Along the Way….

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These past months have been challenging and my Christian walk has been tested at each new curve along the way.

How about yours? Has the way been difficult? Has it stretched your inner being to the point of it hurting? Have you been challenged to new depths?

I hope so, because it means you are being crushed in the olive press of life . The Lord is crushing you under the weight and  pressure of the millstone.  That  you would produce oil for His service and use.

The walk of a Desciple is not easy and becomes more difficult as we get closer to  Him . It is because our growth comes from the challenge of the walk itself. Christ speaks to this when He says in Matthew 16:24 “if any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”

Wow! And then…in verse 25 He says” For  whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life For my sake shall find it ”

Are you willing to lose your life for His ? I ask myself each morning in the  mirror that is the Word of God …. Lord what needs to change in my life so I May  serve you with more fervency and obedience  . Have I rebelled against the One I say I follow?

Ephesians 1: 17,18,19 is a incredible prayer for us to have written on and in  our hearts. That He would grant us His wisdom and that  the eyes of our understanding be enlightened so  that we would know what is the hope of His calling . We have a inheritance when we die In Christ. His power is ours if we would exercise our inheritance . In  Verses 19 – 23  He shows us what power we have IN HIM and only IN HIM if we relinquish  our authority for His authority  . You see we have OVERCOME not because of our ability but because He shed His precious blood that we would have life and more abundantly. He has OVERCOME for us if we submit our lives to Him. Life only comes through death and our understanding of how we are unable to conform to His Word without Him. We are in rebellion if we do not submit  to complete obedience and become a true Desciple.

Hebrews 6 and verses 4 through 6 explains how when we have tasted of His goodness and have been enlightened by His Spirit it is impossible  to turn away from the One who we say we serve and follow. If  we do rebel after His grace touches our lives we hang Him on the cross afresh.

I ask His precious  Holy Spirit to open our spiritual  eyes and ears to His leading . That He would teach us the WAY to eternal  life . That everything we do would glorify the One we say we follow.

May we never ” trodden under foot the Son of God” Hebrews 10: 26-31. That as we walk the Desciple’s path we would be enlightened by His Word with the help of the Comforter that  He sent to be our teacher.

May we never take for granted the sacrifice made by His Father, His only begotten Son our Lord and Savior.

Well ,enough said…. Until we meet again as totally sold out Desciples yearning to do His bidding. That  our gracious and loving King, Christ Jesus of Nazareth  utilize us  as witnesses of who He is to those who are lost. May they return to His fold because of our willingness  to be His Desciples. To Him belongs ALL the glory honor and praise forever more.