown Outside of Their Offices

» Watch: Reporter RIPS Chicago Mayor over Thoughts of Re-election

Obama promptly gets called out for demanding gov’t intervention over ‘harmful’ online content after promoting free speech

Former McDonald’s CEO blasts woke politics in corporate boardrooms, says Disney CEO should be fired

» DeSantis Goes After Twitter’s Board of Directors – See Why

Tennessee lawmakers pass bill requiring drunk drivers to pay child support if they kill parents: ‘Make people think twice’

“Parent Bill of Rights” Laws Sweep Nation

» Move aside Joe: 26 states form border security ‘strike force’


Introducing the Freedom States: 28 States To Save The Union?

Most Popular President in US History Speaks to Paltry Crowd in New Hampshire (VIDEO)




Alaskan Governmental Meeting Opened With Satanic Prayer To “Invoke Satan”

(WATCH) Megan Fox Confirms She and Machine Gun Kelly ‘Consume Each Other’s Blood for Ritual Purposes’

Bill Gates GAVI Biometric Identity Platform?

Nigeria Blocks 73 Million Mobile Phones From Making Calls For Not Being Linked to ‘National Identity Number’

Ukraine’s ‘Jewish’ president declares holy war against Russia: “Christ has risen!”

Islamic Jihad shows off ‘tunnel city’ for next attack on Israel

Is attack on tomb of Bible hero actually an assault against God?

Large Hadron Collider is waking up after a 3-year nap, and it could help explain why the universe exists.

Putin’s Islamic Orc Army in Full Display

Move over, Nimrod: Amazon gets green light for its ‘Tower of Babel’


Former Florida attorney general goes all in for voicing God in public

WOKE CATHOLICS: Cancelling the 10 Commandments

Gov’t panel wants Canada’s military to exclude religions that oppose LGBT agenda from chaplaincy

Report: 26 Million Americans Stopped Reading the Bible Regularly During Covid 19

Biden regime to turn Christian doctors into MURDERERS by forcing them to perform abortions (or lose their medical license)

South Carolina Supreme Court orders 14 church properties be given back to The Episcopal Church

‘Put God First’: Botched Abortion Survivor With Underdeveloped Limbs Is a Swimming Champ

Mark Levin: ‘It’s utterly unrelated, you damn fool!’

Architect of Evil: Spiritual Murder and Deception Is Satan’s Game

Barna: Survey of ‘Christian’ parents should shame the Church



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

World Bank Suggests Banning Motor Vehicles – Big League Politics

What to do with ‘useless people’ according to this World Economic Forum speaker

Under Attack By Spectre–This Is No Drill

World Economic Forum’s “Class of 2021” exposed: Klaus Schwab’s effort to remake globe in authoritarian image continues

The Megadeath Intellectuals of the Great Reset

WE HAVE THE VIDEO: George Soros Admits To Working With Nazis?


Resist the Carrot: The Steady Slide Into a Cashless Society 

Russia’s actions against the dollar could spur economic collapse for America

Four European Gas Buyers Fold To Russian Demands, Pay For Gas In Rubles

Lagarde Demands ECB Dissenters Keep Quiet As Central Bank Prepares For Liftoff

Chinese Stocks Crash As Covid Plunges Country Into “Darkest Moment In Decades”

China: Thousands of commercial ships wait offshore after Shanghai strict lockdown




Feds Subpoena Hunter Biden For “Every Single Financial Record”

‘Treasure Trove’: GOP Investigator Says House Republicans Have Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Top Hunter Biden business partner made numerous trips to Obama’s White House, met with then-Vice President Joe Biden, Barack later appointed him to America’s Heritage Abroad Commission: Report

“A Magnet For Conspiracy Theories”: Wikipedia Kills Entry For Hunter Biden’s Investment Company

Emails indicate Joe Biden was “assisting and benefiting” from son Hunter Biden’s global business ventures


» New Biden Record at the Border – And It’s Only Going to Get Worse


Dutch journalist in Ukraine says Western media regularly lie about what is happening on the ground

In A Remarkable Move, Emmanuel Macron Agrees To Supply ‘6X6 Caesar Cannon’ Guns To Ukraine In Ongoing Battle Against Putin And Russian Army

‘Operation Thermostat’: Italy to Begin Rationing Electricity to ‘Support Ukraine’


Ukraine should not be offered EU membership – Austria foreign minister

Watch: Former Ukraine Ambassador Slips Up, Admits Putin Wouldn’t Have Invaded Under Trump

USA targeting of Moskva ship is Russia’s “Pearl Harbor” … Retaliation is Putin’s next move, and the USA just handed him all the domestic support he needs

Ukraine is basically a biological weapons outsourcing nation for NATO

Russia using weapons supplied by France, Germany against Ukraine

U.S. military running out of key munitions including anti-tank Javelins by gifting them to Ukraine as production capacity falls

» Are US, EU Sacrificing Ukraine To “Weaken Russia”?

China Would Support Russia Even If It Used Tactical Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine War: Former Defense Official

Some of the weapons delivered to Ukraine will be used against us

Ukraine Bans Bitcoin Purchases With National Currency Amid Martial Law

Russia Expels 40 German Diplomats In Retaliation For “Unfriendly Decision”



WHO COVID-19 Special Envoy David Nabarro Warns Britain to ‘Prepare For More Surges,’ Hinting at Fall and Winter Lockdowns

Dozens of NYC teachers put on unpaid leave for allegedly providing fake vaccination cards; teachers’ union vows lawsuit

US border remains closed to vaccine-free Canadians after Biden admin extends COVID jab mandate

Poll shows Poilievre, Lewis the only candidates gaining steam in Conservative Party leadership race

Biden extends COVID-19 vaccine mandate to cover illegal aliens crossing the border, but will it be enforced?


CDC Raises Alarm Over Enigmatic Hepatitis Cases Occurring In Children


Fauci: I corrected Trump on COVID ivermectin ‘to maintain my integrity’

Elon Musk Rebuffs Bill Gates’ Climate ‘Philanthropy’ Request in Scathing Text


STUDY: Vaccinated Up to 15X MORE LIKELY Than Unvaxxed to Develop Heart Inflammation Requiring Hospitalization: Peer Reviewed Study

Heart Inflammation More Prevalent Among Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated: Study

Study finds MICROPLASTIC fibers from FACE MASKS lodged in human lungs

–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

(WATCH) Kirk Herbstreit Will Not be Part of NFL Draft Coverage, Says Doctors Found Blood Clot

‘I know this sounds crazy’: NBC medical expert says carry extra masks on planes, coerce your neighbors to wear them

Minnesotans share horror stories of COVID-19 vaccine injuries

Some Vaccine Injured Getting Better While Others See Little Improvement

39-Year-Old Massachusetts Police Officer Suddenly Passes Away While Playing Hockey; Three Active-Duty Massachusetts Cops Suddenly Died Within 10 Days

Australia recorded 1,700% increase in COVID-19 deaths as vaccine was rolled out




Georgia Declares a State of Emergency Over Supply Chain Shortages

Chronic Shortages Of A Few Items Now Will Evolve Into Chronic Shortages Of Hundreds Of Products Later In 2022

War on Food Goes Hot: FBI warns cyberattacks on farms — One farm stands up

USDA: 69% of total U.S. winter wheat production currently in drought zones… sharp decline in yields right around the corner

Why Food Prices Are Expected to Skyrocket

IMF now warning that food supply shortages will create waves of social unrest across the globe

Truck Drivers Are Facing Another Bloodbath

UK’s Largest Supermarket Begins Rationing Cooking Oil Amid Supply Disruption 

Biden’s plan will worsen inflation, ‘disproportionately harm minority families and small businesses’


Biden Declares War on America with Industry Killing Energy Policies

In sudden turnaround, Biden administration allows oil and gas companies to drill on federal lands… but it will take years for the oil to flow

FDNY says e-bikes have been responsible for over 100 fires, multiple deaths since the start of 2021

Gas THIEVES target gas stations and individual vehicles


Chinese state-owned oil firm plans to drop assets in the West for fear of economic SANCTIONS


BLM activist calls NYC Mayor Eric Adams a ‘coon’ during interview


Judge Rules That Prisons Must Accommodate ‘Transgender’ Prisoners with ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery

Trans bathroom policies are harming girls beyond sexual assault: policy expert

» Abortionists Open First Center to Kill Babies in State Called ‘Abortion Desert’

California is trying to legalize infanticide up to several WEEKS after a child is born


» This is Exactly How the World Sees Us – Infuriating Example of America’s Decline

Top 10 ways Biden Regime is turning America into a Communist hell-hole

Mass Exodus at White House as Midterms Approach

Biden’s handlers sell arms worth over $1 billion & $2.17 billion for “development” to Nigeria despite ongoing jihad against Christians

» Biden Kills U.S. Space Dominance

» WATCH: Did You See Kamala Harris Trying to Explain Space…to the Space Force?

» ‘Al Qaeda Is On Our Side’: How Obama/Biden Team Empowered Terrorist Networks In Syria

Climate alarmist declares that, ‘There’s no way to solve the climate crisis without ending capitalism’


Can we do better than Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy?

Jim Jordan: IRS can’t be trusted after ‘partisan’ leak investigation

Ilhan Omar’s Foreign Policy

Dementia alert: Schumer won’t endorse 88-year-old Feinstein’s ability


Video shows Alec Baldwin’s finger on trigger of gun that killed cinematographer

FBI gets away with robbing family of nearly $1 million, never charges them with a crime

Atlanta police, prosecutors outraged after bond granted to alleged gang member suspected of shooting Atlanta police officer


Where Things Stand With John Durham’s Probe

BUSTED: Durham Has Hundreds Of Emails Between Fusion GPS And The Press

Beyond ‘dirty tricks’: Firm Hillary hired fed media bogus reports on Trump

John Durham has issued trial subpoenas to members of the Clinton campaign and DNC

John Ratcliffe Predicts More Indictments Likely From Classified Durham Documents

WATCH Kash Patel: John Durham Has Shut Down The Statute Of Limitations Argument

Judge: FBI Agent Will Testify in Ex-Clinton Lawyer Case, but CIA Conclusions Largely Inadmissible

Durham Filing Reveals CIA Knew in Early 2017 That Data Tying Trump to Russia Was Fake

Former Democrat Lawyer Doesn’t Want Clinton Tweet Admitted In Durham Case

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Moves to Intervene in Case Brought by John Durham

» Clinton Lawyers Scramble To Keep Fusion GPS Docs Secret In Sussman Case


Cops converge upon mom at school board meeting after chairwoman kicks her out for ‘something horrible’ she was ‘about to say’ regarding board member

Florida mom arrested for bomb threat at high school after student was refused more food at cafeteria, police say

University limits science position to ‘women, transgender, non-binary or 2-spirit’ persons

Harvard Creates $100 Million Fund To Address Racist Past


» Crooked Raffensperger Certified the Stolen 2020 Election, Now He’s….

Oregon Flipping Red? Poll Shows Oregon Voters Favoring Republican Over Democrat For Governor by 18 Points

U.S. county launches campaign to register 16-year-olds to vote

Miranda Devine: ‘The most compelling evidence’ of 2020 election vote fraud

Democratic NY state Senate candidate held anti-cop sign at BLM protest, claims he wasn’t aware it read ‘ACAB’ — an acronym for ‘All Cops Are Bastards’

Trump-backed Republicans defeat establishment candidates in Michigan

Court slaps New York Democrats with major loss over district map: ‘Unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering’

Tennessee Republican Party Removes Three Candidates From Ballot for US House Seat



Student loan forgiveness? It’s already happening …



“Sarmat is the most powerful missile with the biggest hitting range in the world…kinetic impact energy and without the use of the nuclear warhead”

INTIMIDATING – Russia Gives Nuclear “Food For Thought” to the World

Italy Becomes Latest Nation To Experiment With The Social Credit System From Communist China To Force Behavior Modification On Its Citizens

US To “Respond Accordingly” If Solomon Islands-China Pact Permits Military Base

Japan, New Zealand Boost Defense Cooperation Amid ‘Unprecedented Challenges’

Canadian mayor demands income of pro-life group be diverted to pro-euthanasia gov’t services

Canadian deputy PM Chrystia Freeland knew maternal grandfather was editor of a Nazi newspaper vilifying Jews

Canadians travel across the world to avoid surgery backlog

Canadian Senate debates whether to lower the standards for border agents to seize and search phones

Trudeau appoints judge with Liberal Party ties to oversee inquiry into use of Emergencies Act


State court torpedoes city’s gun storage demands

Joe Biden’s New Plan To Round Up Your Guns, Here’s How He Plans To Do It…


How Will Biden Fit 7 Million Illegals into 500K Homeless Beds?


Study finds Big Tech apps continue “listening” and gathering data even when mic is set to “mute”

Jim Jordan: Future Investigation of Twitter Incoming?

Analysis proves mainstream media continues hiding race of terrorists, murderers if they’re not white

‘I’ve been a victim’: Chris Wallace goes public after CNN+ crashes and burns


WATCH: Greg Gutfeld goes off on former Fox News host, and it’s beyond hilariousCNN Frets That Children Are Being Brainwashed – by Conservatives

RED FLAG: Guys who watch CNN are not husband material

Producer Behind BBC’s Nude Sex Education Program Targeting Children Is BLM – Show Included Cartoon Erections and a Song About the Clitoris

Jeff Bezos Suggests Elon Musk Gives China ‘Leverage’ Over Twitter – Gets Wrecked In Replies

Google Says Websites Can’t Talk About Ukraine


South Carolina House’s next GOP Speaker defended abortionist from malpractice lawsuit

Harvard Hosts Chinese Communist Officials in Student-Run Conference

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot stopped in her tracks when reporter confronts her over ‘all the harm you’ve caused’


Trashing The Constitution To Seize Russians’ Property

Supreme Court gives victims of malicious prosecutors new weapon


Trump Walks Out of Interview with Piers Morgan After Arguing Over 2020 Election


Kayleigh McEnany: Psaki should cry about aborted babies, not ‘forcing sexuality’ on 5-year-olds

Discuss sex with kindergarteners? Not a problem, says CEO

‘Annoying as hell’: Google Docs features ‘inclusive warning’ pop-ups telling users to choose ‘chairperson’ instead of ‘chairman’ and other woke edicts

The DISTURBING Leftist Roots of Sexualizing Children

Stay-at-home dad wanted his toddler son to ‘reject …

Popular Minnesota camp asks kids for pronouns, houses them based on ‘gender identity’

Study says whiteboards could be racist because they ‘collaborate with white organizational culture’


2024 polling: ‘Not Sure’ is beating Biden by 9 points

‘Long live Bibi, king of Israel!’: Netanyahu makes bold prediction

Budweiser does it again, and not a horse in sight.

Soldier Dies on Operating Table, Comes Back, Tells of Near-Death Experience, Words From the Lord 40 Years Later

Sara Carter joins Texas DPS at border, encounters woman stranded by smugglers

Pentagon has footage of two car-sized balls of light shadowing a US warship






What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News




No one is safe: Vaccinated individuals can transmit graphene to the unvaccinated

HHS Secretary confirms covid vaccines are killing BLACKS AND LATINOS
“at about two times the rate of white Americans” … ethnic cleansing via VAX?


Shanghai Chaos – Forced lockdowns, riots, cardboard beds that fold up into caskets for cremation

Shanghai’s mass “quarantine” (concentration) camps have no showers; lights stay on 24 hours

‘Watch your mouth or face punishment’ – CCP threatens citizens as China remains locked down

UK Government refuses to publish further COVID-19 Data because it suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing AIDS & the Double Vaccinated are suffering ADE

THEY KNEW: Three months before covid was unveiled, DoD awarded Ukraine a special “Covid-19 Research” contract

Horowitz: Walgreens recorded who tested positive for COVID, and the results might surprise you

White House pushing global vaccine SUMMIT to “vaccinate the world,” targeting “everyone, everywhere”

Ivermectin is a powerful anti-cancer remedy, 9 peer-reviewed studies conclude

New science proves that merely BREATHING fights off respiratory viruses – now we know why they push masks


Horowitz: Your mask harms my baby

TOO MUCH TO IGNORE: COVID vaccines cause 16,633% more miscarriages compared to flu vaccines

COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Hesitancy is Causing a Decline In Routine Immunizations

Supreme Court Won’t Hear COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Challenge From NYC Teachers


WOULD-BE Immigrants Can Get Waivers for COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement: Lawyer

New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill That Could Empower Hospitals to Arrest Those Who Argue With Doctors When They Think Hospital Mistreated Loved One


A National Vaccine Passport Has Quietly Rolled Out – And Red States Are Joining

Florida Hospital Stops Ivermectin Without Telling Family, Fires Nurse for Advocating for It

Chilling: Watch What Fauci Said – and Didn’t Say – About China’s Handling of CVD

EXCLUSIVE: Fauci’s Agency Scrambled to Answer Questions on Changing Remdesivir Trial Endpoint: Emails

Snake venom company Venomtech announces partnership with Charles River Laboratories, which ran Fauci’s “secret island” of medical experiments on monkeys and beagles

Eighth Circuit ruling could be ‘game changer’ for COVID lawsuits against Walz

Father pens shocking, disturbing essay in Slate about teaching his 12-year-old son how to masturbate

FDA Authorizes Breath Test to Detect COVID-19

How ABSURD can it get? Expect these 10 new MANDATORY “super-safe” COVID mandates for the next wave of the scamdemic (satire)

Mel Kiper Jr. Not Allowed to Attend NFL Draft Because He’s Unvaccinated for COVID-19


–OTHER (Hunter Biden section below)

Pathetic: 2024 poll ranks (laughable) list of top Dems for president

Disney CEO apologizes to LGBT zealots for not pushing enough gender and sexuality perversion on children

World’s Largest Carbon Removal Facility Designed to Fight Global Warming Suffers Major Setback After Arctic Blast Freezes Machinery

Lawmakers vote to let parents sue teachers for ‘usurping’ their rights

Pete Santilli: The FBI is the greatest threat to America – Brighteon.TV

TRANSGENDER Teacher Tells Kindergarteners ‘When Babies Are Born’ Doctors Guess If ‘It’s a Boy or Girl’

Parents beware: Children’s storybook about ABORTION has gone viral

EXCLUSIVE: After Specializing in Abortions and Baby Body Part Sales, Planned Parenthood Now Raking in Dollars in Transgender Services

EMERGENCY ALERT: On the heels of rail carriers canceling grain shipments, CF Industries warns that FERTILIZER rail shipments are now being halted during spring planting 

U.S. Bioweapons expert speaks out about US biolabs in Ukraine

Infowars Files For Bankruptcy Over Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuits

Parent dressed as Easter Bunny hands out eggs with condoms inside to children at Austin elementary school

Alabama officially bans transgender grooming of children

Oklahoma State University hosts ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for kids as young as 2-years-old

Parents sue Massachusetts school district, claiming school encouraged their children to use new names and pronouns

State of Florida rejects 41 percent of submitted math textbooks on the basis that they contain CRT, Common Core, and social emotional learning

Children’s storybook glorifying the killing of unborn babies disgusts even some abortion supporters

The Dollar Is Finished: Negative Interest Rates Coming – Increases Consumer Expense

FBI Compelled Apple, Google to Hand Over Information on Project Veritas Journalists in Biden Diary Probe

Home Depot founder stings Biden as ‘worse than Jimmy Carter’ as another inflation measurement hits a record high: ‘This is a disgrace’

20 Federal ‘Assets’ Embedded at Capitol on Jan. 6, Court Filing Says

‘Now I’m Pissed’: Why Secret Service Agents Are Outraged by the White House

The oblivious masses are too fragile to survive the chaos that’s coming

Amazon is adding a ‘fuel and inflation surcharge’

Darwinian Racism: How Darwinism Influenced Hitler, Nazism and White Nationalism

OAN: American Teens DRAFTED as Coyotes FOR ILLEGAL MIGRANTS with Casey Wardynski

US government stole $17 million from taxpayers to buy hotel rooms for “migrants” that were never even used


Maricopa, AZ Verified With Evidence: Trump 59.4%, Biden 41.17%

Sheriff running for Congress tells off major U.S. newspaper in epic fashion

Probe of Jen Psaki demanded for ‘misuse of her official position’

See how many Americans back Florida’s limits on gender indoctrination

Now powerful teachers unions facing pushback – from liberals!

» Missouri’s Sunshine Law Is About to Shine a Light on George Soros

DeSantis signs 15-week abortion ban ahead of crucial Supreme Court decision

Kentucky legislature overrides Dem govenor’s vetoes on pro-life, election integrity laws

Restaurant owner puts up sign hammering Biden over inflation and telling his supporters to eat somewhere else

Judge Rejects Stacey Abrams’s Effort to Challenge Georgia Fundraising Law


» Stacey Abrams Increased Her Net Worth 3,000% in Less than 4 Years – How That Happened?

Democratic Governor Deals Blow to Immigration Activists by Rejecting Sanctuary City Push

Mark Levin: Lunatic loses her mind over a T-shirt, then justice is served




Africa: Unprecedented “Plague” of Locusts on Passover; A potential sign of Messiah

As The Abraham Accords Pull Israel Deeper Into the Muslim World, The Palestinians Greatest Fear Is That The Jews Will Rebuild Their Temple In Jerusalem


APOSTATE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH’S Duke Divinity School Students: ‘God Is Queer’

Human Microchip Implants and the Internet of Bodies

WATCH: Jonathan Cahn tells WND ‘we’re in biblical times’

Hand-Implanted Microchip “Walletmor” Will Work with Digital Wallet For Contactless Payments

‘You can’t unsee it!’: Mind-blowing triple meaning in 1 resurrection verse

Catholic League: Secularists Are ‘Doubting the Resurrection But Not Pregnant Men’ 

Hezbollah MP says only $9 billion needed to destroy Israel

Recalled experiences surrounding death: More than hallucinations?

Feds Weigh Emergency Actions As Lake Powell Hits Historic Low


Netanyahu’s heir reminds Christians that Jesus and disciples were Jewish

‘Crossing Over’ ceremony at church sends ‘horrendous message’

(WATCH) See How Many Californians Want to Ban The Bible for ‘Hate Speech’

UPDATE: Canada’s “Most Persecuted Pastor” Released From Jail but Still Held Under Strict House Arrest: “My Body Is Here but My Mind Is Still in the Cell”

New law in Arizona protects faith-based adoption agencies

Airline passengers sing Christian worship songs throughout cabin. Rep. Ilhan Omar is upset, prompting social media to ask, ‘Why do you hate Christians?’


Ben Shapiro Declares Hypocritical Rep. Omar ‘Can’t Whine’ About Religious Expression (see 20 sec video singing on plane)

EWTN host blasts Pope Francis’ supporters who ‘blindly hate’ conservative Catholics

Miami Schools recognize National Day of Prayer, but apologize after one board member says Jesus is the true God

Wrestling Champion Never Gives Up

Pennsylvania town removes ‘Easter’ from egg hunt promos after single complaint — and the backlash is fierce



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

Documents confirm Canada’s plan to use COVID as leverage for World Economic Forum agenda

China has gone full Orwellian! Schwab’s Utopia becoming a reality in Shanghai: Troops, people screaming, jumping out of windows, farmers arrested, Big Tech censorship


U.S.-dominated global financial system facing collapse as China begins buying Russian coal and oil in yuan, not petrodollars

Goldman Trader: The Best Days Are Behind Us, And We’ve Never Seen A Setup Quite Like This Before

Why Gold Will Benefit From The Inevitable Reshaping Of The International Monetary System

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Doomed To Fail – And Here’s Why




‘Hunter’s laptop is about to be released’…

Smoking Gun Found on Laptop: If These Messages Are as Bad as They Look, Joe Biden Is Done For




Brighteon: WWIII is Here: Sen. Coons Endorses Sending US Military To Ukraine

Lawyer who drafted 1989 US Biowarfare Act says Ukrainian bioweapons labs are a “criminal enterprise”

US, EU Sacrificing Ukraine To “Weaken Russia”: Former NATO Adviser



Sweden’s successful handling of COVID exposed the futility of lockdowns

Conservative Party leadership contender blasts unvaxxed travel ban as ‘segregation,’ not ‘science



Dr. Bryan Ardis tells Stew Peters: COVID-19 is not a respiratory virus, it is SNAKE VENOM poisoning

CLAIM: COVID-19 mRNA vaccines contain snake venom substrate

While Pfizer Pushes For COVID-19 Boosters for 5-11-Year-Olds, UK Government Page Recommends Against Injecting Age Group

Documents show Pfizer, FDA ‘spun’ the vax data despite knowing natural immunity was highly effective


Anthony Fauci Funded an HIV Tracking Project for Teenage Prostitutes in China.

» Shocker – Fauci Agrees with Biden’s Draconian Decision (VIDEO)

Fauci and others KNEW China was withholding data on COVID-19 as pandemic began: Watchdog

Fauci says the purpose of lockdowns is to “get people vaccinated”

WHO Director Promotes Bill Gates’ Book On the ‘Next Pandemic’


Virginia doctor honored for COVID treatments by legislature days before health dept. probe

Dozens Of Cases Of Mysterious Hepatitis Cases Crop Up In US, Europe

Doctors don’t even know: Millions of people are swallowing venom-derived pharmaceuticals made from pit vipers, Gila monsters, leeches, rattlesnakes and deathstalker scorpions

JUUL e-cigarettes trigger inflammatory changes in major organs, study warns

–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

FDA Springs Into Action Over 100 Reports Of ‘Lucky Charms’ Cereal Poisoning, But What About The One Million Plus Reports Of Adverse Vaccine Reactions? 

Vaccinated American Airlines Pilot Went Into Cardiac Arrest Six Minutes After Landing Commercial Flight With Nearly 200 Passengers (WATCH)

Teen Overdose Deaths ‘Nearly Doubled’ in 2021

Guamanian rugby coach sounds alarm as 3 female players injured by biologically male transgender athlete in a match

7-Year-Old Girl Oozes Blood From Eye After Taking Pfizer COVID-19 Jab

Former Arkansas Offensive Lineman Brian Wallace Passes Away at 26 Following Multiple Heart Attacks

11-Year-Old Girl From Brazil Died Four Days After Being Threatened and Coerced by School to Take COVID-19 Shot

French Tennis Star Ugo Humbert Reveals Doctors Told Him Issues Could Have Been Negative Reaction to COVID-19 Shot

Cleveland Clinic Denies Boy Kidney Transplant Because He Didn’t Get COVID Shot

Three Sailors From USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier Found Dead in Under One Week; Navy Does Not Provide Cause of Death




Stagflation Fears Soar As World Bank Slashes Global Growth Outlook

We’re Beyond the Point of No Return on Food Shortages

Bird flu spreads to 30 states, killing bald eagles and raising egg prices

US government diagnosing chickens with bird flu using fraudulent PCR tests, then slaughtering them 

One-Third of Ukraine Farmland May Go Unplanted As Russia Begins ‘Second Phase’ Of War

Global Rice Production Set To Plunge 10%, Threatening Half Of Humanity

Chilean government unveils drastic water rationing restrictions as drought enters 13th year

Meat producers react as Biden issues emergency waiver that allows selling gasoline with 15% ethanol

Computer chip crisis getting worse as manufacturing slows and wait times increase amid insane demand


EU To Impose Full Embargo On Russian Oil Next Week, Will Send Price Above $185 According To JPMorgan

Biden White House: Pay higher energy taxes for green transition

Futures Slide, Nat Gas Soars As Traders Return From Holiday

S cities banning natural gas connections to new buildings in an all-electric shift, increasing burdens on the power grid


» North Korea Keeping the World on Its Toes: Another Missile Launch

China To Deploy Most Advanced Fighter Jet To Disputed East And South China Seas

Chinese Lockdowns Expand, Raising More Questions About Beijing’s Motives For Shutting Down

Beijing’s Long Arm Targets Shen Yun Artists in Upstate New York



Oklahoma will now prosecute abortionists performing non-medically necessary abortions

Two women pregnant after sex with transgender inmate at female-only prison in NJ

Judge faces calls to recuse herself from Planned Parenthood lawsuit after admitting she’s a donor


Biden WHINES when ‘they’ won’t let him read to children

New poll: How many Americans say Biden is ‘compromised’ by China?

Reports that revealed payments to terrorists now hidden

Oy vey! Kamala serves Israel wine for Passover, all hell breaks loose

Tax returns for Biden, Harris revealed: Second couple donated less than half to charity compared to high earners in their wealth class

Taiwan Gets Tougher Against China’s Talent Spies—US Should Follow Suit


Worried About 2022? Senate Democrat Now Pushing to Build Border Wall (VIDEO)

Anonymous Democrats go behind Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s back to complain about her mental fitness


Durham: Five Witnesses Connected To The Clinton Campaign’s False Russian Claims Have Refused To Cooperate


CIA Bombshell: The Sussman Data Was “User Created”


Former Clinton Campaign Lawyer Made False Statements to Second Government Agency: Durham

Fusion GPS Counters Durham Motion For Communication Documents

Surprise! Look who suffered most from fierce push to defund police

» See The “Embarrassing” Way The Brooklyn Subway Shooter Was Caught

A Shooter Puts Critical Race Theory into Practice NYC Dems were too busy fighting white supremacy to stop a black supremacist terrorist.

» BLM co-founder ‘triggered’ by IRS charity tax forms

Democratic mega-donor Ed Buck sentenced to 30 years for injecting gay black men with meth that killed them


Luke Rosiak: Schools Use Woke Ideology to Hide Dismal Teacher Performance, Harming Minorities the Most

New Jersey Democratic governor Phil Murphy admits some gender identity materials provided to small children in his state may not have been ‘age appropriate’

Kids of Michelle O’s brother booted from school, and now it gets serious

Espionage on campuses: Beijing is always watching … and spending

Schools are running secret grooming operations on children, pushing parents out of the loop

GROOMING MEANS PERVERTING: Dangerous trans indoctrination of children in schools is turning America into a nationwide Nazi youth training camp


NPR predicts these 10 Senate seats might see a party FLIP

Republican Registrations Are Destroying Democrats in Battleground States; Cheating Will Be Extra Hard This Time

What’s The Rock cooking? Potentially a presidential campaign

Kathy Barnette sleeper candidate rips Dr. Oz to his face…

WATCH: Resurfaced Video Shows Dr. Oz Praising Jussie Smollett After Hoax Attack

Herschel Walker invites progressive who viciously attacked him to ‘break bread,’ gets an utterly contemptuous response

» Philippines’ Bureau of Investigation Raids Home of SMARTMATIC’s Employee

Zuckerberg Ends Controversial Grants to Election Offices



Elon Musk fires back at Saudi prince with massive Twitter stake after takeover offer rejected

If The Fed Is Fighting Inflation Why Is The Balance-Sheet Still Expanding?

Former Swiss “Banker Of The Year” Sentenced To 4 Years For Misusing Company Expenses


» China to Hollywood: Don’t Say Gay! Hollywood: Yes Sir!

‘The Family Sex Show’ — sex-ed production aimed at kids as young as 5 that features ‘non-sexual nudity’ — canceled in UK after ‘unprecedented threats’

Did Quebec Pass a Law Giving the State Full Control as Primary Caregiver and Decision Maker for Children?


Canadian military commanders sound warning: Country cannot hope to stop Russian expansion into Arctic

France’s president wants his citizens to be victimized, killed by criminals, as he voices opposition to farmer who defended himself by killing intruder


Georgia becomes 25th state to allow residents carry handgun without permit


Over 221,000 Illegal Immigrants Encountered at Southwest Border in March: DHS Report

Illinois Will Provide Free Healthcare For Older Illegal Immigrants

Abbott Signs Agreement With 4th Mexican Governor


DeSantis and Florida Republicans move to strip Disney World of its self-governing powers

FACT CHECK: MSNBC Says “It’s OUR Job To Control What People Think!”

Three of Alex Jones’ Companies Filed For Bankruptcy Protections

Megyn Kelly reveals she was offered CNN contract and turned it down for one reason

Twitter board adopts ‘poison pill’ to keep Elon Musk from executing takeover

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey blasts Brian Stelter, says he witnessed incident in which CNN tried to falsify news


Kentucky’s last two abortion centers stop aborting after legislature overrides veto of pro-life law


SCOTUS rejects attempt by blue states to get tax cuts for the rich


This video of Dr. Oz on COVID should have Trump rethinking his endorsement


Glenn Beck: ‘Wokeism’ is a religious CULT. Here’s why.


Vitamin D: The Pac-Man of Viruses, Bacterial Infections, and Cancer Cells

A 3-year-old was in back seat of car stolen as mom left for a ‘brief moment’ to check the line at a Chick-fil-A in Chicago

Woman wearing ‘Mother of the Year’ shirt arrested after vicious attack on female umpire following kids’ softball game





What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News



(WATCH) Trans Non-Binary Teacher Says 3-Year-Old Children Should Learn About Sex, Gender Identity & Pronouns



MOST SHOCKING FINDING TO DATE: Snakes are the origin of Covid19…enhanced via gain of function research!!


BOMBSHELLS: “Venomtech” company announces massive venom peptide library for drug development;
World Economic Forum brags about RNA synthesis of snake venom nanoparticles;
PubMed covers “nanocarrier” technology to stabilize SNAKE VENOM in water

VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)


2021 – Estimated 2,948,273; Actual 3,447,405 or 499,132 more

2022 – So far 5,000% increase in excess deaths…estimated 2022 as many as 25,455,732 jabbed people deaths

2025…stunning estimates from 2 sources including knew there was going to be a plandemic & “many, if not all, of the people who got ‘vaccinated’ for it will soon die.”

Will everyone who got “vaccinated” for COVID be dead by 2025?

VACCINE GENOCIDE: Dr. Peter McCullough says COVID vaccines have now killed more Americans than World War I

Vaccine regret: Is there a way to reverse mRNA vaccine damage?

Is the CDC blaming GAY LIFESTYLES for vaccine side effects?


CDC warns that gay men are spreading disease in Florida

Fmr CDC Director: Bird Flu is the Real Pandemic – C19 was just practice

Nanotechnology Used in Covid Vaccines, 2,000 Foods, Goes Unlabeled

Water warning: Municipal water systems may be distribution vector for pandemic toxins

Pfizer Study suggests Covid-19 Vaccine to blame for huge increase in Hepatitis among Children as UK Government launches Urgent Investigation 

CCP forcing Chinese people to kneel in submission while scanning covid passports

Whilst you were distracted by Boris’s trip to Kyiv, the UK Gov. quietly published data confirming the Fully Vaccinated accounted for 92% of all Covid-19 Deaths in March 

7-Foot Robot Released at Dallas Airport to Catch Unmasked Individuals and Report “Potential Crimes” to Law Enforcement

Dr. Peter McCullough Says Autopsies Show The COVID Shot’s ‘Fingerprints’ Are Everywhere, Including The Brain 

COVID-19 Beware: Cheap and Widely Accessible Drug Could Fight Virus

Facts Matter (April 7): 10K New Pfizer Docs Reveals FDA Knew Natural Immunity Works, Vaccine Fertility Effects UNKNOWN


Pfizer Hired 600 Employees Due to ‘Large Increase of Adverse Event Reports’: Document

» Rand Paul Wants to Know if Pelosi Used Monoclonal Antibodies After Biden Blocked Them

COVID-19 could change levels of proteins related to male reproductive function

Epic: FDA Meeting Gets Crashed With A Whistleblower Story They Wanted To Be Ignored – Dr. Peter Doshi

FDA announces fifth covid-19 dose may be necessary by Fall, just hours after authorizing fourth shot

It’s not over: Globalists still using covid-19 to mind control people into submission

Moderna Recalls 764,900 COVID-19 Vaccine Doses After Contamination Found

Yankee Stadium Waitress Files Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn Eric Adams’ Athlete COVID-19 Jab Mandate Exemption

House Democrats Vote AGAINST Stopping the Government ‘Monitoring and Prosecuting’ Unvaccinated Citizens

‘Unvaccinated’ Elderly Greeks Face Property and Asset Confiscation for Unwillingness to Pay Fines 

–OTHER (Hunter Biden section below)

Disney Releases ‘Gayest Movie’ for Kids Yet (VIDEO)

Preschool teacher — and ‘polyamorous, gender-fluid witch’ — goes viral for admitting how she teaches her young students about sexuality and identity

Pro-LBGTQ eighth grade teacher — who said ‘f***’ parents who ‘don’t love and accept you for who you are’ and ‘I’m your parents now’ — resigns

Australian MP: 10-year-old School Girls Assigned Homework to Ask Their Dads About “Erections and Ejaculation”

Disney’s secret master plan to ruin sports, corrupt children

Democrats’ Bill May Allow Illegal Aliens to Be Police Officers in This State

Secret plan to flood America with millions of “economic migrants” exposed as Biden regime declares war on American citizens

Sen. Mitch McConnell Gets Caught Red Handed Donating To RINO Rep. Liz Cheney

» Saudi TV Mocks Joe Biden and ‘First Lady’ Kamala Harris (VIDEO)

Transgender convicted killer now ‘identifies’ as baby, demands diapers and baby food

» Cracker Jill?: Classic American Snack Goes Full WOKE For Gender Equity

(WATCH) Tucker Carlson Exposes, “Deeply Disturbing” Pornographic Content Pushed on Schoolchildren

Public school says it’s searching student lunches brought from home, confiscating ‘excessive’ chips, soda, candy

Is Obama about to legally slither back as president?

April 8 – Child-grooming DISNEY linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s PEDO island


Elon Musk Will No Longer Join Twitter Board Of Directors

Planned starvation: Grain deliveries by rail to be partially halted, devastating dairy herds and meat operations nationwide

The State Can Abduct Children Through CPS ‘Medical Kidnapping’: Rep. Tammy Nichols

Unhinged Joy Reid says GOP voters are ‘pro-rape’ and ‘pro child marriage’ in bonkers Twitter tirade‘Did you sh*t my pants?’: Comedian has Megyn Kelly in stitches with HILARIOUS Biden impression

69 GOP lawmakers ask DOJ, FBI to investigate deaths of nearly full-term aborted babies found in DC

Thousands of Ukrainians waiting in Tijuana to cross into U.S.

Former top DOJ official reveals secret plot dubbed “Project 65” that aims to destroy all Trump lawyers as part of left-wing scheme to bring down America

Citing Racial Discrimination, Black Leaders Target Roe v. Wade

White House threatens states for protecting children from gender surgeries, puberty blockers

Microplastics Found in Lung Tissue of Living Humans for First Time: Study

Secret Service Agents bribed by men with Iran, Pakistan visas pretending to be DHS Agents

‘Truly disturbing’: Electric company ‘incinerating babies’ bodies for power’

Biden official would reinterpret labor law to deprive companies of established free speech rights


Mark Levin ON PRESIDENTIAL USURPER BIDEN: These are impeachable offenses

Public School Now Teaching PUBERTY BLOCKERS to Fifth-Graders?!

New York Lt. Gov. Arrested!

January 6 riot defendant acquitted by court on all charges; federal judge convinced defendant was let in freely by police

Luxury watch company crafts blistering rebuke of transgender movement’s ‘assault on womanhood’


Alabama bans ‘sex change’ procedures for children, LGBT ideology in elementary schools


(WATCH) Trans Non-Binary Teacher Says 3-Year-Old Children Should Learn About Sex, Gender Identity & Pronouns

Nurse pays big price for spilling beans on students given puberty blockers

‘Walt Not Woke’: Dad’s Hand Made T-shirt Causes a Stir at Disney

Public Service Announcement – Dump Disney

Buttigieg: Kids will be killed if teachers aren’t allowed to teach about sex, gender


Buttigieg expresses shock when radio host tells him black Americans are souring on Democrats: ‘Hope is not a strategy’

» Dems push 1,000 amendments to derail new female sports law, but fail

Longtime Disney Cast Member Speaks Out: ‘We Are Ashamed to Work for This Company’

‘I went Mike Tyson on him’: Homeowner speaks out after giving illegal alien theft gang member ‘major beat down’ after catching him in the act

Moms for Liberty Vows Boycott: ‘Disney Has Severely Underestimated Florida Parents’

Gavin Newsom attempts a jab at states banning books and gets mercilessly ridiculed online

Missouri House approves pro-life bill that defunds Planned Parenthood, bans abortion drugs, and more




Passover sacrifice reenactment takes place despite threats of terror

New poll finds 103 million Americans – including many Jews, agnostics, even atheists – see COVID pandemic as sign of biblical prophecy and the ‘last days’

Biden’s resignation, a ‘great reset’ and the end of the Shemitah

Rains drive biggest SA locust infestation in decades

Vatican mulling Jerusalem meeting between Pope Francis and Russian patriarch

Joseph’s Tomb smashed to pieces by Palestinians

APOSTATE COMMUNIST Pope Francis Calls on Christians to Surrender Before Violence, AN UNBIBLICAL TEACHING

GREG HUNTER: MILLIONS ABOUT TO LOSE EVERYTHING! – BO POLNY… “From a Biblical perspective it is called the Third Seal of Revelation which is a complete flipping of the financial scales.”

Proposed solar-powered “lunar ark” to hold frozen samples of 6.7 million plants and animals 



NASA Spots Massive Comet Heading Toward Earth

‘Megacomet’ Bernardinelli-Berstein is largest ever seen, Hubble telescope confirms


Franklin Graham applauds Masters champion after hearing his bold statement to the media

Petition at Jesuit college calls bishop ‘bigoted’ for asking Catholic middle school to remove gay pride, BLM flags

Vatican hopes to renew modified deal with Chinese Communists on appointing bishops

Lindell At Trump’s Rally: “We Are In The Greatest Revival For Our Great Lord Jesus Christ In History”

Catholic Charities Implicated In Child Sex Trafficking With Cartels Inside The United States 

Legislative chaplains say they can’t say Jesus during opening prayers

 EXCLUSIVE: Vatican fires Carmelite chaplains and orders cloistered nuns to make changes

Bursting with new life’: Hidden parts of 1st Passover reveal fresh meaning

Life after death? Study reveals near-death experiences are not hallucinations



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

The ultimate goal of the WEF is to Control & Change life on Earth by hacking into Humans & removing Free Will

World Economic Forum was created by US policies

Fertilizer, Drama, and The Great Reset: Why Massive Food Shortages Are Less Than a Year Away

Situation Update, April 7, 2022 – Global populist uprising against tyranny, lockdowns, corruption and perversion

Hacking Humans, Defying God: Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari

» While We Were Distracted By Will Smith, The Elites Met At The World Government Summit


IMF official warns Western sanctions on Russia are threatening the dollar as world’s reserve currency

Great Britain announces a plan to mint NFTs through the Royal Mint in a bid to ‘lead the way’ in the increasingly digital economy

» For the Great Reset to Succeed, the Elite Need World War III




Rep. Jim Jordan Believes A Hunter Biden Indictment Is On The Horizon

» Now recovered! 450 ‘deleted’ gigabytes on Hunter Biden laptop

Joe Biden wrote college application letters for children of Hunter’s Chinese colleague

Student confronts reporter who called Hunter Biden laptop scandal ‘right-wing media smears.’ Her reaction speaks volumes.

Subpoena for Hunter Biden to Testify Before Congress Blocked by Democrats: GOP

$54 million in Chinese gifts donated to Penn, home of Biden Center. Ethics watchdog group calls for federal probe into Hunter Biden’s deals with China.

Hunter Biden did business with oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine during 2014 invasion when both countries ‘had an interest in his father’s policymaking business’

Probe reveals that US banks FLAGGED more than 150 suspicious transactions involving either Hunter or James Biden

What’s on Hunter Biden’s Laptop? Whistleblower Tells All, Reveals 80,000 Images & Videos; Flees to Switzerland to Avoid Retaliation

» Psaki’s Underling Just Let the Real Story Slip: ‘We Don’t Comment on the Laptop’


Border mayor sounds the alarm: ‘What’s coming on the 23rd of May won’t even be describable’

» Texas Military Begins Mass Migration Response Drills to Fight Biden’s Border Crisis

Here They Come! Buses Carrying Illegal Aliens From Texas On Their Way to DC

Gov. DeSantis Says He Will Send Illegal Immigrants To Delaware

If Title 42 Expires, border crisis will completely change our ‘American way of life’

Bipartisan Legislation in the House and Senate Seeks to Prevent Biden From Rescinding Title 42

Leaked DHS Document Reveals Biden’s Mass-Migration Plan Offers ‘Broadscale Release Mechanisms’

Jen Psaki confirms that ILLEGALS are given FREE SMARTPHONES for tracking purposes

Thousands of Ukrainians waiting in Tijuana to cross into U.S.

Ex-Border Patrol Commissioner: Cartels Exploiting Biden’s Open Borders


First NATO country provides tanks, artillery to Ukraine as U.S. Senate votes to resurrect World War II-era assistance program

‘Monumental provocation’: How US and international policy-makers deliberately baited Putin to war

Americans Are “In Charge” Of The War Says French Journalist Who Returned From Ukraine

(WATCH) Sean Penn Says America Mustn’t Be ‘Intimidated’ From Using Nuclear Weapons Against Russia to Defend Ukraine

Putin vows to press invasion until Russia’s goals are met

» Two New Countries Set to Join NATO In Devastating Blow For Vladimir Putin

‘Did you sh*t my pants?’: Comedian has Megyn Kelly in stitches with HILARIOUS Biden impression


Mysterious man seen shadowing Putin finally identified as cancer specialist

Ukraine Officials Say Ukraine propaganda has been EXPOSED after viral ‘Russian mobile crematorium’ tweet is revealed to be from 8-yr-old YouTube video

Pentagon Foresees Very Protracted Ukraine Conflict To Be “At Least Measured In Years”

Ukraine’s army has been defeated; all that is left is mop-up



Stanford University gives international students an ultimatum: get boosted or be deported

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Legislation Rejected by German Lawmakers

LA Firefighters Hold Defeat The Mandates Rally

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says Biden can force federal employees to get “vaccinated” for covid against their will

Air Force to WASTE millions in taxpayer money by discharging trained, experienced, pilots over COVID-19 vaccines

Massachusetts State Troopers Fired for Not Complying With Vaccine Mandate


Vaccine Passports Pave Way for Digital ID and Globalist Control: Journalist

CCVAC Doctors Say Stop the Covid Injections for Ages 5-to-11s And They’re Taking the UK Government to Task 

CDC: The most-vaccinated US counties also have the most covid cases


NIH stalling on release of Fauci documents, keeping taxpayers in darkness

“ARREST BILL GATES!” Massive Protest Outside of TED Talk Where Bill Gates Will Present Keynote Speech (WATCH)

Dr. Fauci admits COVID-19 ‘is not going to be eradicated,’ concedes that Americans should assess their own personal risk with the virus


Deaths in Shanghai elderly care facility prove China’s “zero-COVID” strategy is A FAILURE

Big Study Finds Non-Vaccinated are Healthier than Vaccinated

Unsafe Levels of Uranium Present in American Public Drinking Water: University Study

CDC Warns of Meningococcal Disease Outbreak in Florida

Study reveals how mystery chemicals in plastics can cause obesity

Government of Canada data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are suffering Antibody Dependent Enhancement; and Pfizer & the FDA knew it would happen

Memo Reveals State Department Assessed in Early 2020 That Lab Leak Was Most Likely Origin of COVID-19

Facts Matter (April 8): VAERS Data Analysis Shows Numerous Health Problems More Likely Due To Vaccines Than Coincidence

Attorney Todd Callender: Everybody Who Got The Shots Was Given Some Level of AIDS…

Global pandemic of the vaccinated gets worse as more people take deadly shots

Former FDA senior adviser warns the public: FDA is purposely hiding facts about COVID-19 vaccine health problems

–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

Report: Army Captain Put in Mental Hospital for Disputing Non-licensed Covid Vax Pushed on Troops

Growing Number Of States Changing How They Report COVID-19 Hospitalizations

New global reporting system launched to document COVID jab injuriesFOIA request: 70% of COVID infections at the CDC were among the vaccinated

Government of Canada data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are suffering Antibody Dependent Enhancement; and Pfizer & the FDA knew it would happen

Girls are developing GENITAL ULCERS after getting the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Brighteon: 75% Of Vaccinated Women Have Miscarriages In The First Trimester

Is the Mainstream Media (Finally) Acknowledging Skyrocketing Athlete Injuries & Collapses? (VIDEO)

13-Year-Old Footballer Dies Suddenly in Cadiz (Spain)

Australian Footballer Ollie Wines Hospitalized After Experiencing Heart Irregularity (WATCH)

22-Year-Old University of Limerick Student Suddenly Passes Away




Chile announces unprecedented plan to ration water as drought enters 13th year

Tucker: “Food Shortages – Not In Sudan – In Cincinnati, Reno, Spokane and Norfolk…It’s Scary” — Time To Stockpile Food?

Food inflation has now reached 12.6% PER MONTH, corporate media blames Putin, not money printing


America has more oil than ALL of Middle East, so why isn’t THAT all over the news?

Biden’s bizarre economy has American Airlines offering connecting ‘flights’ on a bus

The Democrat’s plan to force Americans to drive electric vehicles just got even more EXPENSIVE

German chemical behemoth warns of country’s “total collapse” if Russian oil, gas is cut off

Food hyperinflation begins in Germany… Riots in Sri Lanka… currency collapse and starvation coming worldwide


» Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Threatens to Nuke South Korea

China’s “Breathtaking” Nuclear Expansion Confirmed – Beijing Officials Cite Fear Of US-Led Regime Change

U.S. Marines Stationed in Shanghai Struggling for Food Due to Destructive “Zero-COVID” Lockdown

European Companies Plead China To Revise “COVID Zero” As Beijing Vows Stronger Policies To Reverse Economic Collapse



» Oklahoma State House Approves Bill to Make Abortion Illegal

Illinois Lawmakers Working on Legislation to Protect Abortionists Who Commit Illegal Abortions Elsewhere

FBI now protecting child murderers by arresting whistleblowers who point them out

Report: Disney supports mutilating transgender surgeries, hormone blockers for staff, their kids

DISNEY CRUISE SHIP Employee Caught On Camera Molesting 11-Yr-Old Girl In Elevator…Disney Security Guard Investigating Sexual Assault Told “Keep your mouth shut!”…Disney Quietly Flew Accused Molester To India

Update: Murder charges dropped against Texas woman accused of ‘self-induced abortion’ after pro-choice activists hold protest demanding her ‘immediate release’

Jeffrey Epstein Shared Hotel Suite with Bill Clinton, Sex Trafficking Victim Says

Michigan’s Democratic governor sues to get rid of 1931 state ban on abortion

Nebraska senator slams opposition to pro-life bill: ‘I’m 25, and I’m proud to be pro-life’

Bias? City to Dole Out $900-monthly Basic Income — but Only to “Transgenders”

WATCH: Kansas Teacher Says We HAVE TO Teach Kindergartners About LGBTQ and Trans…


RULED BY PHARMA PERVS: Biden names LGBTQ activist and former Pfizer executive to be Pentagon assistant secretary nominee

Biden’s Ominous Proposed ‘Wealth Tax’ on Unrealized Gains

» Once Again, Joe Biden Extends the Moratorium on Federal Student Loan Repayment

Biden wants to force Christian hospitals to kill babies or be shut down


Do you have a problem with politicians becoming tremendously wealthy while serving in office?

Republican senators write bill to prohibit Amnesty from receiving funds

MS-13’s ‘Little Devil’ licked blood off her lips as gang members hacked and slashed teens to death with machetes, knives, and tree branches: Prosecutors

‘I’m calling you out’: Sen. Joni Ernst puts Biden nominee on the spot with blown-up image of her past tweet mocking Ernst


John Podesta Interviewed By Durham!

Durham Appears To Be Closing In On Clinton

Minneapolis man found with over 30,000 child porn images will serve only four years

California Teacher Hit With 29 Counts Of Sex Crimes Against Children

Two men arrested with enough fentanyl to kill 4.7 million people: ‘It’s easy to get and it is killing our children’

Durham Asks Court to Compel Production From Clinton Campaign, DNC

Clinton Campaign, DNC Are Paying FEC Fines In Effort To Bury Story: Kash Patel

We Build the Wall campaign founder to plead guilty to defrauding Trump supporters

Sacramento mass shooting suspect released early from 10-year prison term despite pleading and warning from the DA: ‘If he is released early, he will continue to break the law’

California lawmakers want to pass restrictions on homeless people after a woman with autism was raped and murdered near an encampment


Liberal College Mob ‘Hunts Down’ Female Student for Hosting Black Republican Speaker (WATCH)

New coach cuts entire college volleyball team after two months on the job; scholarships won’t be renewed: ‘I’m sick to my stomach,’ one player says

Biology teacher arrested for ‘sex acts with 7 students’

An Illinois school district promoted radical social justice curriculum in special-needs classrooms, instructed students not to say ‘All Lives Matter’


Red Wave Watch: Herschel Walker Leads Raphael Warnock in Georgia Senate Poll

Criminal prosecutions for Maricopa County election fraud are coming, according to Arizona AG’s interim report

1,634 Noncitizens Under Investigation for Attempting to Register to Vote in Georgia

Ohio Senate candidate Mike Gibbons says middle-class Americans don’t pay ‘any kind of fair share’ of income taxes

Judge: 2020 Election Records in Key Georgia County Must Be Preserved Indefinitely

Arizona Supreme Court Declines Request to End Early Voting

Ron DeSantis has raised more money than any other candidate for governor ever, report says

Disruptive Students’ Mouths Taped Shut, Headmaster Jailed

Michelle Malkin: Beware the ‘paper shortage’ election ruse



Bretton Woods vs. China’s Belt and Road Initiative -The New Silk Road is The New World Order


Bank of England teams with MIT to create STATE-controlled digital currencies in scheme to exert complete control over citizens

UK Household Incomes “Obliterated” By Inflation Storm As Living Standards Plunge 

Ecuador becomes first country to give individual wild animals legal rights

» Antifa Riots In French Cities Because They Didn’t Like The Election Result

Look what Biden has sent to Afghanistan since the Taliban took over

Exposed: The Russian companies that will get billions from new Iran nuclear deal

Canada Will Soon Be Offering Doctor-Assisted Death For People Who Are Mentally Ill

Trudeau cabinet minister claims gov’t must begin to ‘decolonize’ Canada

Trudeau’s 2022 federal budget promotes evil that undermines the family

Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis warns Canadians of threat to health care if nation signs WHO treaty

Canadian bill to regulate online content will punish news and media organizations critical of “woke” govt. initiatives, policies

Trafficking Fears: Austria Has Lost 78% of Child Migrants from 2021


Biden Announces New “Ghost Gun” Rule, Names New ATF NomineeThey Can’t Convince The Public, So Gun Control Is Happening In The Shadows

» Four Pinocchios: Biden Says You Couldn’t Own a Cannon When 2nd Amendment Was Written

Brighteon: Breaking! Gun Control Law Just Passed and Most Don’t Realize it



FBI Had Moles in Media, Memos Suggest

Former child actor Cole Sprouse says Disney ‘heavily sexualized’ young girls at the network

Joy Reid says she’s ‘sick of right-wing men’ asking her ‘stupid, basic biology questions’ such as ‘What is a woman?’ and ‘Are babies valuable?’

Robert Malone Says He Will Sue New York Times Unless It Corrects ‘Defamatory’ Article

Brian Stelter invites expert on media bias to slam Fox News, is stunned when expert also criticizes CNN

Will vicious leftist Lesley Stahl apologize to America and Trump after she’s caught lying about and being part of cover-up of the largest political scandal in US history?

Lara Logan Says She Was ‘Pushed Out’ at Fox Nation

Report: Women across the country are being stalked using Apple tracking devices


 » NYC Mayor Eric Adams GETS CURSED OUT BY FURIOUS Fed Up New Yorkers!

New Jersey to require second-graders to learn about gender identity and climate change: ‘It’s abuse, plain and simple’

» South Dakota governor to ban Critical Race Theory via executive order

USPS Stops Delivering Mail in Santa Monica, California After Multiple Carriers Assaulted


Key Player in Ex-Clinton Lawyer’s Trial Intends to Plead the Fifth

LVMH Sued For Illegally Storing Customers’ Biometric Data

Heckler calls Amy Coney Barrett an ‘enslaver of women’ during live event — but SCOTUS justice’s response has crowd cheering and applauding


De Blasio Used ‘Extrinsic Evidence’ to Cancel Trump Golf Course Contract, Judge Rules

Twitter Reveals Whether Trump Will Be Reinstated After Elon Musk Joins Board


Vulgar boasting ‘mathematician and physicist’ tries to argue ‘gender identity’ with Ben Shapiro at college event. Shapiro quickly wrecks the woke student.

They’re Calling The Mug “Racist” Just Like The Books.. Can You Believe It!

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: The Catastrophic Failure of Lockdowns, the ‘Single Biggest Driver of Inequality’ in the Last Half Century

‘Fasting from Whiteness’: Woke church in Illinois says during Lent it is avoiding music and liturgy created by whites

Teen tennis player slaps opponent’s face after losing match, drawing Will Smith-Chris Rock comparisons

» Fully woke: County eliminates all ‘gender based practices’ in name of equity


Mosquitoes With Synthetic DNA Scheduled For California Release

Crook flashes gun in car dealership office, runs off when employee pulls out his own gun

Nude restaurant bans fat people: ‘Miserable for some guests’

“Time jump” anti-aging method gives specialized cells a 30-year refresh





What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News




The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids

Introducing ‘COVID XE’: New Mutant Strain Found In UK As WHO Warns It’s More Contagious Than Omicron

Data: Canada and Israel are suffering from a pandemic of the fully vaccinated

Biden Admin Cuts Off 14 More States From COVID-19 Treatment as BA.2 Variant Spreads

Biden says first responders should be fired if they refuse to comply with COVID vaccine tyranny

Biden says first responders should be fired if they refuse to comply with COVID vaccine tyranny

Frontline doctor says fetal deaths up nearly 2,000 percent since COVID jab rollout

Frontline Flash™ Daily Dose: ‘COURT MAKES PFIZER REVEAL 1,200 SIDE EFFECTS’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre

EXCLUSIVE: Health Problems Likely Due to Vaccines Than Coincidence: VAERS Data Analysis

US army doctor with COVID jab injury fired after nearly 3,000 soldiers refused vaccination

Ever since flu shots were introduced, nothing has changed: Death rates are the same as they were in 1960

Official Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated are suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement; and the newly published Pfizer Documents prove Pfizer & the FDA knew it would happen 


Judge on refusing religious exemptions: ‘Hard to imagine a more consistent display of discrimination’


Judge blocks Air Force discipline over religious objections to vaccinations

China Introduces Robot Arms for Coronavirus Throat Swabs

UK to launch new digital ID technology next month as part of nationwide digital ID push

Explosive report provides new details on Fauci’s lab-leak cover-up

NIH Admits it ‘Suppressed’ Wuhan Lab Genetic Data, but Disputes Watchdog’s ‘Deleted’ Label

Rand Paul likens Anthony Fauci to ‘mafia don,’ shares old video of Fauci praising natural flu immunity as ‘most potent vaccination’

My mother and I were in danger, but 911 wanted to know if I had COVID

–OTHER (Hunter Biden section below)

Leaked DHS Document Reveals Biden’s Mass-Migration Plan Offers ‘Broadscale Release Mechanisms’

Colorado legalizes abortion until the moment of birth

Transgender flag flies outside a US federal building for the first time at Health and Human Services

Elon Musk Exposes MASSIVE Pedophile Ring Run By UN Officials Who Forced Children To Give Oral Sex For Food — Media Silent 

DISNEY CRUISE SHIP Employee Caught On Camera Molesting 11-Yr-Old Girl In Elevator…Disney Security Guard Investigating Sexual Assault Told “Keep your mouth shut!”…Disney Quietly Flew Accused Molester To India

Gay substitute teacher fired after handing out pride bracelets to students


Biden pays farms to STOP – EU out of Feed – Meat taxes & Chicken permits – Up to you to GROW FOOD!

Collapse incoming: European nations start RATIONING food and fuel

» Oreo commercial implores viewers to embrace homosexuality

Biden Admin Considering Pulling Health Care from Veterans to Treat Illegal Aliens

» Biden Admin to Provide App to Illegals to Pre-Register Before Entering US Illegally

» DOJ Wants to Hire 131 More Lawyers for Jan. 6 Prosecutions

» Oops! AOC’s campaign fails to disclose $1 million in spending

Reparations likely coming in ‘free state’ that rejected slavery

The World Health Organization is a threat to millions of children in the womb 

Exposed: HHS issues “Genome editing guidance”: FDA’s premeditated plan for gene editing

Washington enacts plan to ban non-electric cars by 2030

Washington State Plans to Outlaw Most New Gas-Powered Cars

To meet its clean energy goals, the US might go mining in the rainforest

‘CDC bypassed scientific norms to allow teachers union bosses to re-write official guidance’

Mom claims her child communicated being transgender ‘at the earliest moment that she actually had words’

California city approves program to provide transgender, nonbinary residents with guaranteed income

» Graphic ‘Gender Queer’ Sex Books Marketed to Kids

» Disney’s Activist Tells LGBTQ Employees DeSantis Want to Kidnap Gay People’s Children

Disney Vows to Groom Children, Will Pack Movies, TV Programs, With Perverted Kids, Sex Freaks, and “Gender” Weirdos

Disney Karey Burke Says She Supports Having “many, many, many LGBTQIA Characters In Our Stories”

United States to Ban Real Meat

Beto O’Rourke roasted for wearing ‘Don’t mess with trans kids’ shirt: ‘Adult men fangirling over trans kids is extremely creepy’

Russia could soon demand rubles for fertilizer, grains, minerals, timber and other commodities, not just energy

Biden regime tries to bully historically neutral India into not buying Russian oil, as Moscow makes a better deal

Christian conservatives: Do not put your trust in Fox News

The US Securities and Exchange Commission Is Copying Chinese Communist Methods

» Mayor Lightfoot Assigned 70 Chicago Cops To Personal Security Detail Created In 2020

UCLA race and equity officer wishes for the death of Clarence Thomas – the second black American to serve on the Supreme Court

» House votes to decriminalize marijuana at federal level

Video surfaces of FBI raid, arrest of nonviolent pro-life activists

Biden blasted for agenda to give ‘terrorist organization’ legitimacy

Winnebago says it now has a $4.4 billion worth of backlogged orders

‘Mob attack’ in high school included crying, trampled teachers and ‘kids jumping off the second-story balcony,’ parent says

Video: HS student’s head forced into boy’s restroom toilet as observers laugh. No one intervenes; clip is posted online.

Pete Buttigieg to Americans: Get used to CRUSHING gas prices until we achieve ‘clean energy’ independence

Kamala’s New Speech Writer Is Bill Gates’ Former Speech Writer

Clown World: UK Hospitals Are Now Being Encouraged to Ask ALL Men Under 60 if they are PREGNANT Before Getting Medical Procedures


Court rules governments must prove right to ‘forfeited’ property

Reparations likely coming in ‘free state’ that rejected slavery

Mom’s ‘goodbye’ message to Disney goes viral: Disney has ‘transformed into a political propaganda machine’ that ‘grooms children for abortions and sexual promiscuity’


‘Get back to business’: Disney shareholder blasts company for wasting shareholders’ money on ‘political crusades’


Disney Employees Say Fearful ‘Silent Majority’ in Favor of Parental Rights in Education Bill

Watch: Whole crowd goes silent as blind basketball player attempts the impossible

Florida teachers quitting in protest after bill would make open gay grooming virtually impossible

Gay kindergarten teacher on Florida law guarding parental rights: ‘It scares me to death’ that I won’t be able to talk about ‘my partner’ to my students

Finally: 2016 Clinton campaign, DNC punished for lying about phony “Russia dossier”

» New Hearing In Sussman-Russiagate Case Reveals Why Clinton Emails Will Come Out

Analysis: Embedded “good guys” are turning against the cabal… It’s all coming out… and the awakening cannot be halted

Transgender cyclist blocked from women’s championship race after boycott threats from biologically female contestants

Idaho bill provides real help for parents after a Down syndrome diagnosis

Baltimore parents sue city after student graduates high school not being able to read; shocking number of students have failing GPAs

Bill Maher angers progressives after pointing out ‘liberal hypocrisy’ in Will Smith slap scandal

Judge denies Ghislaine Maxwell bid for mistrial over juror failure to disclose he is a victim of sexual assault

Florida to be paid $860 as settlement of opioid epidemic lawsuit

Poll of registered voters finds slightly more support than opposition for banning abortions after 15 weeks

Manchin condemns ‘frightening decision’ to nix Title 42 order, says it will result in an even greater flow of migrants along the southern border

Progressive Oberlin College loses in appeals court, must pay record $31 million to bakery over false racism accusations

‘Green energy’ projects being rejected by American communities





HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Satanic Georgia Guidestones

Klaus Schwab calls to form one-world government; ‘Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom’

‘Flash droughts’ coming on faster, global study shows

King Abdullah to Bennett: ‘Don’t interfere with Muslim prayers on Temple Mount’

‘Islamophobia’ Is as Old as Islam

Ground Breaking: ‘Germany’s Legal System Prohibits Criticism of Islam’, Violators Face Jail Time

“Made in the Image of God”: Biden Pushes Trans Agenda With Focus on Children

Rare Sun Dog appears in Chile…

Robin Bullock: Madison Cawthorn Prophecy Fulfilled!


Madison Cawthorn Won’t Walk Back Comments On The Swamp


Brighteon: Roger Stone Blows the Lid Off the Orgygate Scandal Exposed By Madison Cawthorn

Iran could be planning a ‘surprise’ for Israel in Jerusalem


‘Gay’ activists want to cancel parental rights, promote woke sexual values

Biden losing press secretary who has defended the Catholic president’s support for abortion

Italian archbishop contradicts Church teaching, says Jews don’t need to accept Christ to be saved

Democratic NYC Mayor Eric Adams forces Christian minister — who wrote book that ‘called homosexuality a sin’ — to resign from education panel

Biden’s “devoutly religious” Supreme Court pick refuses to acknowledge God-given rights

‘You can’t transcend God’s creation’: NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s rousing speech about transgender movement resurfaces to much fanfare

China demands religion teaches socialism and Communist directives

Lost in translation: Inspiring Bible proverb gets new look

The Gospel Of John Contains Doctrine Addressed To The Church Age And The Kingdom Of God, Very Different From What’s Found In Matthew, Mark Or Luke 

Pastor Artur Pawlowski describes horrid jail conditions, says he is still a political prisoner

NYC Mayor Fires Woman for Her Biblical Beliefs

Free speech wins in Finland after Christianity put on trial

Super Bowl champ turned cop says NFL’s ‘political stances,’ COVID policies drove him to retire​: ‘The Lord showed me the door’



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

The New World Order is Here: Global Digital Currency / World Govt. Announced Amid Global Collapse

World Economic Forum’s growing influence on gov’ts is alarming, Australian senator says

The Sexual Perversion and Grooming of Our Children Is Being Led by the Highest Levels of the American Government

WATCH: Dr. Malone Says He Will Expose 4,000 World Economic Forum Names Via Blockchain

Debunking the media’s lies about ESG social credit scores and the Great Reset

» World Government Summit: ‘Are we ready for a new world order?’



Russia’s Putin declares an end to Western currencies, says world moving towards “real reserves” including “land, food, gold”

IMF Warns That Sanctions Against Russia Threaten to Weaken the Dominance of the Dollar

BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Economist at World Government Summit says new financial world order about to shift in dramatic new direction

We Have Reached The End Of Monetary Policy As We All Once Knew It




Report: Taxpayers are paying Hunter Biden’s Secret Service detail $30K a month to rent out a swanky Malibu mansion

Lawmakers Demand Hunter Biden’s Communications With Obama White House


Released: Receipts Showing Direct Payments From Foreign Oligarchs to Hunter Biden

» Democrats block entry of Hunter Biden’s laptop contents into congressional record

Matt Gaetz Enters Hunter Biden Laptop Data Into Congressional Record


Miranda Devine: Joe Biden ‘in bed’ with Chinese Communist Party

CIA Officer Who Signed Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Claims Credit for Trump Loss

Mainstream Media Completely Ignores New Developments In Hunter Biden Scandals

Horowitz: Hunter Biden’s role in Ukrainian biolabs raises serious questions about gain of function and Ukraine policy

Biden ‘Confident’ Son Hunter Biden Didn’t Break the Law: White House Chief of Staff

White House officials won’t confirm whether the president has discussed pardoning Hunter Biden

Hunter Laptop Story Confirms: Rein in Big Tech or Cease to Be a Free People


» Ex-UN Prosecutor Urges Global Arrest Warrant for Putin

Putin, Xi Open To ‘Direct Talks’ With Zelensky As Pentagon Fails To Confirm Russian Involvement In Bucha Killings

Washington Blocks Russian Dollar Bond Payments In Latest Attempt To Isolate Moscow

US weapons package for Ukraine includes 100 KILLER DRONES

Kremlin Says Ukrainian Attack on Fuel Depot in Russia Unhelpful for Peace Talks

Russia will cease collaborating on the International Space Station until Western sanctions are lifted

Romania Issues Potassium Iodide Pills To Citizens As War In Neighboring Ukraine Rages 



Mother Confronts Mayor Eric Adams Over NYC Toddler Mask Mandate; Gets Fired (VIDEO)


Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Results Not Strong Enough to Warrant Authorization for Children: Experts


» Fauci Says We May Never Know If Costs of Lockdowns Outweigh Benefits

BREAKING: N.I.H. Admits To Covering Up Wuhan Lab Evidence


Latest data from CDC and U.K. show horrifying result from COVID shotsYour Thoughts Control Your DNA: Biologist

Brighteon: Pfizer Documents Show The Vaccine Causes Systemic Damage To The Body

–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

EXCLUSIVE: How Easy Is It to Get Ivermectin in El Salvador?

Where is Tiffany Dover? Nurse who fainted while being covid-vaccinated during a live news conference is still nowhere to be found

Revealed: 7 in 10 ‘Vaccinated’ CDC Employees Got COVID

Buried Bombshell: Tennis World Rocked as FIFTEEN “Fully Vaccinated” Players Unable to Finish Miami Open

Triple H Will ‘Never Wrestle Again’ Following Life-Threatening Heart Failure (Interview)

INSANE: Man Gets Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Over 90 Times

769 Athletes Have Now Collapsed in the Past Year (WATCH)

Former AFL Footballer Red Óg Murphy Suddenly Dies at 21




USDA Says Food Prices Will Go Up 5% In 2022 – But Shoppers Say They’re Up 20%, 25%, And 100% Already!



Economists warn Americans should budget an extra $5,200 this year to combat effects of inflation

Russia Threatens to Limit Vital Exports of Agriculture Products to ‘Friendly’ Countries Only

An Applebee’s franchise executive was fired after suggesting runaway inflation and increasing gas prices are good for business

Covid supply chain collapse was merely the warm up round for what’s coming now

20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core

Health Ranger shops at the DOLLAR STORE, revealing the coming demise of the fiat currency “dollar”

BlackRock president warns ‘entitled generation that has never had to sacrifice’ that they will soon face shock due to major shortages: ‘Put on your seatbelts’


Biden offers his solution to high gas prices, and the online backlash is fierce

US Coal Miners Soar As EU Proposes Ban On Russian Imports 


Gordon Chang’s warning: China is taking over the Pacific

Rep. Katko (R-NY): ‘We need to build our nation’s cyber defenses before it’s too late’

How Did Australian Universities Help Beijing Advance Its Goals



Ontario’s support for ‘gender affirming’ camps shows Canada has been overtaken by LGBT lobby

BOMBSHELL: Planned Parenthood officials admit under oath to selling aborted body parts

Biden administration will soon reinterpret Title IX to strike down Fairness in Women’s Sports laws

Gay substitute teacher fired after handing out pride bracelets to students

TSA, DHS to stop using gender in security processes


Biden removes tariffs on 352 products from China

Biden Administration Actively Seeks ‘Realignment’ of US-China Trade Relationship: US Trade Chief

The Price of Incompetence: State Department Says ‘Dozens’ of Americans Still Stuck in Afghanistan


Star Parker: Democrats spend low-income Americans into poverty

Video: Maxine Waters tells group of homeless people to ‘go home,’ instructs journalist not to cover chaotic event

GOP senator uses leftists’ playbook against them over their demands for Clarence Thomas to be held accountable for wife’s text messages

New House bill would fine social media platforms $50K for not removing terrorist accounts


Yale director stole $40M in electronics from the university to buy luxury cars, real estate, and travel — she wasn’t caught for almost a decade

‘I put lead in him going down the steps’: 74-year-old homeowner known as ‘Lurch’ can’t imagine why he’d be charged for shooting teen intruder

Jordan Peterson breaks down in tears describing Antifa: They’re ‘worse than animals’


What is your reaction to a college inviting an unrepentant cop killer to speak to students?


We now have proof the 2020 election was stolen – The MSM, social media, big tech And Democrats publicly exposed for conspiratorial coverup to install Joe Biden into the White House

» Wisconsin Judge Orders Vos Held in Contempt Over Election Records

» WATCH: Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem on Katie Hobbs’ Potential Prosecution

» REPORT: Registered Republican Voters Now Outnumber Democrats In Florida By Over 100K

Biden approval among Hispanic voters plungers to 32% in new poll

Former National Security Adviser Says: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign BROKE Federal Law





Known hoax spreader to be part of Canadian panel of experts to advise on regulating the internet

Canada’s gov’t is run by modern-day fascists creating corporate communism – Here are the facts




Ted Cruz to Dems, media: There are ‘kids in cages’ right now

Cartel violence finding its way to Mexico’s five-star resorts due to drug buying tourists

Biden Admin lifts Trump era Title 42 which W.H. admits will create ‘influx’ of migrants

How Can Anyone Call Biden’s Border Policy Humane?

Family of US hostage in Afghanistan ‘furious’ at Biden for abandoning him: ‘Statements are not enough’

» Feds Apprehend 75 Illegals Crammed in Dump Truck in Mass Smuggling Operation


Leftists Demand Big Tech Preemptively Censor Trump’s Truth Social

» Apple and Meta gave your personal data to hackers

Tone-deaf Whoopi Goldberg: Uproar over Hollywood elites ‘really pisses me off’ because ‘a lot of us work for a living’

Media’s latest ‘smoking gun’ against Trump comes crashing down: ‘There are no missing pages’

Bill Maher angers progressives after pointing out ‘liberal hypocrisy’ in Will Smith slap scandal

CNN host calls out Biden for narrative on gas price crisis: ‘Americans just don’t buy that’


 Peak Clown World; San Diego Redesigns Two Lane Road Into a SINGLE Lane with TWO-WAY Traffic. All to Combat Climate Change


Fight over bus service for Catholic school students heads to Supremes


Biden blocked black woman from Supreme Court 17 years ago

Revolting: Ketanji Brown Jackson Even Gave Light Sentences to Men Who Tortured Babies

Convicted Child Rapist Assaulted Another Victim after Ketanji Brown Jackson Gave Him Leniency




Passports go woke: Biden admin will begin issuing gender-neutral passports with ‘X’ as gender



End of biopsies? New high-powered microscope is better at detecting disease

How a cat parasite can change a human’s physical appearance

Colin Kaepernick – who equated the NFL to a slave plantation – begs for a backup QB role in the NFL

Family of Bruce Willis announces he’s retiring from acting following tragic medical diagnosis

‘It Makes Life Simple, Pure, Real’: 22-Year-Old Rides Horse From Mexico to Canada Solo, Journeys Over 10,000 Miles




What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News




Pfizer Offers Doctor $1 Million Hush Money: ‘That is How They Silence You, Put You On Pay Role’ 

US Government gave $1billion of Tax Payers Money to the Mainstream Media to falsely promote Covid-19 Vaccines 

White House seeks more funding for COVID vaccine boosters – but Republicans say NO

Supreme Court Sides With Pentagon Over COVID-19 Vaccination Status in Navy SEALs Deployment


Justice Kavanagh Joins Liberal Judges In Decision To Side With Pentagon To Deny Religious Rights Of Navy SEALs Only One Day After Ruling To Protect Religious Rights Of Death Row Inmates

Shanghai begins phased lockdown as COVID surges in China’s largest city

Florida Health Department: CDC Altered State’s COVID-19 Death Data

FINDING: Masks will silently deprive humans of oxygen for years to come through microplastic pollution


Big Pharma Whistleblower Warns Food Will Be Used As Vaccines

Don’t take Advil if you’re pregnant but get a COVID vaccine — Read My Pregnant Lips: No.

Frontline Doctor: Millions Will Get AIDS From COVID Vax By The Fall 

Australian Hospital System Reports Spike in Cardiac & Stroke-Related Patients; Over 200 People Going to Emergency Departments Per Day

Ex-FDA adviser: Agency ignoring requirement to disclose COVID-shot risks

White House belatedly concedes COVID spreads primarily through aerosols

DEPOPULATION: Thanks in part to COVID jabs, most US counties lost population in 2021

US COVID deaths breach 1M mark; one way or another Fauci had a hand in every single one of them

Dr. Scott Atlas: A Powerful, Unelected ‘Cabal’ Controls Both Scientific Funding and Health Policy in America

French Lawyer arrested for Treason after helping Reiner Fuellmich prove World Leaders have committed Crimes Against Humanity in the name of Covid-19

COVID Hypocrisy alive and well as NYC Mayor exempts pro athletes, performers from vax mandate


Despite White House Denials Of Regime Change In Russia, US Troops Now Number 90,000 In Europe And Growing Rapidly 

SICKOS! Pro-abortion California bill could legalize INFANTICIDE for months after birth, attorney warns


Lawmakers in 3rd state promoting plan to allow INFANTICIDE

Illinois Education Standards Call for 8-Year-Old Children to be Taught about Masturbation and Transgenderism 

Disney Promises To Make More Gay Content For Kids 

Child Welfare Bureau as social workers ordered to take children for mask wearing refusal, not taking vaccine shots, etc.

Simply evil: States are taking away children from parents to collect money

‘I would have killed it’: Teacher disciplined after commenting on baby

Biden administration wants to bring in up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees

Biden admin invents ‘Securities and Environment Commission’ out of thin air to force climate agenda on US businesses

When Fox News reporter confronts the president over recent string of gaffes, Biden denies they ever happened

Virtual Insanity: Japanese Startup Makes Electric Shock Bracelet So You Can Experience Pain in the Metaverse

You’ll Own Nothing and Like It: Apple Is Working on Hardware Subscriptions for iPhones

Prominent Maine Democrat arrested on child pornography charges, bail set at only $50k

White House Announces New Tax

Selective Service Clarifies Tweet on FEMA Partnership in Event of Military Draft

Chris Wallace reveals why he left Fox News, says people started to ‘question the truth’

The first openly trans judge has been appointed to the bench in the state of California

ROCKET MAN RETURNS: Kim Jong-un shows off his THICC ICBM

Woke General Milley powerless as Kremlin refuses to answer his calls

Gavin Newsom makes abortion free in California 

GMO hamburgers? FDA approves genetically engineered cows for beef production

‘You are a disgrace’: European MPs trash Justin Trudeau to his face during Brussels visit over  ‘trampling’ of Freedom Convoy protests

Daily Wire releases trailer for Matt Walsh’s ‘What is a woman?’ documentary – “the shocking answer is non-answer”

You won’t believe the graphic advice ‘trans’ activists are giving your sons & daughters

Democrats Propose Inflationary Bill To Offset Inflation

Photojournalist speaks out after ‘Today’ show accused of editing photos to feminize transgender swimmer Lia Thomas

Android messages and dialer apps quietly send data to Google, report alleges

Texas AG blasts possible LGBTQ ‘indoctrination’ at school district’s Pride Week. ‘Queer Eye’ showings, ‘nail painting’ parties allegedly offered at HS.

Public Library Association’s national conference teaches librarians about ‘queering the library,’ how Dewey Decimal system is biased against ‘historically marginalized groups’

The global uprising begins: Fiat currencies melt down while food prices soar – ‘happening quicker than I predicated’

DOJ to Produce ‘Large Volume’ of Classified Materials in Steele Dossier Source Case: Special Counsel Durham

» DOJ accused of spying on journalists and HIDING demands from federal judge

Navy Veteran, 66, Lives an ‘American Horror Story’ Since His Arrest on Jan. 6 Seditious-Conspiracy Charge

New York City’s black health chief says that whites are just “birthing people” but blacks and Puerto Ricans are “mothers”

Social media offers science lesson after transgender woman tweets about first ‘period’: ‘I have literally never felt pain like this’

Actress Sally Field calls recent abortion laws ‘criminal’: If I see Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott ‘I cannot be responsible for what I would do’




Ukrainian man attempted to exit the country by claiming to be a transgender female, but was instead ENLISTED into military service (nice try)

Russia Says Military Will Reduce Operations Around Kiev & Chernihiv After Positive Ceasefire Talks

Member of Congress calls for ‘regime change’ … in the U.S.!

Florida guv signs bill protecting youngsters from LGBTQ indoctrination

Ron DeSantis signs curriculum transparency and school board term limit bill into law

“Sexual Get-Together”: Rep. Cawthorn Says He Was Invited To DC Orgy, Has Witnessed Lawmakers Doing Cocaine

Court rules on law giving state surveillance power on private land

Liberal constitutional scholar smacks down Dems for demanding that Clarence Thomas be impeached: ‘Raging impeachment addiction’

Disney blatantly lies about Florida bill protecting parents’ rights — and the backlash is swift

Matt Gaetz, again, says he’ll nominate Trump for SPEAKER!

Utah lawmakers override gov’s veto, enact 12th transgender sports ban in US

Oscars quickly unravel after best actor Will Smith rushes stage and slaps comedian Chris Rock in the face: ‘Keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth!’

House Republicans Introduce Resolution To Remove Kamala Harris From Role As Border Czar

‘We are not victims!’ Guest blows up ‘The View’ panel’s narrative about critical race theory

TRUTH BOMB FROM RUSSIAN ATHLETE MARYANA NAUMOVA — Her response to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s propaganda video is absolutely savage

Vote Out the ‘Do Nothing, Invisible, Establishment RINO’s’

VIDEO: San Francisco store owners fight back against teenage smash-and-grab robbers who use hammers as weapons. The crooks lose.

Man at ATM turns the tables on gun-toting crook, grabbing his weapon and shooting him multiple times

Would-be robber tried to hold up Philadelphia store with a toy gun. The manager had a real gun and promptly put down the threat.

GESARA NESARA coming — worldwide reduced hours for everyone?




Archaeologist claims to find oldest Hebrew text in Israel, including name of God

The United States And Israel Host An ‘Unimaginable’ Abraham Accords Summit including The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco And Egypt

End Times Prophecy: Pope Will Consecrate Russia To Stave Off A World Ending War 


Pope Francis consecrates Russia & Ukraine to Immaculate Heart

A World Gone Mad – Teaching Little Boys To “Tuck,” Naming Men As Women Of The Year And A Female Supreme Court Nominee That Cannot Define “Woman”

Ukraine represents globalism and Russia is standing up to them, Israeli politician reveals

Antarctic petrels (birds) mysteriously disappear from Svarthamaren Mountain


Locust threat to Eastern Cape citrus regions

Solar storm warning: NASA predicts direct Earth hit from ‘fast’ impact– Where will it hit?

Strong tremor and Crater Lake heating at Ruapehu, Aviation Color Code raised to Yellow, New Zealand

Israel heeds Joseph’s advice to Pharaoh; Stocks up on wheat for upcoming famine

Israel refuses to sell Pegasus cyberweapon to Ukraine and Estonia over concerns of harming relationship with Russia

UN’s new communications manager part of “F**k Israel” Facebook group

ADL defends Ukraine’s Nazis


Mega-church framed?: DOJ allegedly doctors evidence against ‘apostle’

Horowitz: Kavanaugh deals crushing blow to religious liberty in military

More churches are returning to a pre-pandemic normal, but people aren’t coming back

‘The Lord Is in Control’: Parents Choose Faith Over Abortion, Saving Baby With Genetic Defect

Catholic school board in Ontario tells staff to include ‘pronouns’ in their email signatures

Listen to the warnings of Fatima: Join the global ‘Crusade for Life’ and save the unborn

Mother Superior says her Italian convent is being closed for refusing COVID shot

Oxford cancels Christian conference based on ‘no evidence’

Jailed Pastor Artur Pawlowski granted bail but placed under house arrest



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

Michael Flynn Claims Bill Gates, George Soros to Usher in ‘New World Order’

Ukraine represents globalism and Russia is standing up to them, Israeli politician reveals

What is Biden’s “New World Order”? Deep State Tyranny, Worldwide

CLIMATE LOCKDOWN: Globalists are exploiting oil price spikes to push for greater population control with “10-point plan” that includes bans on travel

We’re Losing The Frightening Gaslighting Battle To Control Our Thoughts And Make Us Submit To The New World Order 

BlackRock Chief Says Ukraine War Marks End to Globalization

When Cyber Attacks disable key infrastructures = cyber identification systems will cause fear and panic; people will be howling


Unbeknownst To Most, A Financial Revolution Is Coming That Threatens To Change Everything (And Not For The Better)

Every currency collapse in history destroyed those who believed the government propaganda

Russia Just Told Us The Ruble is Implicitly Backed by Gold and Bitcoin

Russian Central Bank Starts Buying Gold

Mar 23 – SYSTEM FAILURE: Commodities markets, banks, currencies and contracts are NO LONGER functioning

The dollar will die… and the Ruble will dominate as “commodities-based” currencies make paper fiat obsolete

Australia is eliminating physical currency, expects to become a ‘cashless society’ by 2031



— SUPREME COURT NOMINEE (more below under Supreme Court)

Flashback: Ketanji Brown Jackson Had a Major Hand in ‘Pizzagate’ Trial


McConnell “Cannot And Will Not Support Judge Jackson” After “Studying Nominee’s Record And Watching Her

Manchin A “Yes” On Jackson As GOP Support Evaporates

Mitt Romney, who voted against confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson last year, says he has not decided whether he will support elevating her to the Supreme Court

SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Jackson can’t explain WHY she’s a woman


Tulsi Gabbard points out  ‘absurdity’ of Biden SCOTUS nominee refusing to define ‘woman.’ Her womanhood was a key reason she was nominated.

Senate votes favor her but GOP exposing Jackson as ‘woke’ nominee

Child-porn Convict Whom SCOTUS Pick Ketanji Jackson Sentenced to Three Months Objects to GOP Questions

Biden Threatened to Filibuster the Black Female Judge Bush Wanted to Nominate to Supreme Court


Federal prosecutors are asking about Hunter Biden’s drug abuse, Burisma income in advancing criminal probe


Russian Foreign Ministry Releases Document Named “BioBiden” That Lists Alleged Timeline of U.S. Biological Research in Ukraine

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Laptop Contains Multiple Department Of Defense ‘Encryption Keys’ With Twenty Plus Year Expiration Dates To Allow Holder Access To DoD Databases


Why did Hunter Biden have Dep’t of Defense encryption keys on his laptop?

Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals Biden family’s ties to “secret biological projects” in Ukraine

Hunter Biden’s investment firm partnered with Ukrainian researchers to “isolate deadly pathogens” using money from Obama’s defense department

EXCLUSIVE: Deleted Web Pages Show Obama Led an Effort To Build a Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling ‘Especially Dangerous Pathogens’.

Russia Accuses Hunter Biden, CDC and George Soros Foundation of Funding Pentagon’s Biological Program in Ukraine

It All Comes Together: Hunter, Burisma, Kolomoisky, Zelensky and the “Children Burned Alive in Donetsk”

The Biden Admin’s Ties To Ukraine Go Deeper Than Hunter And Burisma

» The Hunter Biden Emails Warrant a Special Counsel to Probe ‘The Big Guy,’ Joe Biden

Biden’s other Ukrainian gas company link

The Beau Biden Foundation took in millions of dollars in donations while spending just thousands on philanthropy in 2020

Most voters see Biden’s business ties as conflict of interest in Ukraine war!


‘This is GOLD’: NYT asks Candace Owens where she gets her ideas about Ukraine — and immediately regrets it

Russian and Ukrainian negotiators poisoned during peace talks

Clip of then-Sen. Biden bragging about how he proposed 78-day NATO air bombardment of Belgrade goes viral in China

Zelensky orders the merging of Ukraine’s public broadcasters, citing martial law

CNN celebrates evil Ukrainian doctor who’s ordering physicians to carry out war crimes against wounded Russians by castrating them

» Russian Officials Endorse Lara Logan’s Comments Linking Ukrainian Soldiers to Nazis

SHOCKING: Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion Using Women and Children as “Human Shields”

Ukrainian Forces Want to Surrender and Azov Forces Started Shooting At Them – They Are At War With Each Other 

BBC interviews Ukrainian soldier with Nazi symbol on uniform

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to trigger NATO intervention?

Biden’s “Russian sanctions” are wrecking the western economy


US-funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine were tampering with bat coronaviruses

Dr. David Martin: We are allowing human organisms to become bioweapon factories



Watchdog sues feds over COVID vaccine’s ‘adverse events’ reports

Vindication: United Airlines set to bring back workers who did not get the COVID-19 vaccine

Australia’s COVID Medical Network: Aussie regulators, health officials LIED about COVID vaccines

Canada’s Justice Center: Trudeau’s travel ban on unvaccinated citizens is egregious

Leaders Of 10 Major US Airlines Urge Biden To Drop Mask Mandates, Pre-Departure Testing Requirements

Airline Pilots Sue CDC



COVID-19 Shots For Children Under 5 Could Begin April 15th, Says Doctor Leading Pfizer Trial

Moderna to seek authorization for COVID shots for kids despite no proven efficacy against omicron

WE INVESTIGATE: Were Hundreds of Members of Congress Treated for COVID-19 with Ivermectin?

Hillary Clinton urges people to get vaccinated and boosted while announcing that she has tested positive for COVID-19


Dr. Benjamin Marble: Fauci is the greatest mass murderer in history

Watch: Rand Paul Declares Fauci “A Menace” To Society

Bill Gates Wants Rich Nations to Eat a 100% Synthetic Beef Diet to Battle Climate Change, “You Can Get Used to The Taste Difference”


Pfizer Recalling Some Blood Pressure Drug Products With ‘Above Acceptable’ Levels of Cancer-Causing Impurity

44 Studies on Vaccine Efficacy That Raise Doubts on Vaccine Mandates

CDC, Other Health Agencies Won’t Provide Employee Vaccination Data From 2022

Heart Issues Detected Months After COVID-19 Vaccination: Study

Doctor Honored and Investigated by Same State For Same Work

More Americans Under 65yrs Died from Alcohol-Related Causes than Those from COVID-19 in 2020

FDA Tells Doctors in 8 States to Stop Using COVID-19 Treatment

Quarantine Slaughterhouse: Non-COVID Deaths Spiked During Lockdowns

–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

Covid Injection Under the Microscope: A New Zealand Microbiologist Presents His Findings 

Dr. Jane Ruby: Nurses that stayed in hospitals allowed COVID death protocol to remain – Brighteon.TV

Scary: Blistering of the Tissues Inside the Mouth and Nose Emerges as a Vaccine Side Effect [VIDEO]

North Wales Footballer Suddenly Dies at Age 16

23-Year-Old Romanian Water Polo Player Dies During Game; Experienced Sudden Chest Pains

28-Year-Old Belgian Cyclist Dies From Heart Attack While Training in Mallorca

5-Year-Old Girl From Brazil Dies in Her Sleep 8 Days After Pfizer COVID-19 Jab

10 real-life examples of people who died or were injured after receiving the COVID vaccine

(WATCH) Dr. Ryan Cole Discusses Mystery Blood Clots in Embalmer Cases

Chemtrails Confirmed: “Graphene Skies”





USA suddenly realizes food shortages are going to be REAL


Biden: “Food Shortages Real” – Bird Flu PCR – PFAS closes farms

Here are the Hollywood celebrities to blame when you are facing starvation due to lack of energy, fertilizers for farming

570,000 chickens to be destroyed in 1 state’s fight against bird flu

Fertilizer prices soar, leaving farmers struggling with cost of production

Nebraska farmland values climb 16%, but farmers worry about effects of Russia-Ukraine conflict

The Inflation Disaster Is Collateral Damage From Lockdowns


Shutting Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs: Report

Cost of lithium used to make electric car batteries up nearly 500% since last year

» Newsom Proposes $400 Gas Cards For California Car Owners (VIDEO)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatens to RATION gasoline as fuel prices continue to surge

Did The Dems Hire Trump?: US Strikes Deal With EU To Boost LNG Exports, Reduce Bloc’s Dependence On Russian Gas

Maryland and Georgia suspend gas taxes, other states to follow in effort to hide Biden’s inflation





Oklahoma House passes Texas-style bill to ban most abortions

Idaho governor signs 6-week abortion ban modeled after Texas law

North Carolina Lt. Gov. says his regret over paying for an abortion shaped his pro-life views

Sen. Lindsey Graham insists on JAIL TIME, not softer sentences, for internet pedophiles

Another Republican governor surrenders to transgender agenda—veto overruling lawmakers

“Lia” Thomas Is Not the New Jackie Robinson

Amazon money finds its way into Planned Parenthood coffers following massive donation by ex-wife of Jeff Bezos


Biden Insults Ron DeSantis. His Response Is Brutal & Priceless

Report: Google chief ‘indirectly’ paid salaries for Biden science advisers

Top Biden donor handed ‘millions’ in federal contracts

DHS spied on Americans, collected their financial information in bulk: U.S. senator


Biden admin invents ‘Securities and Environment Commission’ out of thin air to force climate agenda on US businesses

Dems plan is to push green agenda by controlling money

Nancy Pelosi’s husband buys $2 million in Tesla shares


747 FBI ‘compliance errors’ in 353 cases probing politicians, religious groups, journalists

F.B.I. Will Begin Disclosing Documents On Infiltration Of Right-Wing Groups

Progressive Politician & Mega-Donor Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

Wendy’s employees accused of intentionally contaminating police officer’s meal


COVID policies across the world have inflicted great damage on our children and their education

Wisconsin school district: Anti-discrimination laws DO NOT PROTECT white students

» Largest University System In US Eliminates Standardized Testing


Wisconsin election commission complaint charges Madison mayor & city clerk with election bribery

Law firm scores double wins for right to review voter rolls

Investigation sought into NBC, Pennsylvania officials for possible felonies

US House Candidate Ends Campaign After Berating Girls at Sleepover

NEW POLL Shows Republicans Sweeping Midterms: 75% of Swing-Voters Think Democrats Are “Out Of Touch” and “Condescending”… Spend Too Much Money

‘Huge red flag’: Look who panics over GOP lead in brand-new poll

Half of Americans believe Hunter Biden laptop story could have changed 2020 election


Report: without media bias ‘one of every six Biden voters’ would have abandoned the ticket


How Bill Barr’s Silence Impacted the Outcome of an Election

Leaked texts from Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife to Mark Meadows show her pushing for overturn of the election

» Politicians in Major US City Named for 2020 Presidential Election ‘Bribery’



Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland to shut 60 branches

57% of American households paid no income tax last year


An ‘Unprecedented Evil Atrocity’: Countries Urged to Criminalize Forced Organ Harvesting

Canadian authorities find they are unable to seize Bitcoin donations made to Freedom Convoy protesters




Border Agents experience ‘Rise in Apprehensions’ of Russians and Ukrainians at U.S. Southern Border

Canada mulls giving drug users a “safe supply” of illicit substances

CNN anchor expresses shock over Border Patrol chief’s prediction on border crisis: ‘That’s a huge number’

U.S. braces for increased border flood when Trump policy expires


Sean Penn Wants to Boycott the Oscars If President Zelensky Isn’t Allowed to Speak; Threatens to “Smelt” His Academy Awards in Public (WATCH)

Washington Post Runs Sympathetic Profile of Child Porn Offender Protected by Ketanji Brown Jackson

Bill Maher hammers liberals who say masculinity is always toxic. ‘Real Time’ host praises males defending Ukraine, points out how ‘the world still needs grown-ass men.’

Movies featuring Keanu Reeves were removed from Chinese streaming platforms after the movie star appeared at a charity benefit for Tibet

» Biden mentions ‘New World Order,’ now Twitter gets all conspiratorial

Twitter locks Tucker Carlson’s account for agreeing that gender-confused Biden official is a man 


Critics blast Georgia mental health bill for stripping away parental rights

Oregon ditches residency requirement for terminally ill patients seeking fatal medication to kill themselves


Sen. Cotton accuses Ketanji Brown Jackson of rewriting Trump’s First Step Act to give a drug dealer a reduced sentence

Secret Service Agent Testifies on Mike Pence’s Location on Jan. 6

Dershowitz: Jackson unprepared for Senate confirmation hearing

Jackson struggles with questions on child pornography, abortion

Furious Lindsey Graham Loses It After SCOTUS Pick Defends Light Sentences For Pedos

‘Sen. Spartacus’ accuses Republicans of insulting SCOTUS nominee

GOP senator forces Judge Jackson to admit prized leftist ‘right’ is not actually in Constitution

Supreme Court rules inmates facing execution have a right to prayer


» ‘Went Woke’: Trump Rescinds Endorsement For US Senate Candidate

President Trump In New Interview: “We Caught Them COLD!”

Trump ‘witch hunt’ is  ‘indefinitely’ paused, effectively over, NYC prosecutor reveals in resignation letter


‘Dress coded at Disney’: Woman’s revealing top triggers woke Disney

» Woke Home Depot Shaming Staff For Their White Privilege


Unsafe Water Kills More People Than Disasters And Conflicts

CARCINOGENIC CHEMICAL BENZENE: Independent lab found in hundreds of US personal care products – some levels ‘life threatening.’

Microplastics found in human blood for 1st time

Ice cores drilled in Antarctica, Greenland reveal scores of gigantic volcanic eruptions during Ice Age

We Know UFO’s Are Real, But What Are They?

World’s 1st deep geological nuclear vault will store radioactive waste for 100,000 years

British-based Company Set to Release Billions of GM Mosquitoes in Two US States 






What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News





Secret Service: $100,000,000,000 in pandemic relief cash stolen!





Virginia doctor’s office posts cardiac death warning sign in window that HEART LAB WORK now required for sports physical if you’ve received any COVID VACCINE

Pharmaceutical giant Gilead spent $259 million bribing doctors and hospitals to push deadly drugs on patients

Former BlackRock advisor says Pfizer colluded with FDA to hide data that shows COVID “vaccine” clinical trials FAILED

Attorney presents evidence to Congress that covid-19 vaccines are one of the greatest frauds in history


U.S. Army surgeon in tears: Top brass ordered silence on vaccine injuries

U.S. Army Officially Begins Dishonorably Discharging Soldiers Who Refused to Comply with COVID-19 Jab Mandate

EU Medical Agency Warns of Dangerous New Side Effects From Covid ‘Vaccines’ 

Military doctor says she was ordered to cover up wave of covid “vaccine” injuries in servicemen

Doctors Sound Alarm: Covid ‘Vaccines’ Are Killing Children and Causing Permanent Damage (Video)

Vatican calls for suspending intellectual property rights to distribute more COVID vaccines

Fauci Scared Hearings On Covid-19 Will Expose Criminal Behavior

CDC Removes 24 Percent of Child COVID-19 Deaths, Thousands of Others Blames ‘Coding Logic Error’

Biden’s Covid Coordinator Stepping Down

Pfizer Worker Knew About Covid Attack: Doctor Knew About Covid, Says “Far More is on the Way”

Vaccine warning: mRNA spike proteins linked to infertility in next generation via engineered “ovarian failure”

Australian Media Tries To Hide Massive Heart Attack Vaccine Damage

Bombshell: Fauci owns patent on SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV insertion, which destroys the body’s cancer-killing T cells


US Deploying Thousands of Marines to Australia’s Northern Territory to Prepare For Possibility of War With China

NATO To Draft Statement Warning China Against Aiding Moscow

Globalist Agency Calls for Energy Lockdowns including Banning Cars on Sundays to Achieve Climate Goals

Ukrainian Ambulance Corps Head Reportedly Gave Orders to ‘Castrate All Wounded Russians’ Because They’re ‘Cockroaches, Not Humans’ (VIDEO)

Lunacy: Russian member of Parliament demands “reparations” from U.S., return of Alaska, fort in California

Leaked docs show FBI funded Ukrainian neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” that orchestrated Charlottesville chaos to stoke racial division, destabilize WestPronoun Passports for children Are Coming to schools

Pixar restores same-sex kiss in upcoming children’s ‘Lightyear’ movie over staff outrage about Florida’s parental rights bill

Disney “pervs out” to help turn America communist, keeps lesbian make-out scene with same-sex kiss in new Toy Story “Lightyear” movie to brainwash kindergarteners

School District Caught Ordering Teachers to Hide ‘Gender Transitions’ from Parents – “that knowledge must be earned”


Seriously out of whack: Government makes it a crime to spank a child;



American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says “baby” shouldn’t be used to describe pre-born human life

BOYCOTT NOW: Banking on Abortion: Citigroup Announces it Will Cover Travel Expenses for Abortions in Pro-life States

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos pushing for a new lab-grown meat industry that harvests the blood of unborn cow fetuses

Survey finds that more than one-third of Americans are willing to risk nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine

House Gives President Authority to ‘Sanction Virtually Anyone, Anywhere In The World’ in Russia Sanctions Bill

» An Unprecedented Wave Of Brazen Gasoline Thefts That Is Unlike Anything

Putin’s Pro-War Rally Draws Massive Crowd Larger than Any Crowd Joe Biden Has Attracted

Science papers now subject to extreme censorship if they question the “official” narrative on anything: COVID, AIDS, vaccines, climate, virology and more

Children’s hospital directs boys to sex-toy shop in instruction manual on how to tuck their genitals. Also provides guides on ‘chest binding’ for girls and puberty blockers.

Hunter Biden remains under criminal investigation after paying off $1 million tax liability


ESPN interrupts coverage of NCAA women’s basketball tournament to hold moment of silence to protest Parental Rights in Education bill

Ten allegations against CNN from Chris Cuomo’s $125 million lawsuit

I will ‘literally fight you, b**ch’: Over 100 Yale Law students ambush free speech panel; cops called to escort speakers to safety

Democrats Sue to Disqualify 3 GOP Congressmen From 2022 Ballot, Alleging Role in Insurrection, Election Manipulation

Ocasio-Cortez says fossil fuel industry to blame for missing and murdered indigenous women

WATCH: Biden Thinks Blackmail Through Sexually Explicit Photos Is Totally Normal

100 Migrants from 10 Countries Apprehended in Single Arizona Border Crossing


» Governor Signs Law Protecting Unborn Babies With Down Syndrome From Abortion


Stormy Daniels forced to pay Trump massive sum

DeSantis names Emma Weyant ‘rightful winner’ of NCAA 500-yard freestyle over trans swimmer Lia Thomas


Journalist Lara Logan on Ukraine: ‘We are being lied to on an epic scale’

» Lawyer for Mother of Hunter’s Child Says He Expects President’s Son to Be Indicted


Mother of Hunter Biden’s Child Testified to Federal Investigators: Attorney

‘Election interference’: Bill Barr says Joe Biden lied about laptop

McCarthy vows to boot Schiff from Intel committee over Hunter Biden laptop lies

Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, charged with election bribery for accepting Mark Zuckerberg’s money

HUGE: Kentucky Lawmakers Advance Bill Banning Trans Athletes From Female Sports

Indiana Governor Signs Bill Mandating Paper Backup for All Voting Machines

Alabama man receives free speech victory after state demanded he surrender ‘LGBF JB’ license plate

Man goes viral after putting ‘mortgage payment’ into RV gas tank thanks to crippling prices

Trump: Russia Sanctions on Biden May Reveal Conflict of Interest

» WSJ Poll: Inflation Pushing Nonwhites Toward GOP

‘I’m not a vet, but I know what a dog is’: Woke man debates woman on female biology in defense of trans swimmer Lia Thomas. It doesn’t go so well for him.

Ohio Senate candidates Mike Gibbons and Josh Mandel exchange blows in GOP debate, JD Vance earns massive lead in post-debate straw poll

» Tulsi Gabbard to Romney: Deliver ‘treasonous’ evidence or resign

Gracious Dolly & Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Kanye West asked not to perform at the Grammys due to ‘concerning online behavior’

Fed-up customer body-slams, wrestles shoplifting duo outside Walgreens: ‘I am way bigger than you, and I will f*** you up!’




Pope to Consecrate Russia and Ukraine to Immaculate Heart of Mary


BREAKING: Text of Pope Francis’ consecration of ‘humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine’ released

Israeli News Wonders: Is Jesus About to Return?

Predictive Programming? An Infographic Video From 2019 Accurately Called For Russia To Invade Ukraine By March Of 2022, Leading To WWIII 

APACHE RED SKY PROPHECY: Red Dust storm hits Europe and New Hampshire!!

More than 1,100 earthquakes shake Portugal’s Azores islands

Israel’s final ‘Prince of Torah’ dies; “Last signpost before Messiah”, according to Talmud

Biden Blames the Jews for His Ukraine Policy

Pope Francis reforms Roman Curia, says any layperson can hold ‘governance’ positions in Vatican

‘Mysterious voids’ discovered in Great Pyramid of Giza could lead to pharaoh’s chamber

Chris Hedges: Waltzing To Armageddon

Did one intriguing line from ‘Star Wars’ telegraph God’s purpose for humanity?


DEPAUL UNIVERSITY, CHICAGO: “Queer Prom” at CINO (Catholic in Name Only) University

Mother Superior responds to Sunday Times article on complaints against her submitted to Vatican

The Islamic State is Back (in America)

2,300 Christian Churches Desecrated; Violence Coincides with Arrival of Thousands of Muslim Migrants’

Pope Francis REMOVES Puerto Rican bishop for opposing satanic vaccine mandates

NZ Court allows Christians to refuse getting abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccines

» Ukraine Invasion Splits Orthodox Church, Isolates Russian Patriarch

Power of broadcasting God’s Word clearly being seen in Ukraine

Priest, pro-lifers charged with trespassing after counseling women inside abortion center

Activists want church hospitals to be forced into doing assisted suicides

Churches give free ‘gas on God’ to hundreds of cars amid rising prices

So. Baptist pastor: If your church isn’t woke, IRS wants you broke



–USA Democratic Gov’t vs One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

Zelensky Bans 11 Opposition Parties Labeled “Pro-Russian”, Seizes Media

Biden says U.S. must lead ‘new world order,’ warns of possible Russian cyberattack

WEF Issues Ominous Warning Over Coming Food Crisis, Recommends ‘More Sustainable Diets’

Is The New World Order Now Admitting That The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was In Fact True As A Way Of Getting Joe Biden Out Of Office?

Are Russian Oligarchs ‘In This Together’ With Klaus Schwab?

Globalists Enraged: Putin Disrupts Their Plans For a ‘New World Order’ 

Is Ukraine the WEF ‘Great Reset’ Model to Rise After the Russian ‘Invasion?’ The Social Credit Diia App Explained




Hawley turns tables on reporter who tries to play ‘gotcha’ over Ketanji Brown Jackson concerns: ‘Good luck!’






Read the Letter Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Wrote Calling a Journalist ‘Irredeemably Evil’


Nancy Pelosi Sets the Record Straight on No Fly Zones – (humor)

Military analyst and former Army officer claims Putin has already won in Ukraine

WATCH: Russian opposition says superyacht is Putin’s, wants it ‘confiscated’

US–Russian Relations on ‘Verge of Breaking’ After Biden’s Remarks: Moscow

Your tax dollars at work: Ukrainian officials keep getting caught fleeing country with suitcases full of cash and euros

Biden wants Americans to buy electric cars made with Russian aluminum

(WATCH) Ukrainian TV Broadcaster Calls for Genocide of Russian Children, Quotes Nazi Adolf Eichmann

US mercenaries tell their experiences IN UKRAINE: It’s a trap! NO WAYS TO LEAVE UKRAINE, SENT TO KIEV WITH NO WEAPONS, CUTTING PASSPORTS; US & UK dead being counted as Ukrainian

Turkey Says Ukraine, Russia “Close To An Agreement” As Moscow Delivers Ultimatum

FACT-CHECK: Was Ukraine The Largest Donor To The Clinton Foundation For 15 Years?

Zelenskyy Threatens WWIII If Negotiations With Russia Fail

US Sending Soviet Anti-Air Defense Systems To Ukraine That Were “Secretly Acquired”

Germany & Netherlands Sending Three Patriot Missile Systems To Slovakia

CIA admits training Nazi terror troops in Ukraine, which have been fighting and killing Russians since 2015

» South Africa’s President Blames NATO for Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russia Vows to Block Transfer of S-300 Missile System to Ukraine, Says Targeting Arms Shipments ‘Fair Game’

Russia Warns Naval Mines Placed In Black Sea Allegedly By Ukraine Forces Have Gone Adrift

Russia warns Western firms supporting sanctions that they could face asset seizures, arrests

Like a perched hawk, China watching West crush and corner Russia

Putin Signs Law to Seize Foreign Aircraft Amid Crippling Sanctions



Ukrainian biolabs linked to EcoHealth Alliance, which helped create and unleash COVID-19

MORE EVIDENCE: U.S. biotech company Metabiota links biolabs in Africa and Ukraine to the Pentagon’s DTRA

Dr. Francis Boyle: NATO and the West have used Ukraine to ‘surround Russia’ with biological weapons

U.S. government conducted biological experiments on allied soldiers in Ukraine and Georgia, documents show

Russia Allegedly Presents Additional Evidence of U.S. Biological Research in Ukraine at UN Security Council Meeting (WATCH)


Obama funded biolab in Ukraine that experimented on deadly pathogens like the plague, anthrax and Ebola


President Obama Played Key Role in Taking Over Soviet-Era Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine, Unearthed Documents Show

USA is headquarters for “Nazi death cult” of bioweapons war criminals

Dr. Christina Rahm warns that MORE bioweapons are coming after COVID

Genocide: US-run biolabs in Ukraine have been building bioweapons targeting certain ethnic groups after harvesting DNA from Russians




Austria reinstates MASK MANDATES, claiming surge in omicron subvariant “cases”

Australian media working overtime to blame surge in cardiovascular injuries on anything but COVID-19 vaccines

New York City officials say private sector vax mandates are ‘indefinite’

Italy to keep certain COVID restrictions in place as state of emergency comes to an end

German lawmakers push for MANDATORY shot, blame unvaccinated for continued COVID-19 restrictions


Federal court blocks DC law allowing minors to consent to vaccination

Multiple studies show COVID vaccines don’t protect kids – so why insist on injecting?


Fauci Braces for House GOP Investigations: ‘Benghazi Hearings All Over Again’

Fauci: US Not Likely To See Surge From New COVID-19 Subvariant

Brighteon: Fauci Announces New Covid Lockdown Plan FOR FALL 2022 IF HE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT~‘PFIZER USED TOXIC INGREDIENT’ 99% of the vaccine, also masks, test swabs

Fauci threatens Americans with more COVID restrictions: ‘We can’t just say that we are done now’

Anthony Fauci hints it might be time to retire since the pandemic could ‘already’ be over


Science papers now subject to extreme censorship if they question the “official” narrative on anything

Altered DNA? Dr. Peter McCullough discusses dangerous long-term effects of COVID-19 “vaccines” 

Data Reveal Disturbing Trend From COVID Jab

–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

Ashish Jha, Biden’s new COVID-19 Coordinator, wants everyone to have “vaccine passports”

Nurse activist: Healthcare workers who supported COVID-19 hospital policies should stand trial for deaths they enabled

Model Suffers Extreme Muscle Pain After Becoming Addicted to Vaping as a Teen, Now Warns Others

Laura Dodsworth: How Government Weaponized Fear and Human Psychology During the Pandemic

15-Year-Old Girl Passes Away 5 Days After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Jab

Woman Dies After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine, Coroner Reveals Cause of Death—Rare Brain Bleed

News Anchor Reports the Truth About COVID Without Saying a Word (WATCH)

Canada Earmarks $75 Million for COVID-19 Jab Injury Claims; U.S. Still Stuck at $0 While Sending $14 Billion to Ukraine

Louisville Health Department COVID-19 Jab Director Suddenly Passes Away at 36

Horowitz: More VAERS-reported vaccine deaths in our military than COVID deaths

South Korea Reports 400,000 New COVID Cases IN ONE DAY Despite Overwhelming Vaccine Compliance 

According to the discredited vaccine industry, sports referee WHISTLES the cause behind heart problems in perfectly healthy athletes

Vaccinologist Develops Tinnitus 90 Minutes After COVID-19 Shot, Calls for Further Research




NOAA Warns US Megadrought Will Persist; May Impact Food Supply Chains 

Psaki Warns World Will Suffer Food Shortages Due to Russia-Ukraine Conflict (VIDEO)

Ukraine Resumes Limited Corn Exports

Plains Drought to Curb U.S. Wheat Harvest, Adding to Global Supply Worries

Now Brazil is facing potential crop failures due to Russia’s freeze on fertilizer exports

Retailers reach limits on price increases as consumers push back

Nearly half of Americans plan to save tax refunds as buffer against rising prices


Elites Suggest Price Controls, Dystopian Travel Restrictions To ‘Manage’ Soaring Energy Costs

Canadian energy official is ‘frustrated’ Biden is looking to Venezuela and Iran for oil: ‘We’re right next door! We’re here!’


American Elites Have Deep Ties To A New Chinese Spy Chief

North Korea Fires Rockets Into Yellow Sea As Tensions On Peninsula Soar 



2 conservative Supreme Court justices bash attempt to force religious groups to hire LGBT employees, warn they could be ‘extinguished’ from public life

Report: Disney will ‘take action’ against Texas for order calling ‘sex-change’ procedures for children ‘child abuse’

108 Arrested in Florida Human Trafficking Sting, Includes Multiple Disney Employees

Chump change for victims … but no change for Scouts

» Ukrainian Border Guard Detains Two Chinese Nationals Accused Of Smuggling Babies

‘Herstory’ feminist festival faces onslaught of outrage for headlining a transgender composer: ‘You should be ashamed’

Ex-transgender patients share stories of transition regret, negligence of medical establishment

Munich March for Life participation more than doubles over previous year


Jill Biden invites congressional spouses to White House, sets nasty rules for the unvaxxed

Federal Reserve chairman undercuts White House’s attempt to blame GOP for inflation problems

Russia threatens U.S., disregards Biden’s comments due to his ‘irritability, fatigue and forgetfulness’

» Psaki Suddenly Tight Lipped About Hunter Biden’s Emails After NYT Finally Confirms

19th Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion: US Says Troops Will Be There For More Years To Come


Don’t want to talk’: Congressman gets in Dems’ faces with long list of lies



Republicans eyeing probes into Hunter Biden, Anthony Fauci, and more after midterms: ‘It’s like a mosquito in a nudist colony. It’s a target-rich environment.’

NY Times celebrated, promoted Democrat mayor who has since been charged with perverted sex crimes

Police said a 3-year-old accidentally fired a gun and killed his mother. They charged the father with a gun crime.

Hospital puts male in female ward, then denies rape happened

Project Veritas Releases Video of Unconstitutional FBI Raid on Journalist’s Home

Prominent BLM activist indicted on federal fraud charges. She preemptively blamed ‘white supremacy.’

California Policies Making it #1 Spot for ‘Crime Tourism’


» Teacher in hot water for making bizarre sex jokes to students

Grieving mother claims LA County school pushed transgender treatments on her teenage daughter who ultimately committed suicide: ‘Why did they play with her life?’

Alexander Vindman Served At Grad School Funded By Chinese Communist Group.


Dinesh D’Souza’s New Film EXPOSES Ballot Harvesting Mules

Worrisome’ for Dems: Trump leads Biden by huge margin in the suburbs

HUGE: GOP Heavyweight Likely to Launch Campaign Against Anti-Trump Mitt Romney

WATCH: Georgia State Election Officials Approve Subpoena In Ballot Harvesting Investigation

Wisconsin House Speaker agreed to a meeting with election integrity experts and constitutional attorneys tomorrow to discuss constitutional remedies to decertify the fraudulent 2020 election

Questions Linger About Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election Results and GOP Response

Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop Stories ‘Definitely’ Impacted 2020 Election: Barr

Hispanics Flee from Democrats: They’ve Seen This Socialist Story Before

2020 Election Nullification, Audit Bills Dead Or Dying In State Legislatures

200K Mismatched Signatures: 2020 Maricopa County Ballot Study Points to Flawed System

» Beginning of a Revolt? Swimmer Says Her Finals Spot was Stolen by Trans Competitor

Pump you up! Look where Republicans are registering new voters



Situation Update Mar 17, 2022 – countdown to collapse of the petrodollar

This crypto privacy coin may form the basis of the alternative financial system


US Unexpectedly Sanctions China Officials Hours After Demanding Beijing Condemn Russia

The Foreign Policy Ramifications of Hunter’s Emails

Court blocks parents searching for abducted daughter

Legal group says Canadian COVID policies are inconsistent, ineffective and damaging

» US Angered After Syria’s Assad Makes Historic Visit To UAE


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signs bill legalizing permit-less concealed carry

Anti-gun Dem lawmaker caught packing heat in his man purse at airport

American gun owners gear up for ammunition and reloading component price increases



Biden administration grants Afghan nationals ‘temporary protected status’ protecting them from deportation

Ukrainians detained at border despite Biden’s promise, Psaki says they haven’t filed paperwork

US Consulate temporarily closes as cartel gunmen launch assault on Nuevo Laredo

Huge majority of Americans don’t believe Biden on securing border

WATCH: Tucker Embarrasses Maria Salazar Over Her Hypocritical Position on Borders

Overdose Deaths from Fentanyl Surge Reaching Record High in US


DOJ accused of spying on journalists, HIDING demands from federal judge

New York Times quietly admitted that they are fake news, that Hunter’s laptop was real and they made up Russian disinformation


NY Times, other “mainstream” outlets, called out for failing to retract fake news claiming Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation”

Pre-dawn FBI raid on Journalist at direction of Biden’s DOJ could backfire

Twitter bashes Bloomberg’s advice to ‘Serfs’ on how to deal with inflation: Eat beans, take the bus, skip getting chemo for your sick dog

Twitter suspends account of female swimmer who said ‘biological male’ Lia Thomas ‘stole’ her finals spot

Twitter suspends Babylon Bee account for ‘hateful conduct’ over satirical article about Rachel Levine, CEO reacts: ‘Truth is not hate speech’

Brazilian judge bans messaging app Telegram for showing ‘deep contempt for justice system’


Cuomo’s comeback hopes shattered? Bombshell report reveals new numbers in nursing home cover-up


Judge Dismisses Charge Against Jan. 6 Defendant

Math professor fired after refusing woke reeducation, so judge strips crucial protection from his persecutors

The Takeover Of America’s Legal System

Murder trial begins in ‘bloodbath’ slaughter of Long Island teens who ‘disrespected’ MS-13 gang on social media


(WATCH) President Trump Responds to Hunter Biden’s “Laptop From Hell” Confirmed by NYT


Leaked document indicates Harvard professor faked data to “prove” whites feel threatened by minorities


Chick-fil-A is so popular that one California city wants to declare it a ‘public nuisance’

‘Mysterious voids’ discovered in Great Pyramid of Giza could lead to pharaoh’s chamber

How Long Does Canned Food Last Survival Tip

Russia rolls out blatant copy of McDonald’s after Golden Arches abandons the country

Reporter posts video of trying to charge his Tesla, shows why electric cars won’t solve gas issue





What is happening to America – Americans – World

Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News




Hacker Discovers Vaccinated Are Being Tracked Real-Time Into Massive Database, Including Vital Signs, GPS Coordinates, Sleep Status And More!!

Daily Covid Tests In China… Watch The Madness Unfold As People Rush To Keep Their “Movement Licenses”!!

Rand Paul Introducing ‘Fauci Amendment’ To Prevent “Health Dictatorship”


Fully vaccinated and boosted make up vast majority of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the UK

Country (Thailand) pays out $45 million to victims of COVID vaccines


Global famine MORE deadly than mass vaccine depopulation schemes

World war escalation being aggressively pushed to achieve starvation milestones

Vaccine-Injuries SKYROCKET: Two Months into 2022, Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Reports in VAERS Have Surged to Nearly Half the Total Reported in 2021

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia-Ukraine, the UK Government quietly published data confirming the Triple Vaccinated are just weeks away from developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

CDC head laughs about having had ‘too little caution and too much optimism’ in now-failed COVID vaccines

CDC Admits it has Taken DNA from PCR Tests – Liberate-America

The WHO’s New Pandemic Treaty: A “New Global Public Health World

Russia presents compelling new evidence of U.S.-backed bioweapons labs in Ukraine after document proves their existence


WATCH: U.S. UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield Denies Russian Allegations of Ukraine Biolabs


US Embassy in Ukraine removes all references to biolabs in country as criminal cover-up widens amid ongoing Russian invasion


US violated UN treaties on biological weapons by funding at least 30 bioweapons labs in Ukraine


After First Denying It, The Biden Administration Amazingly Now Admits The Presence Of Bioweapons In Ukraine Biolabs


US diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program


Russian Published Document Allegedly Shows U.S. Funded Bioresearch on Coronavirus in Insectivorous Bats in Ukraine; WE FOUND DOCUMENT FROM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CENTER IN UKRAINE SHOWING $1.6 MILLION IN REQUESTED U.S. FUNDS


World Health Organization tells Ukraine to destroy dangerous pathogens to prevent ‘potential spills’ of disease from labs

» How Much Did the Bidens Make in the Ukraine Biolabs?


The plot thickens: Hunter Biden (Chinese) investment firm funded Ukraine biolabs

Situation Update, Mar 10, 2022 – US bioweapons labs confirmed as deep state sets stage for biowar false flag event


Poll: Support for democracy PLUNGING across the Americas

Pelosi, Biden say Government Spending is ‘Reducing the National Debt,’ also Blame ‘Putin’s Gas Hike’

The coming social credit system and war propaganda

Pelosi Refuses to Turn In Emails and Videos from Jan 6; Claims She Has “Sovereign Immunity”

Pizza Hut teaches kids America is built on slavery and genocide

Sports-apparel giant unleashes ad promoting men in women’s sports

Students are being groomed by teachers to embrace LGBT ‘glitter families’ in place of parents

Trudeau’s chief archivist ordered thousands of ‘offensive’ historical records deleted

O Canada! Proposed Law Would Penalize INTENT to Use ‘Hate Speech’

Former Israeli PM warns Americans that new Iran nuclear deal formed under Biden is ‘even worse than its predecessor’

Vladimir Putin Didn’t Just Invade Ukraine on 24/02/2022, He Officially Ended the Petrodollar System

Scientists to Release GMO Mosquitos Funded by Gates Foundation in California & Florida

Under review: Dems buying stock at $40 that was priced at $95 just days later

Walmart is now offering mortgages

Dollar collapse could be the most significant result of the Russia-Ukraine war as gold rises, analysis warns

Wall Street Stunned By Zoltan Pozsar’s Latest Prediction Of What Comes Next

 62-Mile-High-Club? NASA To Study Sex-In-Space, Crucial To Life On Mars


Project Veritas releases bombshell video showing NYTimes reporter admitting “there were a ton of FBI informants” at Jan. 6 Capitol incident

» Democrats in Congress pressured oil industry to cause ‘pain’ for Americans

9/11 Victims’ Families Outraged as Biden Administration Releases ’20th Hijacker’

Video: Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten, leads children in a pledge of allegiance to the LGBTQ flag, dresses potatoes as drag queens

» ‘Stoned Crazy Talk, Not a Plan’ Say Whitmer Defendants

LGBTQ+ Disney workers lament ‘the magic has died’ over Florida Parental Rights in Education bill after CEO refuses to condemn it

Hackers backed by the Chinese government compromised computer networks of at least six American States

The crypto tipping point has arrived as corporate banks shatter public trust… every person must become proficient in crypto or risk losing everything

Soaring gas prices pinned on Putin by same people who hate your SUV

» Democrats double down on their cancellation of U.S. energy

Family Enraged After Their Newborn Receives a Vaccination Against Their Wishes

Middle schoolers hit with hate crime charges after allegedly jumping, beating white classmates in ‘racially motivated’ attack

Substitute teacher left bloody in chair-throwing fight with middle schoolers caught on video. Official says students attacked first in classroom fracas.


Unborn Baby Partially Removed from Womb for Heart Surgery, Placed Back, Born 10 Weeks Later

A Bill Banning FACEBOOK’S ‘Zuckbucks’ Foundation Funding in Virginia Elections Is Headed to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s Desk

Kansas pulls COVID vaccine ads from TV after lawmakers object to calling them safe and effective

British court blocks homosexual ‘marriage’ for Cayman Islands, Bermuda

» Republicans Introduce ‘No Oil from Terrorists’ Act in Bid to Thwart Biden’s Plans

Russia moves to categorize Facebook’s parent company Meta as an ‘extremist organization’


‘My life is being taken away from me’: Russian influencers burst into tears over their country’s Instagram ban — but the reaction is swift and harsh

US People’s Convoy was a ‘gigantic display of freedom’ despite media ignoring it

Chuck Norris: Move over rain forest and climate change – save rural America!

Outrage ensues after Kim Kardashian says ‘Get your f***ing ass up and work’ to women as business advice

Heartbeat Law wins at Texas Supreme Court

Elections Bill Passes Florida House, Heads to Governor’s Desk

DuckDuckGo Updates Search Engine, Will Penalize Sites ‘Associated With Disinformation’

From Bay of Pigs to the New Cuban Protest: Cuba’s Anti-Communist Movement

The RNC Is Suing The January 6th Committee

Tesla will continue paying salaries of Ukrainian employees who return home to fight

» Epic: Angry US Astronaut Tells Russians What to Do with Medal They Awarded in 2011

Mark Hamill’s insufferable ‘gay-gay-gay’ tweet is nearly enough to drive this gay man straight

WATCH: Peter Doocy Asks Psaki What We Are All Thinking

‘Demonic’: Woman who once lived as a man shatters media narrative


–USA Democratic Gov’t  vs  GLOBALISM One World Gov’t

Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

Why Is Ukraine’s Zelensky Wearing The NAZI Iron Cross?

Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J Are Official Partners of the World Economic Forum

10 Signs The War In Ukraine Is Part Of The Great Reset

World Economic Forum wants everyone who resists Great Reset to be forced into China-style “reeducation camps”

Great Replacement: Globalists Use Ukrainian Crisis to Further Their Population Replacement Scheme

The evil man behind the world’s most dangerous man

Globalists Drooling Over Possibility Of Fuel And Food Rationing

CCP Seeks New Global Order At ‘Expense Of All Others’: US Admiral

WHO calls for “new global public health world order” to take advantage of future plandemics

Archbishop Viganò: Globalists Have Fomented War in Ukraine to Establish the Tyranny of the New World Order

Montana Says Forget Joe Biden; Restarts Dormant Oil Wells to Combat Skyrocketing Fuel Prices

World Economic Forum CovidPass App For Travel Requires Blood Samples (WATCH)




Silver coin minted to fund third Temple in Jerusalem

People Freak Out As ‘Alien Drone Swarm’ Lights Up The Night Sky Over Austin, Texas With Giant Scannable QR Code Promoting ‘Halo’ Series 

THE END IS NEAR: Must See Interview: Melissa Ciummei, a financial investor from Northern Ireland

Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky Asks For Peace Talks With Russia To Be Held In Jerusalem In Stunning End Times Development On Saturday

Is Russia-Ukraine war sending a repeated message from God?

Turkey returns ancient Siloam Inscription describing Hezekiah’s Tunnel

God is punishing Ukraine for its role in Holocaust, controversial rabbi charges


Modern-day Christian persecution: Son, family rally behind persecuted Canadian pastor


Forcing Doctors to Assist Suicide ‘A Political Agenda’: Doctor

Puerto Ricans rise up in support of bishop deposed by Pope Francis

‘This codifies what Satan wants’: Maryland legislator blasts abortion bill while clutching rosary

Stunner out of Iran: Judge acquits Christians of charges




‘They’re lying to you’: Putin heckled on live TV by Russian TV employee

California Army National Guard Told to “Stand Ready” for Ukraine

China Warns Of Retaliation Amid US “Smears” Over Russian Assistance, Says “Not A Party” To This War

Is the Russia invasion of Ukraine a Trojan Horse for The financial reset?

PUSHING FOR WWIII: U.S. military-industrial complex continues to escalate conflict with economic sanctions

China Shares ‘Common Goal’ With Russia to Undermine US, Can’t Be Trusted to Mediate End to Ukraine Crisis: Lawmakers

U.S. and Poland, fearing Russian retaliation, in open dispute over supplying MiG fighters

Republican senators demand Biden send fighter jets to Ukraine: ‘Enough talk. People are dying.’

Russia Threatens Attack On NATO Weapons Shipments To Ukraine: “Legitimate Targets”

White House Briefs TikTok Users to Spread Information on the War in Ukraine

Poll: Only 1 in 7 very confident Biden can keep Russia war out of other nations

Ukrainians fleeing Putin fall right into hands of vaccine Nazis in Germany, where all refugees are being fully jabbed


Ukraine bans all exports of wheat, oats and other crops, sending food supply shockwaves around the world

Global shockwave: Russia announces plans to ban commodity exports following Western sanctions

Foreign Volunteers Who Join Fight Against Russia Can Get Citizenship: Ukraine

Russia Soars Past Iran & Syria To Become World’s ‘Most-Sanctioned’ Country

India Is Mulling Rupee-Ruble Payments System For Trade With Russia

Biggest Commodity Trading Houses In The West Continue To Buy Russian Oil And Gas


US People’s Convoy was a ‘gigantic display of freedom’ despite media ignoring it



Pfizer CEO roasted on social media after claiming 4th COVID shot is ‘necessary’

United Airlines Announces Major Policy Reversal for Unvaccinated Workers

Austria suspends covid vaccine mandate for adults because the coercion wasn’t working

BC joins other Canadian provinces in doing away with masks and vaccine passports

U.S. Navy claims it can’t deploy warship because its commander is unvaccinated

MLB players who refused COVID shot won’t get paid for missed games in Canada: report

Two of China’s most populated cities reimplement COVID restrictions as case numbers rise

Florida now allowing doctors to use off-label drugs to treat covid

Sr. Deirdre Byrne granted religious exemption to COVID shot by DC court




Parents Should Ask These Questions Before Giving Their Child a COVID-19 Vaccine: ER Doctor

More Data Finds Pfizer Vaccine Less Protective in Children 5 to 15 With Omicron


UPDATE: Did We Find Fauci?

26.9% of New York State Medicare-Aged Patients Who Received Fauci’s 5-Day Remdesivir Protocol Died, Says Dr. Bryan Ardis (WATCH)

Fauci, Walensky and Collins all conspired to commit mass murder with the plandemic: Dr. Naomi Wolf

Leaked recording reveals former NIH head Francis Collins LAUGHED about pressuring workers to get vaccinated

Revealed: China-owned Forbes fired a top transparency columnist after a pressure campaign from Fauci’s NIH


New Study Confirms Ivermectin Outperforms Other Options

Even Mild Cases of COVID-19 Can Lead to Brain Changes: Study

Mask Mandates Not Linked to Lower COVID-19 Case Rate or Transmission: Study

Data shows fully vaccinated individuals in UK, NZ are developing AIDS

–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

BREAKING: Massachusetts health department admits ‘significant overcount’ of COVID-19 deaths — and the number could still be much too high

Medical violence: Mississippi hospitals victimize cancer patient with draconian COVID protocols

MURDER! Just hours after publishing the research on the Vax, Dr Noack is DEAD.

Dr. Pierre Kory: “This Is Insanity!” — Science Has Been Corrupted By Bureaucrats 

Triple-jabbed’ Obama tests positive for COVID, but is he lying about shot?

Children in China Diagnosed With Leukemia After Taking Chinese Vaccines

VAERS Data: 7-Year-Old Died of Cardiac Arrest 13 Days After Pfizer COVID-19 Shot

18-Year-Old Isabelle Correia G. de Souza Passes Away One Month After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Booster

Former Nigeria World Cup Player, Justice Christopher, Suddenly Dies Aged 40

Former Junior World Champion Cyclist John Paul Dies at 28

Nelly Korda, World’s #2 LPGA Golfer, Goes to Emergency Room Due to Blood Clot

Servicemen Dying Under Mysterious Circumstances at Fort Bragg, Military Coverup?



Massive global depression coming as “dark years” for the world are beginning, says renowned expert


Costco Runs Out Of Emergency Food Kits 

The war in Ukraine is going to trigger the biggest global food crisis that any of us have ever seen before

Food insecurity worsening already following Russian invasion of Ukraine, as countries begin withholding exports and hoarding commodities

Perfect Storm Of Disruptions Is Pushing Food Supply-Chain To Total Collapse

‘Transitory’ inflation? Yellen says consumers facing higher prices for another year

Homeschool Mom Sticks to a Tight Budget of $860 Each Month to Feed Her Family of 11

Ukraine war will cause ‘global food crisis,’ crop yields may drop by catastrophic 50%

2.8 Million Fowl (Mostly Chickens & Turkeys) Have Died In The First Month Of America’s Raging New Bird Flu Pandemic 


Catastrophic Global Food & Gas Dead Ahead – Think It’s Bad Now…Just Wait

Michigan’s Whitmer Looks to Shut Down Major Fuel Pipeline as Region Suffers From High Gas Prices

Putin on Rising Energy Prices: “They’re Trying to Blame Us for Their Mistakes”

Biden’s energy decisions aren’t environmentally friendly


China Says “No One & No Force” Could Stop It From Taking Taiwan As 13 Jets Breach Taiwan Airspace

Book Review ‘Triumph of Good’—Why All Believers Must Unite Against Communism

Ukraine War Highlights the Rise of a New International Order

» Chinese Firms Mull Buying Stakes In Russian Energy Giants


As history is rewritten like Orwell’s dystopian warnings and they rush towards global dictatorship, what use is ‘democracy’ when secret societies control America and the world?

Report: US lags behind Russia, China in hypersonic weapons race


Biden requests $2.6 billion from Congress to fund global gender equity programs

HHS Secretary Appears at New Hampshire Planned Parenthood Clinic After Securing $500,000 Grant

Schlapp gets slapped by Right for ‘Lia’s ability’ comment

French politician calls out EU parliament for voting on gender neutral bathrooms during Ukraine war

Guatemala bill bans same-sex ‘marriage,’ expands abortion penalties, but president says he’ll veto

Idaho closer to passing law that would make transgender operations on minors a felony

Texas judge blocks governor’s order to investigate ‘sex-change’ procedures for trans youth as child abuse

Utah guv chooses fake females over real ones with veto threat

Georgia Republicans introduce Florida-style bill banning sexual ideology for young kids

Leaked Documents show HHS instructs employees to ‘use gender-neutral salutations’


Biden Complains That Americans Don’t Realize His Greatness~HE’S Sick of People Blaming Him for What He Has Done

1923: Hyperinflation | GCSE History | Weimar Germany

Biden Issues Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies

CNN host says world is entering ‘post-American’ era under Biden: ‘You can see signs of this everywhere

Energy industry pro annihilates clueless Buttigieg, Democrat policies causing gas price hike

Amid Ukraine War, Russia “Ready” To Resume Strategic Arms Reduction Talks With US

Kim Jong-Un Says North Korea Planning A ‘Monster’ Intercontinental Missile Launch In April In Return To Proactive Nuclear Arms Testing Program

The Next Terror Wave Looms


Lawmakers load $1.5 trillion bill with pork barrel spending


Merrick Garland: ‘Fascist-fixer for the Deep State’

House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Designate MS-13 As A Foreign Terrorist Organization

Video of Dems Calling to Defund Police ‘Suddenly’ Cuts out at Committee Hearing

TSA Extends Mask Mandate; Rand Paul Vows to Force Vote to End It


Mark Levin: NYT reporter spills fascinating details of Jan 6 coverage to undercover journalist

Doughnut shop worker who fatally punched 77-year-old customer over being called N-word sentenced to two years of house arrest

Trio jailed for rape of mostly unconscious 14-year-old girl — recorded on video because ‘it was funny’ — given probation

Prosecutors will drop murder charge against unlicensed security guard who shot and killed ‘Patriot Rally’ protester

Woman, 21, lured Las Vegas man to motel, blindfolded him, stabbed victim in the neck as revenge against US drone strike that killed Iranian leader: Police


A Kansas public-school teacher is suing school officials for requiring her to address students by their preferred names and pronouns

Do you agree most parents are ignorant about what their children are learning in school?

Student gets brutally honest with Biden about the problems of remote learning

RealClearPolitics co-founder reveals shocking vocabulary words given to 5th grader


DeSantis foresees return to COVID rules if Democrats stay in power after midterms

Brutal new poll reveals ‘5-alarm fire’ for Democrats as GOP gains significantly among black, Hispanic voters

Idaho governor candidate Ammon Bundy arrested at hospital

The war launched in Ukraine by Russia is ‘good news,’ Dem claims

State of Illinois illegally denied election integrity group access to voting records, federal judge rules

Michigan Election Official Charged With Ballot Tampering, Misconduct

10,000 Uncounted Ballots Found in Texas County: Officials

South Korea Elects Conservative Anti-North Hawk As President


Real Wages Decline 12 Times in the Last 14 Months – Mish Talk – Global Economic Trend Analysis

Credit Suisse: We Are Witnessing A New Monetary Order Emerging

U Parliament Votes Against A Proof-Of-Work Ban: What This Means For Crypto

Fiat Currencies Are Going To “Fail Spectacularly”: Lawrence Lepard

IRS targets poorest American families with audits at 5 times the rate for everyone else


Under Cover of Darkness U.S. Senate Passes New Gun Control Laws

Democrat Spending Bill Contains ‘Serious Expansion of Federal Gun Control’: Gun Rights Group

Biden claims gun makers only industry that can’t be sued, fails to mention blanket liability for COVID vaccine makers

Beto O’Rourke calls Greg Abbott an ‘oligarch’ and ‘thug,’ suggests a statewide gun buyback in Texas

BREAKING: Indiana Passes Constitutional Carry, Awaiting Governor Approval

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Signs Bill to Eliminate Permit Requirement for Carrying Pistols


2021 ICE Report Shows Significantly Less Arrests and Deportations Under Biden

Rising Number of Illegal Immigrant Hardened Criminals Cross Into US

Biden, Who Supports Open Borders, Denies Tennis Champion Novak Djokovic Entry to the US Due to Vaccination Status

Authorities seize more than 2,000 lbs of fentanyl in New York


» Congress wants DOJ to review Amazon’s alleged ‘criminal conduct’


‘The View’ cohosts want Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson investigated

Chris Wallace and Brian Williams being considered to fill Chris Cuomo’s primetime CNN slot: Report

Robert Knight: The gulf widens between truth and lies

New report shows how the incestuous ties between CNN and the Cuomos were worse than you thought

NYT journalist spills on ‘tug of war’ at paper between ‘reasonable people’ and ‘crazier leftist s**t’

New York Times reporter: Trump ‘pee tape’ does not exist

‘Rachel Maddow Show’ and former US ambassador to Russia backpedaling after being blasted for favorably comparing Hitler to Putin: ‘Vile and wrong!’

‘The View’ hosts say people mocking Kamala Harris’ awkward laugh are racist and misogynist




» U.K. Supreme Court Rejects Julian Assange’s Request to Appeal U.S. Extradition

Abortion campaigners admit at Supreme Court the issue is ‘that baby’

Juror No. 50 Pleads the Fifth, Is Granted Immunity in Maxwell Trial

Lawsuit seeks $6 million in damages for each plaintiff over Boston’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate


Now You’re Talking: Trump Offers a Proposal to Destroy the Deep State



Stanford researchers create photon diode for all-optical computer that runs on light instead of electricity

Users on a popular dating app say conservative views on several key issues are ‘dealbreakers’

Shocking Health News: Groundbreaking Conference Reveals Health Risks of Seed Oils

Lady Gaga and Helen Mirren CAUGHT Doing Occult Ritual At SAG Awards…








Getting Ready News & Awards

What is happening to America – Americans – World


Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News




mRNA spike protein + low-level radiation = global cancer deaths
(binary weapon of mRNA vaccines plus a nuclear incident, all planned)

Getting serious: Attorney who revealed DoD vaccine-injury data puts feds on legal notice—Presents evidence to Congress officials carried out ‘greatest fraud’ in history

Whistleblower: Pfizer FORGED signatures of trial participants, falsified and fabricated trial data

Senate passes bill to end COVID-19 state of National Emergency


Biden vows to keep federal COVID emergency if Congress votes to end it

REPORT: Federal Government Paid Media Outlets to Push COVID-19 Jab Propaganda; Including Fox News & Newsmax

International community demanding probe of Russia for “war crimes” but not U.S. (Pentagon) funding multiple bioweapons labs in 25 countries around the world…including Ukraine!


Some of the world’s most dangerous bioweapons are made at a lab in Maryland (not just in China and Ukraine)


CCP plant “Wuhan Wen” now agrees with “anti-science” Americans and admits that Covid masks and lockdowns RUIN children’s cognitive and motor development

STUDY: Covid face masks contain dangerous levels of titanium dioxide that are easily inhaled

Stunning Leaked Documents: Estimated FDA Witholding 450,000 Pages – ‘first look’ from two sources

Leaked top-secret Pfizer document shows COVID-19 vaccine is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than the world knows


First Data Dump of covid-19 Vaccine Studies Shocks the World – ‘worse than what has been covered’

Dr. David Martin tells Clay Clark: mRNA vaccines are gene therapy designed to harm and enslave humanity – Brighteon.TV

‘Truly frightening:’ Feds give tech companies until May 2 to ‘turn over COVID-19 misinformation’

Mom raging over DeSantis telling her son to take off mask, argument blows up in her face


Supreme Court lets cops spy on private citizen, without warrant

Biden bans Russian oil and gas…

Russia switches to Chinese credit card banking system

» Fiction? Russia Docs Showing Ukraine Was Working on Biological Testing Near Russia


Why did the US embassy official website just remove all evidence of Ukrainian bioweapons labs?


Did Russia Invade Ukraine Due to US-run Biolabs in the Country?

Francis Collins-led NIH not only backed research on aborted fetuses but sex-change testing on young kids

Babies could be killed 28 days after birth under proposed Maryland law, attorney warns

Arabs warn of Mideast chaos if Biden resurrects Iran nuclear deal

Google, Apple cut off access to ordinary Russians, meaning they can do the same to Americans at any time

Trump: Effort to Change Election Rules Prove VP Could Change Results

Calif. school sets up “transition closet” for young students to “swap out” what parents “approve” so they can wear clothing that suits their chosen gender

Drag queen allowed to give strip club-style dance to 9-year-old schoolchildren

The unfolding global financial crisis will hit America (as planned) – 7 min video

Why there will be food riots in the USA – 10 min

The ECONOMIC SUICIDE of the West is now under way…severe economic sanctions against Russia will end the dollar as the global reserve currency

Buttigieg on Keystone pipeline: We don’t want ‘permanent solutions’ to short-term problems

Trudeau attempts to talk tough by declaring ban on Russian oil — but Canada hasn’t imported Russian crude in years

While Ukraine fights to defend itself from one of the world’s largest armies, the US Army is training its officers on gender identity

Beijing Will Invade Taiwan Sooner Rather Than Later, Trump Predicts

Liberal legal commentator wants to trash the Constitution and start over: ‘Slaver’s organizing document is trash’


Charles Morris of Haven Today Brings Live Ukraine Border Videos–People Helping People

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Asked to Denounce World Economic Forum; Watch His Response (VIDEO) & Read His History With WEF

Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11

NASCAR superstar offers donation of 1 million ammo rounds for Ukraine’s fight against Russia — a ‘wake-up call for America’

Scientists create revolutionary blood test that can detect over 50 genetic diseases

$25,000 incentive fails to convince University of Pennsylvania students to share their vaccine records

New Tennessee bill presents bold idea to protect children from financial ruin if a drunk driver kills their parent

Report: Dr Seuss inspired mug draws backlash from liberals

Kimberly Guilfoyle subpoenaed by Jan. 6 committee after she walks out on voluntary interview

Child Chess Champion’s Family Tells Their Story of Miracles

Video of young crying Russian soldier being fed and cared for by kind Ukrainians goes viral

Prediction: Manchin’s seat choice a warning to Dems

Mom of Philadelphia college student hires private security to patrol streets, protect students amid soaring violent crime

Leftists pull out the knives after actor Sam Elliott blasts ‘allusions of homosexuality’ in ‘piece of s**t’ movie ‘The Power of the Dog’

Italy Seizes Villas And Yachts Worth $150 Million From Russian Oligarchs

Mom raging over DeSantis telling her son to take off mask, argument blows up in her face


–USA Democratic Gov’t  vs  GLOBALISM One World Gov’t–

          Globalism = World Economic Forum / Great Reset

              Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

                   (progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

World Economic Forum and Soros rally behind Ukraine: Delete connection to Putin (Video)

Globalists Send Warning: Do Not Question Our Support of Ukraine – RAIR

Flashback George Soros Says the “Soros Empire Has Replaced The Soviet Empire”


Proof Zelensky Is “New World Order”

Socialist archbishop inspired architect of the ‘Great Reset’

Glenn Beck: World Economic Forum unveils new ‘Digital ID’ plan  — and it’s TERRIFYING



A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Now Imminent?

Freedom Convoy trucker protests highlight struggle between freedom and a “Great Reset”

Video warns vax passports will unlock totalitarian society and ‘there will be no going back’

Globalists push for programmable central bank digital currencies to exert total control over your behavior

The deep state is planning to cut off health coverage for people with “wrong” beliefs

COVID and Putin are not a threat to your freedom; people like Schwab, Gates & Trudeau are

Russia’s Attack On Ukraine Represents A Demand For A New World Order

__________________________________________________________________OTHER NEWS



Covid tests are checked by Vatican to determine who Messiah will be, rabbi says

Perverting God’s Creation: Study Shows Jab Alters God-Given DNA

As Russia Bombs Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron Calls For March 10th Meeting To Discuss Creation Of A European Army With Himself As The Leader 

Mystic clues reveal: Gog and Magog include Russia, Ukraine

The Bible ‘Predicted Specific Events’ about ‘Russia’s Future,’ David Jeremiah Says

Dr. Michael Brown: Did the Prophet Ezekiel predict Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

Battle is not just about flesh and blood: Ukrainian religious leaders take aim at Putin likening him to anti-Christ, Hitler

As current events continue to devastate our food supply chain, biblical warnings of famine, starvation, food production and food storage apply heavily to us all today

Inflation, food shortages and the ongoing energy crisis are all coinciding with escalating war

In Not So Subtle Message To Israel And The Jewish People, Putin Orders Air Strike On Holocaust Memorial Babi Yar In Ukraine Capital City Of Kyiv


Revealed: The astonishing reason the Bible keeps mentioning ‘trees’

Austrian bishop hangs banner of nude trans activist over main altar for Lent

Wait, what?! Biden wants trans youths to reject God’s design in order to reach their ‘God-given potential’

Andrew Cuomo takes church pulpit in 1st appearance since quitting, uses stand to rant about his downfall

Lawyers warn school to stop harassing child who talked about Jesus

University orders Christian student not to talk to students who disagree with her

Texas Mom Survives Unbelievable Road Accident With Her Family—Credits Survival to Calling God’s Name

Christian denominations face shortage of clergy

Cities Keep Trying to Stop Churches From Helping the Homeless


Soros Helped Known Actor/Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky Become President of Ukraine by Brainwashing the Country

VIDEO FOUND: Zelensky In High Heels and Perverted Dancing…

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is being honored with the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award

BIG TECH LOVES NAZIS NOW: Facebook reverses position on previously censored neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” of Ukrainian military, will now allow it to be praised amid Russian invasion

Sara Carter: ‘Absolutely Incredible’ Biden put Mayorkas in charge of Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Here’s Your ‘Red Pill’ Moment for the Russia-Ukraine War

The real reasons why Ukraine is so important To Biden, Clinton and their ‘global crime cabal’: Ukraine is their ‘little crime playground’ where their devastating secrets are hidden

Member of Ukrainian’s Peace Talk Negotiations With Russia Killed By Ukrainian Secret Service

BOMBSHELL: French Journalist Says Ukraine Govt. Targeting Its Own Citizens!

Ukraine’s special operations command announces they’re going to start committing war crimes

Massacre In Ukraine Caught On Camera And Probably Still Unfolding – Viewer Discretion Advised… Please Pray

Why did the US embassy official website just remove all evidence of Ukrainian bioweapons labs?

Did Russia Invade Ukraine Due to US-run Biolabs in the Country?

Russian business tycoon places $1 million bounty on Putin’s head as attacks in Ukraine escalate

Why Is Big Tech Censoring This Information Coming Out Of Ukraine?

Ukraine’s NATO Membership ‘Will Not Take Place’: German Chancellor

Russian Marines mutiny when ordered to attack Ukrainian beach, assault canceled

Russian soldiers being ‘retroactively’ fired ‘to deny their involvement in the invasion

Over 3,000 Americans Have Applied to Fight for the Ukrainian Military


Antony Blinken gives NATO allies ‘green-light’ to send fighter jets to Ukraine as Western sanctions cripple Russia’s economy

Fast-food giants McDonald’s and PepsiCo face calls to end operations in Russia

Credit Suisse Asks Clients To Destroy Documents Related To Dealings With Russian Oligarchs

Rosneft CEO’s $120 Million Super-Yacht Seized At French Port After “Preparing For Urgent Departure”

Maersk: Shipping Delays Due To Sanctions Are Spoiling Food, Medical Supplies To Russia

UK Dock Workers Refuse To Unload Russian Ships Over Invasion Of Ukraine


Canadian gov’t detains Russian nationals to ‘hold Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine’

Ontario prepares to lift COVID jab mandate for public service workers

Canadian monetary regulator admits donations to “Freedom Convoy” had nothing to do with “terrorism”

‘So…he’s talking about himself?’: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says there has been ‘slippage’ in democracies and nations have adopted ‘slightly more authoritarian leaders’

Trudeau launches program to ‘help’ small businesses join the ‘digital economy’


Wonderful Prayer For The USA Freedom Convoy (Psalm 121)

Capitol Police Issue Emergency Declaration Over ‘People’s Convoy’ Trucker Protest

‘Our last shot at creating change’: People’s Convoy surrounds D.C.

Trucker convoy arrives in D.C. to heroes welcome


Campaign underway to stop a National Patient ID

European health regulators have just condemned millions of kids to death by lethal injection with approval of covid vaccines for children

Florida to Become First State to Recommend Against COVID-19 Vaccines for Healthy Children


‘Peddling conspiracy theories’: Psaki reacts to Florida discouraging kids’ COVID shots

Strength in numbers: UK lifts vaccine mandate for healthcare workers as 90% of workforce opposes the policy

Feds consider ending airline mask mandate this month; flight attendants union wants masks to stay, doesn’t care that CDC guidance changed

Biden moves to block Texas from restricting transgender procedures for kids

Idaho House Passes Bill Banning Vaccine Passports

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces Lifting of COVID-19 Jab Mandate to Enter Businesses: “We Have Become So Boring as a City” (WATCH)

NYC Lifts K-12 School Mask Mandate; Retains Mandate on Toddlers



WARNING: Dr. Malone Warns “Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus” Already Sweeping Through China!


How Vitamin C Evidence Was Censored Because of Covid


Pfizer Whistleblower Goes Full Throttle! Quality Control Person Exposes Unmarked Ingredients, Batches That Glowed, HIV Connection, Expected Deaths, China Communist Party Connection, FDA Inspections Conspiracy, Toxic Corporate Culture And Much More!!

Maria Bartiromo blasts Moderna over allegations of patenting a genetic sequence derived from COVID three years prior to plandemic




National Institutes of Health busted funding deadly cat experiments in Russia



Study: Pfizer shot makes teens 7 times more likely to suffer myocarditis

Pfizer And F.D.A. Data Reveals Roughly 1,300 Potential Adverse Reactions Relating To ‘Vaccine’

–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)

VACCINE RECKONING: More than 66% of “fully vaccinated” Israelis are now suffering adverse reactions

Study finds Office for National Statistics is deliberately hiding Covid Vaccine Deaths 

Children among 2,000 Canadians who suffered heart problems following COVID shots, data shows

Fully vaccinated people ‘account for 9 out of 10 COVID deaths – England report demolishes last remaining argument for getting shots

WATCH: Australian Health Official Admits “Sudden Deaths” Due to Myocarditis

Excess death-rate claims spike 37.7% in third quarter of 2021, according to survey of 20 insurance companies

Top Romanian Soccer Team Announces A Ban On VACCINATED Players

Vaxxidents? Unusually High Number of Private Airplane & Helicopter Crashes Kill At Least 20 in Two-Week Period

Vaccinated 28-Year-Old South African Hip Hop Artist DJ Dimplez Passes Away of Sudden Brain Hemorrhage

UPDATE: Massachusetts Teen Hospitalized of Cardiac Arrest During Basketball Game Has Passed Away



BILLIONS WILL GO HUNGRY… global food scarcity now set into motion

Farmer to Americans: Your grocery bill is going to go up $1,000 per month

Effective immediately, no more grain will be exported from Hungary… world headed into global famine scenario

Global crop collapse now a certainty… widespread famine to plague planet Earth from 2022 – 2024… it is set in motion and cannot be stopped

Labor secretary asked for solutions to inflation crisis. But he can’t name single one — and offers only excuses.

These Countries Face Unprecedented Hunger Crises Due To The Ukraine War


US Gas Prices Set New National Record

‘This is wildly immoral’: Ilhan Omar is outraged that Biden is considering asking Saudis to pump more oil

Canada Says Its Oil Could Replace US Imports Of Russian Crude, All It Would Take Is Approval Of The Keystone XL Pipeline


Poll: A majority of Democrats say they would flee the US during an invasion, but a majority of Republicans say they would remain and fight

Russian Foreign Minister Warns: World War III ‘Will Be Nuclear’

The UN Is Facilitating Chinese Dominance Over the Planet and the Ukraine Crisis Is Furthering the CHICOM End Game 

US reassures Taiwan of its FIRM COMMITMENT to the island nation

China slams US, NATO for provoking Russia to invade Ukraine



NASA to put a BLACK WOMAN on the moon because “science” is now all about race and gender, even though leftists say gender doesn’t even existOregon senate approves bill forcing insurance companies to foot abortion bills indefinitely

Oklahoma house committee approves Texas-style bill that bans nearly all abortions

See On MSN?–Leftists crash, threaten college event on ‘transitioning’ kids: ‘I was pretty scared for my life’

Supreme Court’s ruling could benefit more than just the unborn in Kentucky

State gets sued for law protecting infants who survive abortion attempts

Understanding the Constitution: Why Joe Biden is Wrong to Think the 9th Amendment Protects Abortion


Local news report accidentally places photo of Biden on report of man accused of touching a girl inappropriately

Parents of Marine veteran imprisoned in Russia ‘disheartened’ after Biden snub

Russia Involved in Plot To Help Iran Bust US Oil Sanctions

American officials travel to Venezuela to re-establish trade and further isolate Russia


Rep. Chip Roy Demands CDC Release Covid Data: ‘I Want to Talk About Crimes Against Humanity’

Why do Democrats celebrate Ukraine’s national pride and patriotism but DESPISE Americans who exhibit the same thing?

Judge deals blow to Dem scheme to keep Republicans out of Congress

Sen. Ted Cruz aligns himself with Elon Musk’s demand to increase American oil and gas output: ‘Unleash American energy now!’


Zuckerberg’s election funding violated several state laws: Will he be charged?

Former Top Democrat In Illinois Charged With Public Corruption

Clinton Campaign Operatives Appear to Have Manufactured False Data to Create Fictious Trump-Russia Trail


High school teacher with 40-year career barred from campus after slapping student in the face

5-year-old student physically attacks teacher who’s found dazed, dry heaving, verbally unresponsive before she’s taken away on stretcher, hospitalized

California, shockingly, has lowest literacy rate of any state

Governors warned their schools being infected with ‘biased’ fact-checking

New study shows many traditional colleges fail ‘gainful employment’ test for grads


Judge Denies Katie Hobbs’ Request To Block The Prosecution Of Election Fraud Cases

NEW: GOP Calls EMERGENCY MEETING After Gableman’s Push to Decertify 2020 Election

Dems mock, and GOP scatters, but attorney says he saw election fraud

Dem blows up campaign just 1 day after announcing over creepy, sexual tweet about Kristi Noem



World Bank Makes Big Show Of Cutting Off Russia Just Weeks After Being Accused Of Supporting Oppression Of Uyghurs In China

Visa and Mastercard suspend operations in Russia


“We’re Now Living Out Minority Report” – ATF Unofficially Declares Solvent Traps To Be Suppressors

NRA scores court victory over New York AG Letitia James

Ukraine learns the value of an armed citizenry, but far too late


Four immigrants found attempting to cross border stuffed inside tool box

Ocasio-Cortez says sympathy for Ukrainian refugees is a ‘profound opportunity’ to get a pathway to citizenship for all refugees

Japan moves to accept Ukrainian refugees and rebuild its military as countries continue to respond to the Russian invasion of Ukraine


Jim Jordan Provides Breakdown of the Spying Uncovered by Durham’s Probe


Twitter TANTRUM erupts after Mark Levin calls Biden a ‘disgrace and disaster’

‘I never thought it would be relevant again’: Sting’s new video of 1985 hit ‘Russians’ will give you CHILLS

U.S. journalist attacks media for letting trans activists run narrative

War casualty alert: Big Tech censors Russian news broadcasts

The primary function of the pharma-controlled media is to fabricate HIT PIECES on anyone telling the truth about vaccines

WATCH: Sean Hannity Calls for Assassination of Vladimir Putin; Questions Decades-Old Executive Order Forbidding Political Assassination

Putin Signs New Censorship Law That Could Give Violators 15 Years

Big Tech eagerly blocks virtually all content from Russia while completely refusing to address Chinese propaganda

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd dismisses Americans’ economic woes under Biden, blames ‘right-wing echo chamber’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes gets torched for suggesting the US turn to Iran for help to relieve gas crisis

Digital Brownshirts And Their Masters




Judge Rules Two FBI Operatives Used to Set-Up Michigan Militia Members in Mock Whitmer Kidnap Case Will Have to Use Their Real Names at Trial

Supreme Court Reinstates Death Penalty Option for Boston Marathon Bomber

Navy ‘stacked the deck’ against religious exemptions: 5th Circuit

Biden asks Supreme Court to rule on Vaccines for Navy Seals…

Background of Biden’s Supreme nominee creeps back to haunt her

Biden’s Supreme Court nominee blasted for approving of ‘murder’


Coward Or A Traitor? Bill Barr Explains How And Why He Will Vote Trump In 2024


Professor Calls Parents “Ignorant Racist[s]” For Opposing Critical Race Theory

$40,000-a-year Chicago private school boasted of injecting critical race theory into PHYSICS classes as far back as 2016 – and revealed that students’ reactions would be ‘tracked’


‘Well, that brought tears to my eyes’: Singer’s microphone fails during ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ — so about 75,000 Charlotte fans take over

Melinda Gates drops bombshell about marriage with Bill Gates, discusses friendship with ‘abhorrent, evil’ Jeffrey Epstein in first post-divorce interview – her first meeting with Epstein “left her having nightmares”

Researchers may have finally uncovered real purpose of Stonehenge



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What is happening to America – Americans – World


Are You Serious Awards

Breaking News



THE REAL AGRESSORS: ‘Same Media And Government Criticizing Putin for “violence” Against Innocents Pushed VACCINE VIOLENCE On Billions of Innocents Using Journo-Terrorism, Fake News And Governments That Terrorize Their Own Citizens

Tens of thousands of truckers on their way to National Mall to peacefully protest COVID-19 mandates


About 800,000 American children missed school due to adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines

SMOKING GUN: Genetic sequence in COVID-19 spike protein was patented by Moderna three years earlier

Pandemic Money Trail Whistleblower

German insurance data reveals COVID vaccine adverse events are 10 times higher than gov‘t reports

PEOPLE become THE PLAGUE: Bill Gates developing needle-less vaccine that spreads like a virus to the unvaccinated

New Norm In US? Forbes – New Norm Will Include Digital Vaccine Passports


WHO to build global vaccine verification app via Deutsche Telecom

–OTHER– (see UKRAINE related items below RELIGION)

Senate Republicans plus one Democrat defeat radical bill allowing abortion-on-demand until birth

Bill Barr trashes Trump in new book…

“Is Our Own Govt As Dangerous As Putin”

Biden bragged about handing Putin a list of the 16 most vulnerable infrastructure targets in the US; now Americans are vulnerable to Russian cyberattacks

US power grid to be taken down with cyber attack false flag kill switch

Pentagon Promotes Socialism to Combat China

Swalwell Cozied Up to Lobbyist for ‘Putin’s Pipeline’ While Accusing GOP of Enabling Russia

After 25 deaths, $1-$2 billion in damages, and Over 2,000 policemen and policewomen injured, US companies have contributed or promised nearly $1 billion to BLM and/or social justice groups

Prepare for Economic Collapse – Or Worse…Don’t Panic – Just Prepare

Klaus Schwab of the warned us – a planned cyberattack would precede the Great Reset

SHOCKING: Corporate tyrant Amazon with FBI uses CIVIL FORFEITURE to bankrupt families, seize all their assets for 2 years, with no crime charged


Biden Poll Drops: Most Loyal and Consistent Supporters – Black Protestants.

Chicago cops pull over internal affairs chief’s car…passenger tries ditching 84 heroin packets

‘Dangerous by design’ metaverse apps allow children to access immersive digital sex clubs


–USA Democratic Gov’t vs GLOBALISM One World Gov’t–

Globalism via World Economic Forum Great Reset

Klaus Schwab – Young Global Leaders – Cabal

(progessivism – socialism – marxism – communism – facism)

Guest stuns Joe Rogan with details on how World Economic Forum infiltrates world governments

World Economic Forum Board: Former VP Al Gore, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, BlackRock CEO & More





NTEB RADIO BIBLE STUDY: Some Random Thoughts On Russia, World War 3, Armageddon And The Pretribulation Rapture Of The Church

‘We Need More Bibles’: Ukrainian Store Runs Out of Bibles as People Encounter Scripture for ‘First Time Ever’ amid Crisis

Is Ukraine In The Ezekiel 38 Bible Prophecy?

Chile Approves a Law to Protect Employment Rights of Mutants and Genetically Modified Humans

Poland in a prominent position in Europe, one that Israel has to recognize



Situation Update, Feb 25, 2022 – The REAL story on Ukraine, Putin, NATO and the globalist war against humanity

3 Reasons the U.S. Responsible For What is Happening In Ukraine

Russian ruble craters to less than 1 US cent, stock market freezes after Russia’s removal from global banking system

BREAKING: Biden Gave China Intel on Russia’s Plans to Invade Ukraine, China Then Gave it to Russia

US Embassy & Ukrainian Officials Caught Destroying Documents In Wake Of Russian Invasion

German Decision Could Change The Course of History

“Vodka Rebellion” Begins – Canada, US Bars, Liquor Stores Remove Russian Alcohol From Shelves

Ukraine Government Is Handing Out Guns To Citizens, What Happened to Gun Control?

NEXT: Finland & Norway?

Vladimir Putin’s Adviser Says U.S. Is Developing Biological Weapons Near Russia

Ukraine-Russia war update: US sending $350 million in military assistance to Ukraine, NATO providing weapons, Zelenskyy calls on nations to punish Putin

Ukraine & Russia grains–30% of world global exports–are no longer moving–three merchant ships hit by missiles in the Black Sea–one third of world grains sent onboard sent to China who already has 50%–prices will rise

DHS seeks to divert officers from U.S. border crisis to Ukraine


Turkey Says War Exists in Black Sea, Allowing It to Block Russian Navy


Trudeau Isn’t Hitler, But…

“This is How Democracy’s Die”…Follow the Money Trail to Seize Financial Accounts & Assets


Justin Trudeau/Legislature Approved The Emergencies Act To Continue: “Canadians, you have not idea what was done today…”

Trudeau’s tyrannical govt. now cutting off loans to farmers, ensuring food shortages throughout country for foreseeable future





Pfizer TV and radio ads warn the world about serious heart problems, like atrial fibrillation, but leave out the MAIN CAUSE – their COVID vaccines




–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)–





ELITE CAPTURE: China crucial tool of success – tempting another country’s elite with money, access and favors.











Is Manchin Running For President or VP?



Ukraine proves the SECOND AMENDMENT is critical for national defense






LA Is Spending Up To $837,000 Per Unit To House The Homeless

White Democratic state rep actually uses N-word multiple times in confrontation with black activist — and gets ‘letter of caution’ from state House over slur


Supreme Court Rejects Bid for Religious Opt-Out From COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate


Trump sort of announces he’s running: ‘We did it twice, and we’ll do it again’







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What is happening to America – Americans – World


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Washington Post hammered for painting Freedom Convoy as ‘explicitly racist,’ arguing ‘freedom is a key component of white supremacy’








Emergency Update, Feb 20, 2022 – Trudeau dictatorship turns to brutality in effort to terrorize, intimidate peaceful citizens


WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM – GLOBALISTS – CABAL – KLAUS SCHWAB“more-than-half-of-his-cabinet-are-actually-Young-Global-Leaders-Video-1minute.html





UN PLANES SPOTTED NORTH BAY, ONTARIO, CANADA-Are There Enforcement Persons Other Than The Canadian Police!!





Trudeau’s Tyranny Is About to be Magnified and Applied To ALL Americans

Trucker pushback against dictatorial tactics coming to America




–PROPHECY–   (Launching 5G On 666th Day Of Plandemic)“more-than-half-of-his-cabinet-are-actually-Young-Global-Leaders.html


















–OTHER REPORTS (inc. deaths)–

‘Worst Experience of My Life’: Early Vaccine Adopters Suffer Injuries, Struggle to Get Proper Care



















‘I’m begging you, I have four kids’: Pennsylvania mother working as Uber driver begged for her life before being murdered by passenger, police say

A man killed someone who broke into his home. Now he’s reportedly being investigated for murder.

Georgia state official used fake pregnancy belly, fake baby photos, fake father in scheme to collect paid maternity leave, authorities say